SSC Women’s Volleyball vs Bryant Stratton

Hey it’s Noah. The Lady Bulldog Volleyball team has had a
rough season. coming into tonight’s match against Bryant
and Stratton, SSC has lost their last 11 matches. This match was no different, they lost three
sets to one. The first set went back and forth, but down
11-9, South Suburban couldn’t come up with any service game and the Bobcats outscored
SSC 14-3 the rest of the way. Unforced errors were the problem in set two. The match looked just about over in set three,
but SSC kept the score close as Evangelin Young had a few blocks at the net, and Jenine
Boyles took advantage of some set ups to give the Bulldogs a 25 to 23 set victory. Set four SSC quickly found themselves down
10 to 5 and despite hustle plays by Liz Weglowski, Bryant and Stratton had too much balance on
offense. Jenine Boyles is our ‘Home Game Hero’. The next home game is September 27th at 6
PM versus Malcolm X. For ‘Home Game Heroes’, I am Noah and we will
see you next time!.

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