Spinlord Wyvern | review | 2,0mm or 1,8mm

Today you will learn about new rubber: Spinlord Wyvern What is better with short pips; 1.8 or 2.0mm? How to play backhand half-volley with short pips A video was made in cooperation with Polish first division players: Damian Kreft and Łukasz Nadolski The SpinLord Wyvern is a new short pimple-out rubber, that is not thought to be a totally new rubber, but an improved version of the SpinLord Waran. To achieve this goal the pimples of the Wyvern have exactly the same dimensions as those of the Waran. So they are very short, have a conical shape and ribbed pimple tops. The rubber compound of the Wyvern is quite different though, it has more grip then the rubber compound of the Waran. We can give you the hint that we used the rubber compound of the long pimple-out rubber Strahlkraft for this rubber. It can create more spin and is more versatile to play than any other short pimple-out rubber. The control values of the Wyvern are very high, and it is also a very reliable rubber that is easy to master. The Wyvern has been developed for and with a new generation of professional players, who use a short pimple-out rubber both for attacking and defending. These players can use the Wyvern for chopping like a long pimple-out rubber but can also play powerful counter-attacks with it when needed. Quality of made Top sheet is really good made. We see that Spinlord uses very good quality caoutchuck producing their rubbers. Geometry of the chops is without any flaws as well. New generation sponge with bubbles of air seems to have a speed glue effect in. It’s highly elastic. The only drawback is that the sponge is very fragile. When rubbing the rubber off the blade we need to be careful. Overall quality of the rubber is very high. Quality of play 1.8mm All of the shots are certain. Damian Kreft, a 1st division player who plays short pips daily had no question to master this rubber from the first touch. No many practices are needed to master it. From the first shot we do feel a lot of control. Certainty of game is a major trump of this rubber. We can repeat strokes until the opponent is exhausted. Quality of strike is very good. A well trained player won’t have any issue to master Wyvern. Players who want to learn short pips should use thinner sponge. 1.8mm isn’t too thick but overall speed of this rubber can be a problem for beginners 2.0mm 2.0mm sponge is dedicated to professionalists or half-profesionalists that play short pips on forehand. Thicker sponge will give higher speed at the expense of losing a bit of control. Sometimes setting hand under the thicker sponge will provide unbelievable shots. 2.0mm is for sure for highly offensive players who mastered the technique. Spin
1.8mm. Thinner sponge generates more spin by a cut ball, the opponent will feel troubles. By passing the ball and passive game, combination with 1.8mm sponge will give better efforts. Attack and block will be similar to 2.0mm. The short backhand swing from Damian Kreft compares better with 1.8mm. 2.0mm By the top spin, 2.0mm generates little more spin. 2.0 is dedicated to forehand. It’s good to get to know with Chinese players videos, who are teaching how to play forehand with short pips. It’s especially useful to master this type rubbers. Wyvern stays at the top of offensive pips. Spinlord, as the company who specializes in short pips, mastered its product using technology that the competition doesn’t use. Players 1.8mm This combination of rubber is ideal for players who have a short offensive move. The gaming of this type of players should rely 80% on block and half volley in first zone. It can be useful for players who have problems with receiving the services. Majority of serves will be easy as that 2.0 This is a rubber for players with an adamant attack. Not everybody can get 100% of this. These are exacting parameters which will please very good players. It allows at 1st place one tempo attack or a strong counter top spin which will turn off opponent’s spin. It’s a solution for very fast players. Half-volley Half volley we play similar to pimples in rubber. However we have to remember the pips doesn’t have such high grip as a normal rubber. Because of that we need to open a bit the racket angle comparing to pimples in. Players with short pips like to push the balls. That push generates a bit of backspin. Only strong, certain top spin will cause a possibility to the ball to go out of the table. Every half move will cause the ball to stop in the middle of the net. Lot of players likes to play short pips, because a number of opponents don’t understand the dynamics of playing this kind of rubbers. Sum up: Spinlord released another brilliant rubber which will be used by many players. Wyvern is a modern weapon for table tennis of the future. A trend of creating better and better sponges and surfaces, among all of the producers. It’s worth to mention that the Spinlord shines in case of creating pimples out rubbers and there is looking for the best technologies. Wyvern is another step to creating the world’s best short pips. Table tennis is differential and the knowledge helps winning more often. Thanks for watching, remember to leave a like and sub if you want to get this type of material more often.

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