Hi, let’s talk today about how to fix your
hook. I’m Adam Bazalgette, director of instruction at Mediterra in Naples, founder of Scratch
Golf Academy. There’s a lot of things that could go into it but there’s really two primary
ones and that is, as you hit the ball, direction the club is swinging at, or swing, as it’s
known, and realign to that club face angle. Almost invariably the player that hooks the
ball is swinging too far out to the right and wherever, they’re swinging, club facing
contact is aimed left of their swing. That’s how you get the ball spinning. Today, let’s
talk a little bit more about swing. You’ve had some great players over the years, Duvall,
Aisinger, Trevino, that had shot club faces. They never had a problem hooking the ball.
I’m not recommending a shot club face. I’m saying let’s focus on the most important element
of it in that swing direction. If you tend to swing to the right, in order for you to
straighten that out, one thing you really want to know, and I’m going to face you this
way. Ideally, as you’re approaching contact, the handle of the golf club should already
be tracking left. If you picture a slap-shot in hockey like that. The club head can still
be coming slightly from the inside and the handle going left. Most people get into a
really problem when both the handle and the club are going to the right. That’s not going
to work for you. Let me show you a little drill here that I think would be helpful.
A really helpful drill for path for the player that hooks that ball. Here’s the drill to
get your swing path more down the target line and stop the hook. I’ve got a short iron here,
a nine iron, and I’m going to make a little partial swing with two goals. Number one,
finish about club parallel to the ground, maybe a little higher. Middle of my body.
Number two, and this is the key. Finish where the club is more back in line with my heels
or the back of my body. That would indicate the arch has gone around me a little more.
One little thing here too, we’re not allowed to fake it and kind of saw it left. We want
to feel like our arms are stable and the club’s left. Let me strike a little shot here. You
can see how the clubs to the left of my body or at the back of my body, about parallel.
That will really help stop the hook. Hope that drill’s helpful for you. Hope you’re
going to practice that. I have a lot of content and courses available in much more detail
at Feel free to go there and browse. You’re under no obligation.
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there, put it in the comments section below. I’ll get to it when I can. Hope this helps
you with your hook and best of luck going forward.


  1. Great tip but I have a different problem, my pull is a slicer's swing path with a shut face. When I pull with an iron, the divot is pointing left, when I hit a pull or pull hook with the driver the tee is pointing left after impact. Being 6'4 doesn't help either….lol

  2. I hit the ball the left always but even when I hit good it still goes right to left right on target however I'd like to hit it straight any tips on correcting this?

  3. I hit huge snap hooks. with a close face and over the top swing been fighting for years…..caused me to quit the game for a couple years

  4. Was slicing the ball decided to try and straighten my golf swing out. But seem to hitting more too left with a hook now ?

  5. Will this drill also work in regards to hybrids (3 & 4)? Those are the clubs I seem to hook and/or pull the worst. Thank you.

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