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– What’s up guys? Welcome back to another
vlog here on Clintus.TV. Today we are heading
to a Spring Training game here at Peoria Sports Complex. The original
Spring Training facility. Now there’s a dozen of
’em all across the city, state, that sort of
thing but this is the original. This is the home of
the Seattle Mariners and the San Diego Padres. Who’s playing today? – [Sierra] I have no idea. – We looked and we forgot. Mariners and someone else. – I want to watch the Padres. – The Reds. Reds? No, that was the
D-Backs yesterday. Anyways, Spring
Training is here in March. All March, all across
the the state of Arizona. Half of MLB are here for Spring
Training and it’s a tradition. You just gotta go
to at least one game even if you’re
not a baseball fan. – It’s one of the
plus of living in AZ. – Yeah, yeah, yeah. – Did you already say that?
– No. – Oh.
– That’s smart though, yeah. So we always get lawn seats. We get the cheap seats. Lay on the lawn.
Kick off our shoes. Get a blanket, you know,
grab a beer, something, hot dog. Chill on the grass. – It’s gonna be a
beautiful 74 degrees today. – [Clintus] 74 degrees. – Little bit of clouds,
it’s gonna be perfect day for Spring Training.
– [Clintus] Oh yeah. And here we are,
our seats on the lawn. – Yay.
– Yay. Day’s perfect, right? – Yeah.
– Perfect day. Little bit of breeze,
little bit of sun. – Yep. (crowd chatter) – [Tiffany] Snow cone time.
– Yes. – [Tiffany] What’s up
with the lei? – Whenever you buy
this one or bigger then you get a lei with it. – [Mamaw] Aw, that’s nice. – They gave us two and then this
flew away so these two flew away so then he gave us two
more and Sierra found these. – [Tiffany] So you got four?
– Yeah. – So we have lost the
sun and now everyone’s cold. Look at this.
Hoodies on– – Why did you lose me? – No, we lost
our sun not my son. – Oh.
(Tiffany laughs) – Like the sun. – The sun.
– I thought you meant me. – So now it’s not
hot and we’re snuggling. So it’s the seventh inning
stretch and the Royals are winning 10 to 2. Tickle, tickle, tickle. Tickle, tickle, tickle. – Ah, stop. – [Tiffany] Double tickle.
Double tickle. – Don’t tickle, it hurt. Ow! – I only have one chin. – So weird. – Do your Mom? I have that picture,
you see that picture? – [Tiffany] What? – Well we wrapped
things up a the ballpark, made our way to
the grocery store. Girls are gonna make some
Fruity Pebble muffins for Sierra’s volleyball
tournament tomorrow. She has volleyball tournament,
Bryce had a basketball tournament so you’ve
got two sports vlogs coming up later next week. Hope you enjoyed that. That’s the last
day of Spring Break. They got the weekend and then
we go back to school on Monday. Kind of uneventful but that’s
what kind of happens when both kids are in sports still. They don’t take
Spring Break from sports, you know what I’m saying? So thanks for watching,
see you next time. – So like we said we’re doing,
Fruity Pebble muffins but tomorrow, which the day I’m
having my tournament is Saint Patty’s day so we’re gonna
color ’em green and we’re gonna do normal Fruity Pebbles inside
but the top like where they actually see ’em it’s gonna
be green Fruity Pebbles. We’re gonna make it green. – [Tiffany] Make the mix green.
– [Sierra] Yep. So the actual
muffin will be green. Start off with two.
See how that looks. – [Tiffany] Oh, sorry. Stir it girl, stir it.
– [Sierra] I’m trying. It’s really hard. – [Tiffany] Use
those mus-skulls. Muscles. Mus-skulls. – [Sierra] Mus-skulls. That’s
always something we’ve said, mus-skulls.
– [Tiffany] Mus-skulls. – [Sierra] Use your mus-skulls. – [Tiffany] It’s pretty green. – Sounds like I’m making
Rice Krispie Treats. Normally use Pebbles
for but not the Fruity kind. (upbeat music)

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