Sounds of Baseball

– Recently here on ATW and ATW Weekend Edition, we’ve been talking a lot about baseball, because we’re gearing up for the 2017 Toronto Blue Jay season. – The team
flies back north of the border this weekend for two exhibition games in Montreal before the season opener on Monday in Baltimore. – I’m sure a lot of you will be eagerly keeping up with the Jays
all season long, especially you,
right, Anthony? – You know it, there are a ton of reasons why everybody should enjoy baseball, but one of the coolest reasons has to be all of the unique sounds associated with the game. – Which got us thinking, the sounds
really stand out to the fans, but what about the players? – Ottawa’s Dave Brown went down to Dunedin, Florida, to find out. Blue Jay’s infielder Darwin Barney says that one of his favorite sounds is one that Blue Jays fans will be looking forward to hearing a lot of when Toronto is
up at the plate. (crowd cheering) – By far, it’s
the crisp sound of the bat, it has to be. I think people probably come to the games without even knowing it, that that’s what they like about it. – [Dave] Pitcher Aaron Loup likes it when the umpire affirms that he’s done a good job. – I love that strike three, ’cause obviously, I’m a pitcher, so when you get that call third strike from the umpire, there ain’t nothing
else like it. – [Dave] Pitchers Jason Grilli and Ryan Tepera appreciate a sound more commonly associated with catching the ball. – I love when we’re down here in spring training, the popping of
the mitt, and just hearing all the guys, and new leather, just the popping of the glove is always good, man. – Probably just the popping of the mitt, and just warming up in the bullpen, or even during
the game, just the good popping
of the mitt. – [Dave] When the Blue Jays hit a home run, a very distinct sound erupts from the speakers of the Rogers Centre. (horn blows) For pitcher Brett Oberholtzer,
and outfielder Kevin Pillar, that is a sound that gets them as fired up as the fans. – It’d probably the horn that goes off when our guys hit some home runs. – The horn in Toronto, I love hearing that, it’s only when
we hit home runs, and I love seeing
’em happen. (crowd cheering) (horn blowing) – [Dave] In a baseball stadium, you
hear different kinds of noise
from the stands. Pitcher Joe Biagini likes hearing some of that buzz when there is a lull in the action on the fields. – I like the noise of the crowd, kind of
the low murmur of the crowd, and people not paying attention, or Snapchatting and stuff, or whatever they
do nowadays, and the vendors yelling something. – Ice-cold Canadian beer in an American can! Made in China! – [Dave] Whereas infielder Ryan Goins, and outfielder Dalton Pompey like it when the crowd gets hyped. (crowd screaming) – The roaring of the crowd is something that you can’t get anywhere else, it’s one of the things that you can recreate the ball hitting the bat, or anything like that, but the crowd of 50,000 people being loud is something that you can’t recreate. – Even when you’re in the outfield, when
you’re hitting, they make that ooh, or that aah, and
when you make a good play, you hear the roar, the chanting, you know what I mean? It just happens so quick, and you know when you make a nice play, you’re gonna hear everybody start cheering, or if you hit a home run, you could hear the horn go off in Rogers Centre, I feel like that just gets you pumped up, because you feel like you did something well, and you feel like you did something to
help the team, and the city’s
happy for you. – I cannot wait to hear those sounds in person at the Rogers Centre this summer, I can imagine it now, the dome opens, sun in my face,
beer in my hand. (Molly clears throat) Oh, yeah, Molly,
what’s your favorite sound
of baseball? – Well, as you
know, I’m not really a huge sports fan, so, I don’t
really have one. What about you? – The sound of
a ball hitting the inside of a glove, it’s unmistakable and just sounds so good. What about you at home? What is your favorite baseball sound? – Let us know by sending us a tweet at
@amithisweek, or an email to
[email protected] – The home opener cannot get here soon enough. And if you can’t make it to the Rogers Centre on April 11th,
tune in to AMI TV for our first
live described game of the season. – For a full list of the live described games, you can visit

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