Spider-Man at a Baseball Game! | Marvel’s Spider-Man: How I Thwipped My Summer 2- Batter Up! | SHORT

All right. Today I’ll finally
get to check something off my Perfect
Summer Vacation checklist–♪♪ [organ]my first baseball game. I may not know third base
from a seventh-inning stretch, but Aunt May’s a fan.
She’ll catch me up. Peter. There you are. Aunt May? You look great! Oh. [chuckles]
My game face. It’s my duty as a superfan
to lend the team my support. The New York Spirit rules! Uh, I feel
a little underdressed. Don’t worry. You probably
won’t jinx the team. Probably. Where is everybody? I thought the place
would be packed. We’re playing the Short Sox, who we haven’t lost to
in a decade. Last year,
we won 47 to nothing, so people
aren’t that interested. No suspense. [bat clacks] [gasps] [spectators] Aw! What? Was that a good thing? The Short Sox got a home run? That hasn’t happened in years! Yeah! Unless that’s bad? [bat clacks] Ohh! [spectators groan] Another homer? Impossible. Definitely bad. Right? I’m a nervous eater. Can you
get us some snacks? Peanuts? Nah. Nachos? Nah. Peanut nachos. Nah. Hmm. Let me think. [spectators] Ohh! What? How could the ball have changed
angular momentum like that? The basic physics
don’t add up. [laughing] Hmm. I’m no expert
on “sportology,” but that’s not right. [spectators] Ohh! [laughing] I’m no expert, but that seems
like bad sportsmanship. Huh? Remote controlling
the ball? Yeah. I’m gonna
call that a foul. Foul– That’s baseball, right? I’m not mixing up sports, am I? I wasn’t doing anything. Oh, so you’re running away
because you’re innocent? Aah! Watch it! Hey! I thought I was here
for baseball, not dodgeball. [bat clacks] [cheering] A line-drive home run? Ho-ho, we’re back!
The Spirit rules! Too bad Pete’s missing this.
What’s taking him so long? Oof! Uhh! How’s that thing work?
Magnetic waves? Magnetic waves,
sound waves, air currents. The forces of nature
are controllable by me, the Tinkerer. [chuckles] The who now? The Tinkerer. I invent things,
sometimes evil things. I’m a master criminal. Nope. Still not
ringing a bell. If you really are
some super villain, why was your big plan
to mess up a baseball game? I’m sick of my team
always getting beaten. You’re some big hero, so you have no idea
what it’s like to lose time and time again. Uh… yeah. No idea. I just wanted to see
my boys win for once. Is that so wrong? Is cheating wrong? I’m gonna go with yes. But, hey, at least I know
who you are now, Tinkertron. Tinkerer! And you’re out!
[chuckles]♪♪ [organ plays “Charge”]Again, that is baseball
I’m thinking of, right?♪♪ [organ]Sorry.
Long line at concessions. You missed the comeback
of the century. The Spirit are
crushing the Short Sox. Sorry I missed all the action. I’ll have to come again
next game. Honey,
I’m not superstitious, but maybe you shouldn’t
come to any more games. You might be a jinx.

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