South Korea ranking 4th on the second day of 2018 Asian Games

Team South Korea is working its way up the
medal standings in the 2018 Asian Games. Currently ranked 4th, with 2 gold, 6 silver,
and 6 bronze. As the day unfolds, we’re expected to haul
in more. Hong Yoo brings us all the action from Jakarta. For South Korea, the second day of the 2018
Asian Games started off with a women’s basketball match between Team Korea and India
Team Korea, a joint team formed from both South and North Korean players, won the game
by 104 points to 54, with Kang Lee-seul scoring 17 of Team Korea’s points. After that match, Team Korea is ranked 2nd
in Group A, behind group leaders Taiwan. About 200 Koreans gathered to support the
joint team today wearing white t-shirts with the Korean peninsula printed on them. Among the supporters at the court were South
Korean Prime Minister Lee Nak-yeon and North Korean Minister of Physical Culture and Sports
Kim Il-guk . They were seen holding hands, cheering for
Team Korea. The medals kept coming in through the afternoon. Jung Eun-hea took the silver at the 10 meters
Air Rifle women’s final. Jung tied with Mongolia’s Gankhuyag until
the last of 22 shots. It was in that shoot off that Jung was able
to take the silver medal, scoring 10 points while Gankhuyag scored 9.3. South Korea’s second silver medal of the day
went to Kang Gee-eun who participated in the Trap women’s final. This is the first time that a female South
Korean athlete wins a medal in the single Trap contest since the category was first
added to the Asian games in 1990. Coming up later on Monday, the major games
of the day for South Korea are the Taekwondo Men’s 58kg gold medal contest, starting off
at 8:20 pm Korean time, and the Fencing Men’s Sabre individual finals, starting off at 10:10pm
Korean time. 2014 Asian Games gold medalist Kim Tae-hun
will take part in the Taekwondo Men’s 58kg contest and will be looking to win gold again. Another past gold medalist, fencer Gu Bon-gil
, is also aiming to win gold in the Fencing Men’s Sabre individual contest. Hong Yoo, Arirang News.

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