Softball Goes 2-0 Against Monmouth

You know, I’m really proud of the team.
There was a team effort from top to bottom and I was really happy with the
team intensity the entire game, you know. They came here to play today and you
know, I can’t say enough about how they just followed the game plan and
just really executed the game plan. It was an amazing job across the board. Just really proud of us offensively scoring a lot of runs against some
really good pitching. This team was on another level today. I couldn’t be more proud of them and it was just insane, the energy. Everyone was
talking. It was just hit after hit. I can’t even explain it. It is incredible. When someone gets on it makes a momentum. It brings it and it becomes contagious.
It’s something that we’ve been trying to do for this whole season and I think
it’s finally coming together and everyone’s on a hitting streak and I love it. It is awesome. I think today they just brought their A-game, you know
they were up to playing Monmouth today. They knew the ramifications of what what
was to happen today, if they won two games today we put ourselves in
a good position to potentially host the MAAC Championship here in a couple of

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