Sporting Champions | Tin-Tin Ho Talks Table Tennis

One of things about table tennis, in a match,
you can change so quickly, so you use one tactic, and then they do another
tactic back, then you have to do another one back, it’s like a puzzle, I have to keep working it
out. For me personally I would just focus on
my placement, like where I hit the ball, because I tend to forget that if I’m panicking. So basically in a match, if you play at
one speed the player gets used to you, and is used to your rhythm. Sometimes you have to change it up. If I play really early like this, they’ll just get used to it. So sometimes I have to go back and get
the ball later, put more spin. Then they’ll have to adjust to that
because it’s quite different for them. Like that – So that had more spin so I changed it, and he missed. I guess technically speaking in Table Tennis, you use a lot of your core, and people might not realise that, because the core kinda
connects your legs and your arms. So then you can have more control of
the ball. It’s quite hard to explain, but yeah, I think normally when you look at the sport, you don’t realize how much power and strength
you’re using to play the ball. I play with a very Chinese Traditional, Chinese style, because I’m kinda old, but a lot of my game is quite European. It’s like a mix, because I’ve trained in Europe
and I’ve been brought up in Europe, but at the same time I’ve gone to China a lot to train. So I’m very mixed, I guess. For me personally, my greatest achievement
was winning my first national title, I can’t remember which year it was, I think was like three years ago. It was special to me because that year I was
injured a lot, and like I was going through quite a tough time, so I really wasn’t
expecting to win the title that year. So that really gave me a confidence boost for future years. The sportswoman I look up to now with Table Tennis is a Chinese player called Ding Ning. She’s a world champion and Olympic champion. I really like her, because I like her attitude
and the way… like when I’ve seen her train, she’s also very friendly to everyone as well
and she trains really hard, So I look up to her. But my dad inspired me to get into Table Tennis because of his passion for the sport. He taught my brother and I to play, and so
it’s been part of our families since like I was born basically. So yeah and I’m really grateful that my dad
introduced the sport to me, because it’s really good.

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