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(upbeat music) Eric Cummings. Hi. Good evening, Eric. Eric, you have a speeding ticket on Third Rose Avenue. And you also have a parking ticket on Middle Street, which is an overnight parking ticket. Yeah, but that’s in front of my house. Do you have a parking space where you live? I do, but my son drives my other car, so he parked the other street.
Oh, so this is that, there were two cars, you didn’t have the space so you left if on the street. Yes. I’m gonna give you a break. Okay, thank you. Don’t leave. I got you on the —
I know I do. I cut you on the speeding ticket. Now, we’re gonna get you on the big one. Not guilty. Oh, you plead not guilty, huh? (laughing) All right, we’re gonna order you to come back for a trial on that case, okay? Okay. You’re son and you, did you go to Hendricken? My kids graduated from that, I see your– When I went to high school, the Hendricken didn’t exist, but my son went to Hendricken. Yeah, I see his picture. You do? All the time. Yeah. (laughs) You tryin’ to butter… you tryin’ to butter me up? A little. (laughs) You see that guy over there sittin’ down? Uh-huh. He’s my son as well, he went to Hendricken also. What year is your son in? He’s graduatin’ this year, he’s goin’ to college. Oh, he’s a senior. Where’s he going to college. He’s going to Assumption. Good for him, that’s in Worcester? Mm-hmm. He plays basketball too. Is he good? Mm-hmm. Do you go to the games? Of course. They won the championship this year. You have to go to all the games. Yeah, I go to every single game. You have to go to all the games. My kids, no matter, they all played, even my daughter played some sports in school. We went to every game, and I felt so bad for some kids. They’d be sitting there, they used to get whiplash, they keep turning around, to see if their parents were in the stands. Mm-hmm. And their parents were not there. Yeah, I go to every single… I have four kids, all of their games. Well, I know people don’t want to hear stories, but I have to tell you this story. Okay. (laughs) Do you see this guy? When he was in middle school, he was playing, and they were playing at Cardines Field in New Port, and I was in court, in Superior Court, on trial and I said to the judge, I said, “I have to..” It was a long trial, longer than I’d thought, and I said, “I have to leave early.” He says, “We’ve got the trial.” So I explained to him I wanted to get to New Port to see my him play. So anyway, to make a long story short, I rush to New Port, I sped, I’m lucky I didn’t get stopped, I run to Cardines Field, and who’s at bat? He’s at bat, right? And I see him walking like this. All the Hendricken parents were sitting there and I’m not there, right? So by the time he’s at bat, I run all the way around, now I’m sitting with the Hendricken parents, and he hits a double, right? And he slides into second base and his helmet comes down, you know, and I’m up in the stands now and I’m screaming. His name is David. “That’s great David. That’s great.” And I’m screaming and he looks up. I’ll never forget this. And, you know, he went like this. (laughs) David, let’s see that once more. (laughs) I could tell you something, I remember that, you know, and I often said to myself, you know, imagine if I didn’t go. I know. You know? It’s important. I mean, that could have been the only hit he ever got. I don’t know. (laughs) Anyway, it’s wonderful that you go to your sons games. Yes, all of them. Yeah. Good. You must enjoy them enough, otherwise he does I’m sure. Okay. We’ll set it down for trial. Okay. Thank you. Laura you were booted. Yes, I was. And your boot was released and you had a balance of $125. Yeah. That was due today. Okay. What do you want to tell me about this? All right. So, where I live, we don’t have parking. The owner of the house is supposed to get the permit because we’ve been paying to him $400 a month. So, he needs to take care of that, so I’m waiting on him. Is that your daughter? Yeah, she’s my daughter. Good morning. Good morning. What is your name? Keyshla. Okay. Do you live with your mom? Mm-hmm. Okay. Your mom has indicated that there is a situation where there’s nowhere for her to park now because of– No, we don’t. Is there anything you want to add to what she said? Yeah, everything she said is true and he’s working on it, but honestly, he takes time and he said that he don’t have the money right now. Inspector Kerrigan, she’s placed in an impossible situation. I can only assume, your honor, that the Landlord is never gonna pay for her parking permit because these have to be cleared before anyone can get a permit. On the overnight parking tickets, I’m gonna dismiss them. Thank you so much. Laura, you have a bunch of tickets that go back– Yes, that have no explanation. 12 years ago. All right, that was my brother, I raised him. I placed the car under his… under my name for him. I was assuming that he was paying the ticket, but he wasn’t. I didn’t know about them until today. Where is your brother now? He’s in jail. So, I didn’t know until today when I came. How’s the prosecution feel about that? Was she rebooted? No. Oh, okay. Well, I feel good about that. I thought maybe she was gonna be rebooted.. Not for today. She actually came in today because– Are you making a payment today? I have new tickets on top of the old ones because they put them with the parking. I heard him say that. Cause it’s gonna keep happening unless you find a spot, but were you prepared to make a payment today? Not really. Okay. Well, the payment was due today. I know. That’s why I came in front of the judge, to see if I can get like two more weeks to make the payment. Do you work? I do. I work in AV elective bowl narkingston, but I just started there like two months ago. We’ve been pretty stuggle with the rain and everything. Laura, we’re gonna give you a new lease on life, okay? All right. I understand your situation, I know you’re working hard, I know you try and take care of your daughter. Wonderful daughter. Thank you. You have 18 tickets that your brother received and he’s in jail. They go back many years ago. The only thing that makes sense, in my mind, is I’m gonna dismiss them. I believe they’re not your tickets. I believe they’re your brother’s tickets. I know you were trying to do something good. No good deed goes unpunished. Unfortunately, you’re trying to help your brother, he’s irresponsible at the least. I know. Okay. So, I’m gonna wipe those out. Thank you so much. All right. So, we’re gonna dismiss those tickets. So, that means they’re gonna be– Listen to me. Okay. You went through a red light, it’s gonna cost you $85 for that. You have a previous balance of $130. So, you owe $215. Let me tell you what impresses me. That you came in today. Mm-hmm. Thank you. You were due to come in today to pay it and you can’t pay it. Is that what you’re gonna tell me? You don’t have the money? Yup. What kind of a payment plan can you afford? I mean, I just need two weeks. That’s all. All right. I mean, I bent over backwards today because I want to get straightened out. Okay. So, you indicated that you can pay all of this within two weeks. In two weeks. I’m gonna give you five weeks. Thank you so much. Thank you so much. Appreciate everything. Come on, how cool was that? 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  2. I need to mention that I love this Judge but if you cry your case will be dismissed but if you stay strong and protect yourself you most pay all the ticket. It doesn't make sense at all.

  3. What does pleading not guilty to a speeding ticket mean? Cant this be resolved here? Is everyone who has their matters resolved here pleading guilty?

  4. the judge, all he wants to see is people being responsible for their mistakes, if he sees that he is willing to work with you to cut you a break, whether it be dismissing, reducing the fines, or at least giving you time you need to pay

  5. the judge, all he wants to see is people being responsible for their mistakes, if he sees that he is willing to work with you to cut you a break, whether it be dismissing, reducing the fines, or at least giving you time you need to pay

  6. i'm starting watch those video on this channel a few days ago and i can't stop now..
    Judge Capro is an example that everybody can had a second chance if they're being honest, kind and wanna change..

    We love you sir <3

  7. I love Judge Frank Caprio, hes one of the fairest and honest judges i've ever seen. Thank you for showing that the goverment is not a bunch of criminals. I wish more Judges will follow in your footsteps.

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