Spielanalyse: Mattias Falck vs. Simon Gauzy

hey my name is bojan besinger and we
are back here at the table tennis world championship 2019
and as you notice in german we had now three videos in english and me
was a bit curious like yours There is feedback, as you see it, and thanks for
the numerous comments were partial so very positive so i have that
not expected partly funny comments, but this is quite normal and
I accept all your opinions it will probably be in the future some videos in english. Just check the link in the
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tennis channel and there will be in the future possibly or become English videos
appear. in today’s video you see a match analysis from the game simon gauzy vs Mattias Falck. I have this play very closely and for you
summarized who made the points and when
why at the end mattias falck that Game has won a lot of fun
with this match analysis. I want to start first say the mattias falck and
simon gauzy two different have game styles.
Mattias plays short pimples and shoot the balls with the forehand.
Simon, on the other hand, is more of a spin oriented player who also likes to over
Placement change works well in the Serve / Setback Game is. Gang Xu, with
I made together a training camp in january 2019 was organized in france, by the way
the coach in the youth of Gauzy and has him a lot about serve / setback
taught. at the beginning of the match simon tries falck on the body to
play however, he has that relatively fast
recognized about half way through set and thus was able to secure even the first set with 11: 8 In the second set, falck gauzy held more in the back to reach the backhand / backhand then play the ball parallel in the
to set deep forehand Almost every first ball was played by Flack
placed in the backhand of Gauzy. Gauzy was able to score easy points with his
Partial make up, which already him some points in the previous games
brought to this world championship would have. Especially about a half-length
Serve in the middle resp light fore, simon is good in
the game came as soon as falck came with his forehand shots
However, Gauzy has a very difficult time done
Especially with his backhand – a lot this job was more effective in the backhand
to circumnavigate with the forehand Gauzy wins the set with 13 at the end
to 11 In the third set, Gauzy did not even play his game service charges, high returns and
the forehand did not work either folded
falck has the third sentence as well convincing and very safe with 11: 6
won matthias falk was thus 2: 1 in
leadership and also simon knew he was allowed actually not in this game 3: 1
fall behind. That’s why simon has try right at the beginning of the fourth
sentence tries to play offensively however, he was very fast here with 1: 4 in the backlog the problem was that Falck got him very fast
pushed back and too light scored points
As soon as Gauzy stood behind Mattias falck always the point. To this, too
Simon had tried more to take a risk, but not so
was successful. Especially the Serve of mattias had simon
tries more offensive what to go on too many
has led to slight errors in the end falck the sentence very clearly with 11: 3
won gauty also came in the fifth movement as in
not the first four sentences really to his game.
falck was just too convincing, too present on the plate and I think so
simply simon is also against this opponent hard because he called him
Training partner also not so has. Falck Cleverly hinted at the turning point
just in the fifth set Simon was often wrong and still has
Simon tries to fight for every ball yes you can simon in any case
do not blame. He fought for everything played a strong world championship
strong tournament and always tried to fight in this game purely because
he too knows he wants to get into this wm semifinal
However, this succeeded even after his time-out at the score of 1: 4
only limited because now really in the game of pure fighting and his game
to push the opponent Nevertheless, Persson has become the coach of
falck in a 6: 3 lead by falck also decided for a time out
After that, Simon was able to recover a bit fight purely. Made some points.
I believe in the meantime 7: 6 but at 10: 7 there was the first
he will also matchball for falck same one transformed a lot
impressive performance by mattias falck
you can definitely do that high performance, but that was
also an incredibly strong tournament of Simon Gauzy, who is very proud of his
power can be here
and yes, simply raised main from the tournament
can go out and just continue can train and I am sure
that in one year in tokio or even in 2 years at the next wm in any case
be one of the secret favorites again can and it was amazingly beautiful here
to see them play and that was the Match analysis a bit from me
game mattias falck against simon gauzy
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  1. Also ich fand alle eure Videos von der WM gut! Ist einfach gefühlt näher dran wie die offiziellen Bilder. Was hätte Gauzy denn besser machen müssen um eine Chance auf einen Sieg zu haben?

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