Street Cricket Stereotypes | Paracetamol Paniyaram

*burp* Baahubali!!! You dumbass
-What da? My bat! Dei!
Take it! Ah! Shall I?
-Hmm! SHALL I?!
-HMM!! Bro bro A little lighter *epic miss*
-immense celebration *still celebrating* Hey! Where are you going? NO bro They called me home Im leaving ok? Bye bye bye Atleast give the bat and go, we should play Bat and all…. Bat is very dear to me bro, I cant give that Fuck off I aint giving you the bat 😛 Ok bye da bye bye! Bro, play an extra wicket if you want bro *Natchatira Janalgal plays in the bg* Extra wicket? If its ok with you then Im ok with it ok? Guys go field Come guys Super Got what I wanted *heard you sent your sister to get cake* What da? This and all is one job Thu Hehe can we see all this? Ah throw the ball bro Eiii stop stop stop Whatr you doing? Bowling da Why are you doing all that?
I’m there no I will take care of that go go go hey, stop stop stop What are you doing?
-Batting da! I’ll take care, you sit down, take rest Whatr you doing? Fielding I’ll take care you go go go Lets go lets go Huh Howwzaat Bad light bro, or I would have scored 1000 runs Ahun Sorry bro Hit the rock and spun Hey bro Injured my hand bro Slipped from my hand bro, what can I do?! Dei, bring it on! Win a match and show me lets see If you have balls come on! Here, take this bat if you win Ill play with my left hand and win! Ayo, he is gonna grab the bat Bro, give the bat Give give give No Noooooo Dei If you are a true, truuueee
-not again Pubic hair Howwzat *Biff* *Biff*
*Boff* *suthadi* *serrups of the flying of the India* Hey stop stop stop guys He will go round and come here only Ah ah ah ahh *heartfelt applause* Eiii super super super Not gonna throw Stahp Chennai is so hot Ei stop Which stump is auspicious for us, ok lets see * Throw throw* Dafuq?! Slog and then talk Gotta decide who’s boss today Looks like a pro dude Run run!
-Ei stop stop stop Six or bust! Everyone back BACK! back back back He is a dummy piece havvells! Otha outta the stadium! *Illangaathu veesudhe, cos you know… swings happenings 😛 * I’ll touch it, run off! Hmm Here , take it! Run run run
-nonono – Nothing will happen you pussy run! You dog! You made me out! Hits it to Aminjikarai and runs till America, dumbfuck! Century only today Sweater in this heat Wind seems a little odd today Fatso, you stand, the stump will be blocked Bosse Play Ok Lel, now get out K Wait wait wait Ive set the covers there.
Is it ok for you? OK Boss
– Ive kept mid wicket here Its not long, it’s short Ah ok boss
– If you want short leg, keep it Ah ok Boss Machan wait wait Long on… do I send him or not? Ok boss, ill take care Bro long on, go Wait wait
-Ei! Whaaat man?! Should I bowl or not? Go stand!
– Ok Summa,he’ll come off Machan, go to point no Dont make me kill you , run away K I actually should do a match with CSK Playing with you cos of an injury Actually our Ashwin is there no My boy only We practice together daily On weekends.
(facepalm) You knwo Srinivasan Srini, India Cements he’s my uncle only I have a share in CSK I dont tell it out Actually I only gave Hayden the Mongoose bat idea machan, are you buying vadas? Over up! What over up?
You put only two balls what only two balls you put? First ball I put there?
Second ball I put near your legs 3rd ball went over your head?
4th ball went there? 5th ball went there?
6th ball you called me, I came Ok da *Confused the shit outta me * Over up, score 73! What 73? you hit only 54 what only 54 I hit?! 1st ball was a 4 2nd ball was a 4 on the leg side 3rd ball six 4th ball dot ball ah 5th ball I hot your girl, 6th ball hit the leg, over up 73! Where tell again! First ball I hit a 4? Second ball i hit a 4 on the leg side? 3rd ball six 4th ball dot ball 5th I hit your girl, 6th you called I came Ha! taught Inzimam itself English dude Boss Howwzat!
-yes, bold in! Trials up Trials uh?! Trials up! First ball! Mavana carrom ball only for you Go Howwzaaaat Bowled iiiiiiinnnnnn Trials 2! Mofucka Ima kill you! Move move MAchi, let me bowl the first over da Joker only no, bowl the next over. Go Ei machi I’ll bowl the second over please Joker only no bro, bowl in the last! Go back go back! come come come Eiii wait wait wait Whatr you doing? Last over da
-Then what are we there for? Ill take care you go you go you go Dei you promised Go go go go we are losing light go Should score a 100 runs like Sehwag! Where are you going?
Opening! Joker only no, sit sit Ai! Im next! Joker only no, go last!! Sit! Phew! Gimme that bat! Ima show what Im about now only 6 and 4 now! Hello! What are you taking stumps while Im batting?! Your team declared boss, we won Yo put at least one ball guys, let me play trials at least! WATHA DEI!

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  1. The joker must do fielding for both the teams.. But he is fielding for one and batting for another team… Anyway I am one of those "Ilanm kathu veesuthey" batsmen ?

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