80 thoughts on “Sri Lanka didn’t play outstanding cricket, but we didn’t get even our basics right – Rahim

  1. 230 is a challenging score? you got to be kidding me ? Sri lanka played brilliantly just admit that.

  2. ridila ponsta ?Bangladesh 238/8 Sri Lanka 242/3 and he said Sri Lanka didn't play outstanding cricket uhh okay, Bangladesh can't do shit without Shakib lol

  3. This swelled head 5ft short man thinks he is the no 01 ODI player of the world. what a disgusting and shitty player.

  4. Is he joking? I think they dont know what "outstanding" meaning..without shakib and him bangaladesh is school crickt team.

  5. Uba patta player kenek unath wadak ne ponnayoo manussakamak naththan thoge loku kam hariyanne ne meka lankawa??tho natanawa wadi ponna kota? uba hithuwe api kauru kiyalada api atharina jathiyak newei game ekak?balan hitapan full competition trophy eka ganna hati dathu sunakaya? kota naya??

  6. Mushfuq say's Sri lanka didnt do an Outstanding cricket, they just played normal cricket, then bangladesh cant even play normal cricket ??? are u kidding muspicker

  7. Once a minion,always a minion!
    There is no more cricket left behind bangladesh after the retirement of shakhib,truely a great player..

  8. Without shakib you team like U15 school cricket team. Review your world cup matches who performance well?? ??

  9. sri Lanka did brilliant. because end of the match sri kanaka still had 7 wickets and more 5 over.(also without malinga)

  10. Sakib is the main man in that team ,if he’s gone you’ll will be like Papua Guinea they will beat you’ll …

  11. sri lanka didnt play outstanding cricket they just played basic cricket… ? and bangladesh lost the seiries 2 to nil played with basic cricket

  12. Suck my ball ? and lik my cobra ?,this country belongs to lions ? rahim,not like u cheap peoples,don’t u remember before ur cobra ? dance ??this is our react and miss ur another shemale partner Shakib al hasan,he knew series gonna down that is da reazon his disspier,Wht a shame short girl ?? ??

  13. Ok ,Sri Lanka didn’t play outstanding cricket ? then Bangladeshes didn’t play even normal cricket ?. And wait after winning the next match Sri Lanka ?? will take 82 points in the rankings wile Bangladesh have 86. Then in the New Zealand series if SL win one or two games they will pass the team who playing outstanding hahah??? (me yaka kohen Kada path una ekek da)(KOTA)

  14. 20 years since being inducted into test status and no 7 ranking is an achievement …..you probably have no idea what 'outstanding' means

  15. This is why the whole world of cricket fans hate him…. The opposite of a class player… This is a gentleman s game, u can't only play well and win heart s in this game.. Ur character matters in cricket. In this case ur showcasing ur idoticy… Just imagine if now itself they are like this, of these guys become best team how there coments be…maaan…

  16. මුගේ අම්මයි තාත්තයි outstanding විදියට match එක ගැහුවෙ නෑ…එහෙම ගැහුව නම් මේ වගේ එකෙක් ඉපදෙන්නෙ නෑනේ….????????

  17. pennannama bari ekek hena oluwen inne .eda 98 k gahala yanakota muta ape aya wish karath ganan gaththe ne .muspenthuwa .thunwani ekath ape aya dinanawa sure ethakota balahan outstandingda nadda kiyala cobra

  18. B.desh played standing…out cricket…mush…nobody plays outstanding cricket…they must hv the x factor alwayzz…

  19. you didnt have sakib. remember we also didnt have malinga after 1st match. look the matches and look how u lost to sl before 2015.

  20. Bangalidesh are real school team …you can change your behavior …please bangladesh keep quite ? ☝☝☝??????ok

  21. Mushfiq really, because of the last comment on Sri Lanka not playing outstanding cricket, you're going to get hammered 3-0, remember that. F**k you mushfiqour ???

  22. Well this man and his team have played such brilliant cricket and lose to sl by 3tonil..LOL..isnt that surprising..?

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