Somerset County, NJ Hockey Player Scores Game Winning Goal After Physical Therapy at Performance

Well I’m a hockey player so I always
played a lot of sports. Especially hockey, baseball, and other sports. I
played sports all the time until I got hurt. I was at a hockey tournament on the
last day in Hershey Pennsylvania and it was warm-ups and I was running against a
friend of mine and I strained a hamstring really badly. I came into
Performance feeling really depressed but they really made me feel better. When I
got here Dr. Mosh and everybody else always had smiling faces and were always really
happy to see me and knew my name and helped me get better before
Pittsburgh, which is the tournament I wanted to go to. They got me back in two
games before the tournament started. It was really just wonderful, that’s
all I wanted. At that moment I scored the game-winning goal on my first day back
from physical therapy everybody here was really happy to hear that. They even threw
me a special lunch, after I was done. I’m a huge Penguins fan so that’s why I really
wanted to go to Pittsburgh because it was like a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity
and I really wanted to go. Because it was a home game that we’d
already bought tickets to go to like two months ahead of time. They really
worked really well together as a team to help me feel better
between the people at the desk and the physical therapist. I always stretch
before a game now but I still play a lot of hockey that never changed. I actually
felt stronger coming back than I did before I got the injury. Performance
Rehab helped me get back to doing what I love. You know when I’m on the ice
and I get in that situation where the guys like 20 feet ahead
of you if he scores you lose the game and after you dive in front of them
to get the puck. That’s like my favorite moment. And I can do that again thanks to
Performs Rehab. I’d recommend them to anybody

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