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It could be a big hit here if he can break it. break that straight Gardner goes now he stops here comes Wells and the Yankees steal home and they will steal a run tying the game at one good play by the Yankees …squeeze home now would be a good time to do it They’ve shown they’re not going to pitch out They’ve had a long delay Speed on at third Here comes Grissom and safe at the plate Indians win this yeah to attack on offenses is a great thing Alex runs and now he’s going to get in a
rundown Escobar come on well Alex his doing part and now Escobar caught in
between third and home and did he get around the tag? He did! just the way they practiced it before the
game tonight that’s just how you write it up yeah do on Davis Jones runs which is taken
high throw to second base here comes Paredes throw towards the plate He is safe! He got
the hand in! the O’s pulled a double steal and it works Baltimore gets behind their Orioles and here comes Villar to the plate and hes stole it, home plate! How about Jonathan Villar! Caught them sleeping! That was awesome I couldn’t believe what I saw it out of the
corner of my eye John Villar taking home plate I kept expecting him to
stop but he just kept going this is a Wookiee against the
left-handed pitcher who has his back to the runner at third he took advantage
of the situation and you gotta love the excitement that kid brings the ballpark He’s going home! Safe! Are you sure this kids 19? and if I’m Cole Hamels here i throw over
the first just they’re going to play on the on the
momentum here well the whole key is you have a
left-handed throwing first baseman he has to make that- -guys are not
twenty two percent of runners this year Here comes Rios he will score and Dyson gets back to first base just like they planned right? thats the first time we’ve seen at this
year but sometimes teams are caught off guard by that Green struck out. Two one to Romine There comes Cowgill. The pitche is a wild pitch the run
scores and it is 6 to 2 that might be a stolen base I would assume yeah Cardinals have experience here
squeezes on and it doesn’t matter as Kozma crosses the plate a pitch that was up in on the scale so
nearly took his head off and Pete Kozma takes home plate the throw is wide and Elvis swipes home there’s one you haven’t seen in 10 years
probably Haven’t seen that in awhile Elvis taking complete advantage of Gavin who went through his normal routine of leisurely looking at home plate and not paying any
attention well that’s a right-handed pitcher
to (yup) Elvis watched it, he put his head down right here doesn’t even look thats like a little league play. Straight steal of home by Elvis Andrus coming home and stealing home is Omar Vizquel Omar steals home for the first run of them game! (Music Playing)

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  1. 0:20 good play by the Yankees I am 9 and we do that that’s why if there’s a runner on first and third never try to get the guy stealing second because then they score

  2. Dude do you just despise the cubs because Baez wasn’t in there and he stole home twice 3 years ago

  3. 1:37 I would of made him run laps for the rest of the season for stealing home with bases loaded 2 outs in a 2-0 ballgame. He is a Rookie alright. Could of took the bat out of his teammates hand and ended the rally. Nice heads up play, but too risky for the situation.


  5. 1982 Glenn Brummer, third string catcher for the Cardinals steals home with 2 outs and 2 strikes on the batter…

  6. I consider stealing home base as a stolen base. These guys throwing the ball to second base is not a stolen base home in my opinion.

  7. Kill kill

  8. Gettin down blewitt hewitt pantie beware of the blister aka herpes

  9. If I remember correctly, the record for stealing home in one year is an unbelievable SEVEN times…shared by Jackie Robinson and Rod Carew. Lou Gehrig stole home ten times in his career, mostly on double steals, which I think were more frequent back then…..Ah, what the heck, let me look it up….I was wrong. Cobb stole home 8 times in one year, Carew stole it seven times in '69, although it's not mentioned on this list, and Robinson ATTEMPTED 8 steals in '48, but only was successful 5 times (the data is incomplete…he may have done it twice more)…he was 12 for 20 for his career, including the famous World Series swipe, where Yogi didn't get the tag down. Pete Reiser was the Dodger who stole it seven times in one year…..Several guys stole home TWICE IN ONE GAME! How do you do THAT? (Double steals).

  10. When I was a kid playing ball, our best defense against a first and third double steal was for the catcher to throw the ball low and hard to the second baseman, but have the pitcher cut the ball off and throw it back to the catcher, nailing the runner at home. It worked all the time. I only saw it tried once at the major league level and it worked then, also. I don't know why they either fake the throw, or throw down to second most of the time, neither of which work, almost ever. Plus, if you used the pitcher-cut off play once or twice, and it gets around the league, the pitcher can FAKE the cut-off, which makes the guy on third hold his ground, and you still have a chance for the runner at second.

  11. Marquis Grissom (Expos) against Norm Charlton (Reds) was a classic because Charlton first threw over at third base several times and visibly irritated Grisssom. They exchanged words on the field. After all that, Charlton still could not throw out the speedy Grissom.

  12. Missing is Josh Donaldson stealing home while with the Jays on a routine fly ball to shallow outfield. Awesome play. Of course it was left out because he was with a Toronto at the time and somehow too many Americans consider that to be a slap in the face to America.

  13. I was watching tennis videos and then YouTube felt the urge to take me to something as horrible as baseball ??? wtf

  14. My connection is bad so the thumbnail picture didn’t show up, all I saw was stealing home compilation and I got really confused.

  15. Makes me laugh how Harper stole home so young in the nationals and he stole home ON THE PHILEES he's team now

  16. I think it is safe to say that when someone hears the term "stealing home" they are thinking of what is a "suicide" steal, where there is no other play involved preceding the runner breaks home from third (such as after a pick off move, etc.). With that being clarified, the only "true" (suicide) steals of home in this clip are at 1:35, 3:48, 4:28 and the final segment at 4:47.

  17. One of the most exciting plays in sports. I didn't play baseball very long, but played it all during my youth. I was a very quick kid who was also pretty tiny. So my strike zone was small so I'd get on base a lot via walks, bunts, or neatly placed bloopers into the shallow part of the outfield. I remember my coach one time told me to, if I got walked, to run as fast as I could straight to first and keep going to second. I forget if it worked or not but let's just say that it did.

  18. I don't understand why the home crowd would make noise while the runner on 3rd is trying to steal. It makes it more obvious IMO

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