Sports brawl at a children’s baseball game

and good evening and first tonight at 6:00 continuing coverage on this video from Lakewood that’s gone viral police they’re still looking for the man seen in the video punching another man in the side of the head at a seven-year-olds baseball game knocking that man to the ground and this all started after parents and coaches upset about some of the calls made by the umpire get this the umpire just 13 years old the bad behavior the adults at this game the parents and the coaches highlighting a problem in youth sports all over this country overly emotional parents who were driving referees umpires away from these games sighs Andy Cohen just back from Lakewood today with latest on this investigation and the bigger problems that this video is bringing to light with youth sports Andy but one of the reasons there was a 13 year old serving as umpires because no one else really wants to do it there’s a shortage of referees and umpires in Colorado and one big reason is they don’t want to put up with the abuse coming from the stands the worst of youth sports was on full display this weekend as parents and coaches got into a fistfight at a ball game for seven-year-olds you can see those children run off the field as their parents and coaches start fighting each other and it’s it’s really disheartening to see that one person suffered serious bodily injuries five were cited for disorderly conduct and officers are still looking for another man who could be facing assault charges Friday it is a national crisis the mêlée shines a bright light on a troubling trend in youth sports a shortage of officials brought on in part by abusive behavior coming from the stands chassé a reported last fall they have hundreds fewer refs today than they did just eight years ago it’s hard to give people to do it especially now seeing a situation like this it makes people who were reluctant to do it even more reluctant the nonprofit Gold Crown Center in Lakewood trains about 600 refs a year they see this shortage too and are trying some creative solutions we offer professional development for the officials trying to do conflict resolution training so yeah we’re trying to do what we can they’ll hold a referee appreciation week and have silent games where fans are asked to only clap and not cheer or heckle we’re trying different avenues trying different things we definitely want to be part of the solution but they’re only one venue in an ever-growing field I think what most of these events should do is have a policy in place know conduct or bad policy with parents and coaches and players the Lakewood police said they received hundreds of tips about the identity of the man and the white shirt and teal shorts but they have not made contact with that individual yet they continue to ask the public if they recognize people in the video to call them and help identify them watching out for you Andy Cohen news 5

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  1. Any parent that stepped out on that field should be ashamed of themselves.
    Coaches coach
    Players play
    Parents parent
    Shut ur mouth and know your role ya bunch of savages.

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