Story Time With Dave McKenna: The Biggest Dick In The Baseball Hall of Fame

– This ones about the biggest dick in the Hall of Fame. (banjo playing) Growing up Baseball was the game. To me it was bigger than Football or Basketball by far. It was about Baseball. So it was quite a big deal when I was a teenager. My friend Ash took a summer job with a guy who was a former bat boy for the St. Louis Cardinals. And he had all kinds of inside information about major league players. Which we thought was the coolest. Ash had asked him “Who has the biggest dick in the major leagues?”. (laughs) Guys who hang out in clubhouses. You know when you’re a teenager you’re concerned. It was Lou Brock. Outfielder for the St. Louis Cardinals. One of the all time greats in Baseball. He was the all time base stealer. He wasn’t a one dimensional guy just a big, big dick. So we got years of laughs out of that. Fast forward I’m out of college working for a newspaper, my first newspaper job. City Paper in Washington D.C. And Washington had lost its Baseball team in the 70s. And so they would just to try to keep it alive to keep the sport alive, they would bring these exhibition games back. And in 1986 I wrote a preview for this old timers game they’re going to have at RFK Stadium. They sent me press credentials. This is the first sporting event that I had ever gotten a press credential to. This game had everybody. It had Willie Mays, and Joe DiMaggio there, and Hank Aaron, and Lou Brock. I go to the game with my friend Ash. No sport is really cut out for old guys. So the game itself wasn’t much. But just being in the same ZIP code as all these guys was really cool. And then so the game ends, I have this pass I have this all access pass to go to the locker room. Ash doesn’t have it so I go, ” You know I want to see these guys up close.” I’m about to go in the locker room forgetting my old story and Ash looks at me and he goes “Dave, check out Lou.” (laughs) So I’m laughing and I walk in the locker room and immediately I see there’s Willie Mays. I see Frank Robinson one of the all time greats. 586 home runs. And then I trip over something. Okay I didn’t really trip over something. But I see Lou Brock. He’s in the corner and he’s leaning up against a locker totally butt naked. Totally naked except for sandals. I walk over and there’s a little gaggle of reporters around asking him questions. And there it is. (laughs) Athletes when you meet them in person from after seeing them for years on TV your first reaction is, “He isn’t as big as I thought he’d be.” They always seem smaller. This lived up to billing. And I’m thinking, ” You know I’m a guy who has trouble peeing if there’s another man in the room”. And here’s Lou just the most confident guy ever calmly answering questions without a stich of clothing on. And I’m thinking, “If I had that, that’s the position I’d be in too probably.” (laughs) So I had to get back outside to Ash. I go, ” Yeah you were told the truth Ash.” That’s the only reporting I did on the first sporting event I ever covered.

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  1. Jesus ! I thought it was about the worst jerk in baseball. What a stupid video — at least the 25 or so seconds I saw.

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