Street Fighter vs Madden Football

-Hi, everyone.
Welcome to John Madden Football. [crowd cheering] -(players)
Huh? -[Blanka grunts] [coin clinks, Blanka growls] [grunting] [crowd cheering] [whistle blows] [growling] [players grunting] [roars] [electricity buzzing,
players screaming] -(Madden)
Touchdown. [whistle blows] [Blanka roars, player grunts] And it’s good. Captioned by -Hey, what’s up, guys? Thanks for
watching the brand-new video. As always, make sure to like,
favorite, and send it to your mom. Also, if you want to win a T-shirt,
complete this phrase: the meaning of life is… blank. Now, the voting for this week’s
video was really close, so next week,
we’re gonna show Voodoo Buddy, which came at a close second,
so get ready. Let’s do it! Blblblbl…

100 thoughts on “Street Fighter vs Madden Football

  1. Chuck Norris would just stare at Superman, and Superman would bow his head in shame and walk away leaving Chuck Norris as the victor.

  2. Sorry, but if this ever happened, the world would explode from sheer awesomeness and then they'd have to duel in outer space, and that's no fun :c

  3. the answer to life is Death.
    the answer to life is 42.
    the answer to life is video games.
    the answer to life is Dane Boe's videos.

  4. Blanca's knee was clearly down when he did that barrel roll, should have been 1st and 10 at the 40 yrd line

  5. The game is clearly John madden football 1991 for the SNES with John Madden ‘94 music from the SNES.

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