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  1. Look at the bright side, it deliver unique rhythm of indoor volleyball- if you receive badly, there is not much option for attack. I see the passion and heart, claps for the developers

  2. the people who made the beach volleyball game should of made this, im still buying this though because i love volleyball

  3. I know a lot of people are disappointed with this game, but I’m having a lot of fun with it! Hopefully this will lead to a more polished game in the future!

  4. Yeah there was definitely some weird moments in here. Half the time I couldn’t tell where the ball was or what happened to it. Based on your late reactions to points I assume you had the same thing haha.

    Awesome vid man I’m pumped for the next one!

  5. man this was disappointing. I hope they throw in a patch update because it need ALOT of fix. Also, Volleyball's supposed to be a fast-paced game. This is too slow. Much more realistic at 1.25 speed

  6. I'm sure many of us appreciate the effort in the making of this game. There aren't many options out there for volleyball video games, I guess it's a good start.

  7. Damn.. I was hoping this game would be a nice surprise. Looks terrible and unfinished/polished. We need Outlaw Volleyball to become BC on Xbox One.

  8. i've been playing this game for a whole day and so far, this game has been a total disappointment . the sense of controlling and participation is not as good as that in Venus Evolution. there's very limited tactics to be displayed. and the serve net is a huge bug.

  9. Great video. You are really nice to see… Very fun! The game was a disappointing for me in many points, especially the crazy bugs. But it has potencial. I like the attacks and some mechanics… But it needs more work. Hope they will release an update soon!

  10. Wow I was excited to see this title. After this video I am no longer excited. Looks awful. This looks like a PS2 game. The players all jump together, clumsy…. Ugh.

  11. Primeiro: o jogo é péssimo. Cheio de erros. Segundo: gráficos parecem de xbox 360 .terceiro: jogabilidade de PS2.

  12. I’m actually installing this now. Excited! I specifically subscribed to your channel because of this game. I read your other posts on the bugs… let’s find the developers and find out what their release schedule looks like for this game. Im optimistic

  13. I was really hoping for a good volleyball game finally. The graphics for this day in age are just really bad and the game is unfinished. Not worth the money.

  14. Not bad of a game from the looks of it, just needs a little polish on the graphics and it would make it just that little bit better.

  15. 1. This guy is hilarious
    2. This guy is really patient with a game this buggy
    3. This guy looks like Ryan Howard from The Office

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