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Yes? Delivery for Mr. Tendulkar Is the Master in? Can I see him? I’m sorry that’s not possible Please! Just one look, please I said I’m sorry What’s going on? Sir, this delivery… girl has a package for you So? Thank you! What is your name? A…A…Alisha So what made you take up this job? My Aunt Meera She started working as a delivery agent first And then I saw that all the agents in the company are women I also wanted to try Interesting. So what’s the name of your company? Equal Cargo Well most of them don’t really think it’s an issue at all But unfortunately the families don’t feel the same way And that’s why I called you guys in for a chat I could really use some ideas Maneesh, Maneesh, come down, come down! Excuse me Sachin! Chester! Team DBS! What are you doing here? A girl from Equal Cargo came by my house last week to deliver a parcel and that got me curious I’m here to find out more Well, let me introduce you to Maneesh, the man behind Equal Cargo I’m a big fan! Thank you! Good to meet you Sir please come. Let’s talk in my office So Alisha told me that all the delivery agents from your company are women? Yes, that’s right Fantastic How did you think of this idea? Ah, well I guess I have my mother to thank for that She was the main reason why I started Equal Cargo See, I grew up in a loving family. And even though I was the only boy my mother made sure that me and my sisters were treated equally Have some more Maneesh You need to eat more if you want to be big and strong like Papa But Maneesh, you also need to tbe a gentleman and ask your sisters if they want more Good boy! A lot of girls in my neighbourhood didn’t go to school at all but my mother insisted that my sisters get a proper education And she was fearless in fighting for their equal rights Excuse me? Excuse me? Excuse me? Why can’t my girls play? We don’t have enough space So can’t they play together? The boys are rough, your girls will get hurt So this is your solution not let the girls play! I just can’t believe that you have this kind of thinking? Maneesh, let’s go! But while I was raised in a family where boys and girls are treated the same I came to realise that the world outside doesn’t necessarily think the same way And after I grew up, I just knew I had to do something about this I had an idea for a business but nobody gave me the time of day Until I met Chester and his colleagues And with vehicle financing and insurance from DBS I was able to start my own business and honour the values my mother instilled in me So what are our next steps for Equal Cargo? Well, with e-commerce booming, the demand for delivery services has been rising steadily And Equal Cargo was just about to launch a major recruitment drive to hire more delivery girls But then we had a small incident a few days ago Oh Padma, can you tell Alisha to come and give me the forms? I thought she came in already? When did she last call in? Two hours ago Hello? Yes, this is Alisha’s mother. What? Alisha! Maneesh… I..I tried… I tried my best to deliver the package but there are no signages here my phone battery ran out… Hey hey hey, don’t worry about it, yeah? Let’s get you home So we all were a bit stressed out we were calling her and we had to call her mom but we finally found her and thank God she was okay But because of what happened more and more families became concerned about security and actually started to pull the girls out of work So our challenge now is to try to find a better way to ensure their safety Equal Cargo has already implemented measures like day-time only deliveries and avoiding unsafe areas So what else can we do? If we can track their location real-time, we should be able to use the data to come up with a solution Why don’t we organise another hackathon and get some innovative minds together We’ve always had some good results from them before I’m not a tech expert here But if you need my help, I’m always there for you Thank you Sachin Hello everyone. Can I have your attention please? Now let me introduce you to Maneesh Kumar who is the founder of Equal Cargo Now Maneesh, we have in front of us the best and brightest in tech Wow! Hello, thank you so much everyone for helping me out Thank you! Right, come So we briefed the teams about the problems you are facing and we asked them to come up with solutions And, we have something very exciting to show you So this is a small GPS tracking device Our idea is to put one on each of your delivery girls so that you can track their real-time locations And now what’s really cool is that the team wrote a customised app Once you input the start and end points of each delivery the software can approximate how long each journey takes based on real-time traffic conditions And when we combine this GPS tracker with the software we will know their precise location and if they are taking longer than expected So if they are delayed for any reason you can quickly communicate with them, locate them and find out if they are okay Wow guys, this is fantastic This will definitely reassure the girls Now the only thing left is to persuade the girls to come back to work Let me try to speak to Alisha’s mother She’s probably our best bet I’ll come with you Maneesh has told us about the incident and how Alisha got lost We just wanted to let you know that we have now come up with a way to provide directions and to monitor the girls at all times As a women, I completely empathise with what you’re going through But Alisha is a special girl She has so much potential Please, let her go back to work You know, my sister Meera was the first one from our family to work for Equal Cargo In the beginning, everyone in the family thought that it was too dangerous And when my husband fell sick, Alisha told us that she wanted to work there as well to support the family Everyone was upset with Meera for influencing Alisha But I really wanted to support my daughter and somehow I managed to convince everyone to let her try at least But now, there’s no way that they’ll allow it But that’s precisely why we need Alisha to come back We need her to show everyone what the girls are capable of Please don’t let what others think dictate how your daughter should live her life It’s not fair It’s not right We’re getting more requests for our delivery services But so many of our delivery girls are dropping out I just don’t see how we can scale up in the near future Listen, I’m sure there’s a solution Alright just give us a chance to think about it and we’ll get back to you Thanks for always looking out for me Chester Hi Maneesh Alisha! You’ve decided to come back? I don’t mean to pry But I was just standing outside and I overheard the conversation I remember the first time hearing about Equal Cargo And honestly, I didn’t think it was possible for a woman to work in a field that I thought was only for men But seeing Aunt Meera earning a living by working for you actually going out making deliveries it totally changed my mind I think people need to hear our stories Stories of women at Equal Cargo If more people see us, maybe they will open their minds too You’re right, Alisha Your story needs to be told Your Aunt Meera’s story needs to be told There are so many women whose voices need to be heard And I think I know just the person who can help us Hi, I’m Sachin Tendulkar. And along with the team at DBS We want to introduce you to three incredible women showing us there are no limits to what they can accomplish Here is Chandra, 18 years old, the sole breadwinner in her household supporting her family after her father retired Padma, a single mother raising her young daughter And Malati, a 46-year-old supporting her 5 children at home with dreams of going back to school Though they may come from different backgrounds They are all empowered by their ability to earn a good living as delivery girls An occupation virtually unheard of before And through sheer determination, incredible courage and hard work They have created a future for themselves no one thought possible We ask you to join us in saluting them and millions of independent, working women around the world for showing us one’s aspirations should never be limited by one’s gender When I look at these incredible women I realise they are actually powerful agents of change Because what they deliver is concrete proof that equal opportunity can be a reality I look forward to the day when a woman gets to work in any field she so chooses and receives equal compensation A day when gender equality is no longer something we have to strive for but simply the way things are What are you doing? Hey You want to go for a ride? Sure Alright! Okay, I have a confession to make I don’t really know how to ride this bike Move over You know how? Okay… Wow! Are you ready? Let’s go Wait! Our helmets!

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