State Semifinal Baseball Highlights (Welsh, Catholic NI, AES)

State baseball’s off to a so far dry start and sulfur 6k teams in action in today’s semi-finals Opelousas Catholic and Northside Christian when their semi finals in highlights we showed you at six we’ve got three more sets coming to your right now two teams in Division three Catholic Hume Iberia taking on Calvary Baptist bottom of the fifth is one-nothing Cavaliers shallow pop fly to right will drop in front of the Panthers fielder putting two on with nobody out and more trouble for Catholic his base hit scores two for Calvary three and nothing Cavaliers the fifth inning hit parade netted three runs for the Cavs who shutout Catholic by a final score of four nothing and the other division three semi final game ascension a physical taking on the st. Thomas Aquinas bottom of 1 Falcons with a runner on second and this chopper over the blue Gators third baseman scores one an error then by the left fielder allows the runner to advance up to third next batter more bad news for AES that’ll score the runner from third and here we go another mishandled ball by AES and the outfit allows the second straight batter to end up on third base a rocky start for the Gators but this game is 5-4 essentially Episcopal on top currently in extras in the 8th into a Welsh taking on Doyle Welsh as Austin Benoit looking to get things started for the greyhounds in the first this shot down the left-field line Adam trying for second the gamble though not paying off thrown out at second bottom half of the frame Doyle loads the bases Alex I guess pitch in the dirt it’s ball four for the first run of the game then I guess still struggling to locate walks another runner in it’s a very sloppy start and a very sour tone for Welsh who falls five to two others go

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