Softball 2019 Full Match Highlights – Washington vs Oregon – NCAA Softball 2019

Softball 2019 Full Match Highlights – Washington vs Oregon – NCAA Softball 2019 Country now putting your stamp on this Oregon program well and it’s gonna take a little bit of time It’s not like she was gonna be able to come in here and just have a lot of success right off the bat Especially they’ve had a lot of young women transfer and that’s frustrating so for her it’s really gonna continue to be about getting her recruits and getting the people that She wants in here where she’s gonna be able to have the most success with them Here is Dale the sophomore from Forrest Virginia has a no-hitter against Florida Atlantic back in February Yeah, and she’s the workhorse you see the innings pitch 109 on the season but for her today It’s really gonna be about working ahead and count She wants to try to limit her pitch count only because she is the one that’s throwing pretty much every single game So utilize your defense find a way to hit spots And rule out some ground balls. You can throw less pitches. Maybe you can throw more throughout this weekend An Oregon team trying to get it done at home against this Washington team That is very good at the top as you look at sis baits One of the top shortstops in softball preseason list for USA Softball player of the year and a she’s a table setter. They’re looking for more production in terms of the log wall Yeah, well Washington only 10 home runs on the season by four different players And they’re missing some big boppers from last year they had Graduated Kirsten Thomas who had a good amount of home tailor van Z. So they’re still trying to find their way Morgan Flores is back with the Huskies after having an injury that took her out all year last year, so First offering is a fastball high for ball one Calvin Walker’s our home plate Umpire Brett higgenson Megan rabbit in the field as you look at Bates and the pac-12 Defensive Player of the Year first-team All-america last year as a sophomore had he top those kind of accolades the 1o pitch It’s a strike on the corner 101 Has been trying to find her way in that leadoff spot the last couple years she’s had the chance to play behind Alli Aguilera her senior year when Bates was a freshman. And then last year Taylor van Zee was in that leadoff spot So sis beige is still trying to find her comfort zone up there in the top Leidner squad Shows bunt pulls the bat back and it’s 2 & 1 now as they were charging from the corners a triple threat lefty She can do it all what could she not do well? Also has a name for her glove we can get into that later As this game wears on there’s a flare in the left-field and coming on. He is Wagner to make the play one down Defensively we saw Wagner making a play in left field they’ve shuttled their outfielders amongst Wagner Cruz and Burks out there, but on a lot of athleticism Brooks probably the best of that group in terms of Athleticism and there’s the infield you tech will see her at catch her and EH She’s a busy and very versatile Playing first base today And Taryn Atlee takes strike one We welcome our audience sit just watch the NIT. We’re at James Andrews Stadium in Eugene, Oregon Pacific Northwest battle in the pac-12 between Washington and Oregon travin dural onside Danielle Lori one of the best ever to step into the circle and all-american and Very familiar with this rivalry Two teams looking for their first pac-12 win just underway here on ESPN back to the circle and good bill comes up firing two up and two down Washington and Oregon both making it to Oklahoma City a year ago known for being two of the top programs in the country But the Ducks are in rebuilding posture right now nine Transfers and a new head coach now and Melissa Lombardi taking over from Mike white who left for the University of Texas But it doesn’t mean you still can’t continue to fight and that’s what is known to do for sure But the frustration has to be high on that end When you look at the history of this organ ducks program and what they’ve been able to do Especially since my quite got there in 2010 he built this program up to a pretty crazy Number one heading into the Women’s College World Series a couple times. So I think for Coach Lombardi and The situation that’s going on now with them and having all those transfers it’s really about the future and getting her crew in that she feels like she can have the most success with and Not getting too frustrated based on how the seasons going this far if the Washington Huskies 29 straight weeks in the top ten Picking up where they left off last year different team, though And they need more production out of Morgan Flores batting in the third spot in the order kind of a power player on this roster Heathered ATAR 15th season with the help 606 wins as flores takes that one upstairs well, we can’t forget Morgan Flores redshirted last year due to an ACL but her season before I mean she had a highlight season 74 RBIs on the season I mean she I think is putting a little bit more pressure on herself this year since she is healthy again And it is difficult taking off all that time she was around Washington last year She travelled to the World Series she was there but until you’re actually between the lines in those moments It’s tough to really get a good vibe for how it’s all Playing so I think for her heading into this year There is that added pressure of you should do what you did a couple of years ago Three two from Jordan Dale fly ball to right field Burt’s near the line and she makes the play in a one to three Frame for Jordan Dale good start for the homestanding Ducks just underway from Eugene Huskies and Ducks scoreless Back in Eugene as we head to the bottom of the first to Jane Sanders Stadium great Complex here on the campus of the University of Oregon the Huskies and the Ducks and Washington has Gabby plain in the circle and she’s on fire one of the tops in the pac-12 er a under one well and what makes her so unique she keeps the ball down in the zone one of the best drop ball pitchers that I’ve seen since Kat Osterman, she’s not gonna blow you away with speed. She throws in the low 60s So to all those young women that are watching you don’t need to throw the ball in the upper 60s to have success in this Game if you can really work the corners You’re gonna have some success and gabby is someone that is throwing the best right now on staff before you Doug So I like that she’s getting the start. Here’s the Ducks Look, she cherished Berks to lead things off great speed playing in right field for, Oregon 15 home runs this season And can run when they get in the base pass and that includes Berks. They have 19 stolen bases this year One of the veteran leaders for a program That had nine players transfer out. They lean on her quite a bit Well, these are some players that Realistically haven’t had a lot of opportunity chairs Burks was a pinch runner her first three years and now she’s come into This role of I’m a senior leader. I’m someone that’s gonna be playing every day it’s my time and I think that that’s definitely something that She has embraced heading into this season because it’s it’s hard being a player that you know for the most part you’re not going to be playing much and then you Totally have to change and switch your mindset into I’m an everyday player now, and I’m a leader She’s been sensational defensively had three diving catches in their series against Oklahoma State in non-conference play and Dangerous if she can get on the 2o is trap foul behind home plate You saw Washington up close against UCLA that Bruins team number one in the country and are they better than they were last year? Well anytime the GP give athletes like Rachel Garcia experience. It makes them better Not only is she dominant right now, but they have helped in the circle and that’s been the biggest Issue, I think for them is Rachel Garcia’s been that workhorse. She’s had to throw every single inning. So, you know, she has some help When I like that to to pitch Here’s plain with the three to offering and Burkes is on good start for Oregon as She reaches defensively what a Washington team Up the middle. They are as good as anybody when you talk about Bates and Antley at shortstop and second. You’ve got a packed full of Defensive Player of the Year. And then Atlee a Veteran leader as well junior from Sacramento and in the outfield Sammy Reynolds is back out there had an injury Bunker’s trying to lay one down and it’s Val Pretty good idea right there. It rolled. Just south of the chalk. I Like this heads-up play knowing cherish Brooks has so much speed you might as well just let it roll foul Bunker a freshman from Huntington Beach a top 100 high school recruit trying to learn quickly the ropes of the pac-12 Team low 5 strikeouts this year That’s off the plate 101 She was 4 for 9 against Arizona last weekend Being at the corners Flores and CALP at 1st and 3rd and fouls that one off 1 & 2 When you think about the small ball approach here early You want to try to score first? I think especially when you get a runner on with no, it’s the importance of getting that bunt down But right now for bunker her job is to move her 60 feet. So the only thing you don’t want to do Is strike out right now you want to use the defense and try to advance that runner Hammers that one to left and right at the left fielder Reynolds who makes the play one down This is a good hitting this drop ball is tight on her hands downward spin you see Sammy Reynolds I don’t know if that was a little bit of a harder ball coming off the bat than she anticipated But that was an absolute smash Now Shea Bowden the Ducks catcher with one out one on Shape out and only being a sophomore but someone that is like a captain on this team Catch her behind the plate gets the ball every single play. I think you love when your catchers are able to have Such control over your team, especially her being young holds his team accountable That gives you an idea She’s a sophomore and one of the leaders I mean they they really have had people in roles that you wouldn’t normally see for a couple years of the program. Well and she bound in one of them but Haley Cruz the junior who had Had a lot of success last season another captain on this team Playing with one one Fastball. Mrs. Bowden had a big week back in February pac-12 Player of the Week hit for 12 Has also been good behind the dish throwing out 9 baserunners so far the season – – See that fastball outer half and the hell behind the dish a lefty You don’t see a lot of lefty catcher’s Full count now When I think Gabi just having a tough time trying to find this this strike zone with Calvin Harris behind the dish That’s the importance of coming out in the first inning like your job is right away. I have to figure out what he’s calling So I don’t have to throw too many pitches already at 15 pitches so far Payoff pitch chance, you got a piece of that one with Burks on the move She’ll head back to first That sometimes is where you want a good catcher behind the dish where they can really communicate with the umpire like hey Where’s that missing? Because this is this is normally a pitch that we’ve been getting. What can she do better? Like talking with them to figure it out sooner than later Plain deals Grounder to third cow pay has it flips to second for one on to first And not in time they get the force play count pay to Antley and that’s out number two Cow paid just make the routine five to four try to double it out Balance got some good speed. I mean she’s got some stolen bases. She’s five of eight You don’t see a lot of catchers at steal bases. I’ll tell you that tray I wonder if they took a poll how many catchers in this game? Now you got Haley Cruz aforementioned the one of the leaders of junior out of San Diego Third team all pac-12 a year ago and In conference game. She led the pac-12 as you look at her average there last year. She hit 426 in conference play And she’s just such a unique story because her freshman year she Didn’t do great at all. She didn’t have very many at-bats She totally changed her swing up and that last year the year that she was able to have Was impressive so it just shows If you come to school and you’re not getting the results you want you really put in the work you can have Success in this game not to get too discouraged if your freshman year isn’t what you want it to be Then painting that outside edge plane and she moves ahead one and two on the count Yeah, that’s a remarkable turnaround a 190 average fresh from the Year 377 her sophomore season when she batted Above every 100 points above everybody else in pac-12 play so it just shows How good she is Wayne gets the strikeout though sets down Cruz and ends the inning Nothing across through one here at Jane Sanders Stadium in Eugene, Oregon Gabby plane trying to get win number 10 The strikeout we’re scoreless through one You’re watching the pac-12 on ESPN Sanders Stadium in Eugene Oregon the site for the first of three between The ducks and the Huskies in pac-12 play the NCAA Women’s Championship presented by Capital One continues today at 5:30 Eastern 2:30 Pacific on espn2 With more first-round matchup check local listings for the game in your area and remember all are streaming live on the ESPN app You can watch anywhere Oregon and Washington familiar Northwest region rivals here and the Huskies Will lead this inning off with Sammy Reynolds the left fielder coming off of an injury against lefty Jordan Dale take strike one When I was at the Friday night U-dub game last weekend when they played UCLA and it was freezing cold and a 71 mile an hour pitch from Rancho Garcia hit her Directly in the ribs. You can hear it. She’s tough And can provide some punch She had a four hit game against Baylor in non-conference play I’m glad to have her back out there Batting in the cleanup spot Popped up down the left-field line and giving chase the shortstop and making the play as Siebert one down When I like it Jordan Dale she’s being efficient using her defense they’re coming up and making these routine plays Sivir knowing the importance of outs when you’re playing a team as good as as Washington you have to be able to come up and make Sometimes the hard plays look easy Now Emma Hellman who has three of the Huskies 10 home runs playing catcher for Washington today We mentioned that the rotate April Utecht at catcher at first base and at the designated player position They’ve got you Tech at first base for this one And for Oregon and for Washington they have also done the same thing Gibson has played some first base Flores and helm have both caught this year It helps to have that versatility they’re telling me I wish I was at first I’ll try one position for me You did it pretty well Danielle Lori, one of the all-time greats Women’s College World Series champ all-american Olympian Canadian And you know these Parts of the woods really well, and this rivalry is a good one It was one of my least favorite spots to come play I love coming here and calling games you but back when I play it. I didn’t like it. I Mean look at that resume And of course Not just from the Husky standpoint national perspective international The 3-1 to helm and that’s ball four first walk given up by Dale and Washington has a base runner a Huskies team that it’s 33 of 44 in stolen bases and now it’ll be an opportunity for Noel he at key the third baseman he is someone that really Struggling right now and it can’t be difficult putting that added pressure on yourself. Only baton 172 on the year She’s someone coming in to this season when you lose a Kirsten Thomas you lose a Taylor van Zee they were your big boppers there’s more pressure on players like Noel he to kind of hold up that end of the bargain like it’s your job to Be an RBI machine. She should be hitting some home runs and she’s Uncharacteristically off a little bit and I think that extra pressure can make it way more difficult Well the potential is there when you look at her numbers last year seven round trippers drove in 26 runs in 46 starts there’s nothing worse than trying too hard or Saying that negative stuff in your head like I need to I need to it you just want to let the game play itself out, but The struggle is really you see her going chasing upstairs First strikeout for Dale if she goes with a high fastball here well mister This is what can happen when you are Adding the pressure of I need to ie2 and you see Dave going way upstairs in heat. It’s not even close on that So two down with helmet first and here’s Madison husky I mean when you have a last name a husky you have to be a husky right and it doesn’t get much better than that I guess gonna went to UConn But you’re right this is where Northeastern. Yeah be another option She got the opportunity last Sunday to get the start against UCLA and had a pretty big game had a big home run Against Meghan frame house. So she’s starting to swing it pretty well, and I think that if you’re Heather Tarr, That’s what you want You want to just get these young women? opportunities to play against a UCLA number one in the nation and see what they’re made of and For her last weekend. She had a couple big hits on Sunday The O 2 and a change of pace pitch They’re a beauty from Dale and she strikes out husky so far great effort from the southpaw Jordyn Dale sets him down One you have to love it Jordan Dale comes up with the big change piece back-to-back strikeouts We’ll see what Sid severs and you Tech can do next Tonight at 10:00 Eastern 7:00 Pacific on ESPN and ESPN Deportes Our top-ranked boxing main event features heavyweights Kubrat Pulev and bog Dan Dinu from Costa Mesa California you can stream the under cards on ESPN Plus in English and Spanish starting at 6:30 Eastern 3:30 Pacific start your free trial of ESPN plus by downloading the ESPN app were visiting ESPN Plus calm We’re scoreless here Oregon getting good pitching so far from lefty Jordan Dale and now trying to get their offense Off to a good start as Rachael Sid middle part of the order. The number five hitter will face Gaby playing And there is strike one Syd are the very young Ducks team She has had some big moments in her freshman campaign Pac-12 freshman of the week back on February 12 as she hit three home runs three of her for this season That’s the beauty of somebody’s incoming freshman for organ with all those transfers like they’re coming in and they get to play right away and There are some freshmen that get get that Opportunity but a lot of other ones sometimes have to play behind a senior shortstop or a senior outfielder So for her she gets to come in and make an impact right away And that’s the experience that this organ program needs moving forward In order for them to have success is that these athletes are getting the opportunity to play right away Gain, that experience in pac-12 play so they can play like older veterans heading it to their sophomore year One two from plane is fouled back How about a five 34 career average in high school? and then you take the next step a huge step as you know to college but She’s had so little success here in her first year Well, and sometimes that’s the beauty being a freshman because there’s no book written on you. You can come in. There’s not a lot of You know video on your swing. It’s kinda like you get to go out and not be known which is the beauty of being a freshman but then you have the sophomore slump at times that people can deal with so it’s really about just going in and Not trying to change anything because you get to college even though there is that added pressure it’s like I need to go and do what I’ve always done since I started playing at six years old speaking of pressure this Washington team in the top ten coming off the sweep of three losses at UCLA Is it a little pressure on this team right now heading into the series? I think that there is in Washington being a Contender with UCLA I think for them to come into this weekend The expectation is for them to beat up on organ right like you. Look at what Arizona did last weekend You’re coming off of getting Be beat up pretty bad by UCLA so it can be that added extra We should we need to we need to and that can also lead to Tighter games when when you just kind of feel your your knuckles get a little tight It can be difficult Sid doing a good job fighting off a couple pitches here and look out Our camera people down the first baseline and have your head on a swivel over there Gaby plane nine and one with an ER a just over one And a set down sit here to open up the second inning There’s a liner back through the middle and into center field First hit for the Ducks and their leadoff player aboard here When I love it Sid battles and she waits for a pitch this is a 1 2 pitch biplane Sid knows she’s been throwing her away away away. This one left elevated up a little bit She takes it right back up the middle. That’s a great at-bat And now a visit from Lance class though the pitching coach as the, Oregon has to feel good about the way they’ve competed here and you know you think about their Losses at Arizona. They played much better in game 3 in an 8 3 loss down to Tucson. Well And that’s what you would have to pull from. What did we get going into Sunday? Why were we better Sunday? Sometimes for this organ team. It’s why are we better in the 5th 6th 7th inning? How can we create that energy? Right from the get-go and come out with a bang instead of waiting waiting waiting and I like how that how they’ve started today I think Dale and the circle has been efficient You see Sid battling playing a couple pitches and comes up with a big leadoff hit We’ll see what they do with it a quick visit with Gabby playing. Here’s Jasmine severs now the Ducks shortstop in at the corners Anticipating, but she pulls the bat back And takes ball one The importance receivers right now to get that bunt down that is your job you want to advance that runner put your teammate in a position to be scored That one misses to know seabirds their highest-rated recruit in this class And she’s got a count she can work with now to a No Lays the bunt down foul if the first basement floor is charging there See Atlee second base really good, Washington in feel great leadership veteran presence Two one chops that one foul All right. It’s a bunt still on here to it to the bunt is not on to it, too But her job is to advance that runner. I mean she had a 200 count Was given to opportunity to lay that but down the further you get in season the importance of really being able to execute Those types of calls from your your coach Because there may not be a lot of opportunities for you to advance your runner. So That make sure you get it down Chase is a high one and strikes out strikeout number two for plane as she brings in the burner there one down What if your receiver is I think this is definitely a frustrating at-bat You’re ahead – oh and then you foul off both those pitches I think this is the only thing you don’t want to happen. But this is what has made Gabby plain have a lot of success This season she’s primarily down down down But she’s developed a consistent rise ball that she can throw And the one thing that I’ve noticed is when she has thrown it hitters are swinging at that ball Five six inches above their head. It’s not like that’s a low rise to them. They’re thinking if I see it down down down I want to swing on it. So anything up in the zone To them looks like crushed. I’m Now April Utecht or the veterans One and one one hundred eight strikeouts for plain now and she has walked only nineteenth this season Those are unbelievable numbers Just a sophomore from Australia Harrington Park from Down Under Right back to the circle club biplane flips to second for one The relay is in time for the double play bates to flores to end the inning Great defense from the dogs here in Eugene When you got a love Gabby plane just composed comes up with the 1 6 3 Huskies get themselves out of another Jam Hether tars Huskies in a battle with the Ducks here in Eugene as we move to the third she signed a seven-year contract extension until 2025 the winningest coach in any sport at the University of Washington came back in the top ten, but facing a tough one in left-hander, Jordan Dale Sophomore has struck out a couple and she’ll face kaya Gibson as we open up the third inning Lefty against lefties a smash backhanded by you Tech one down This was swinging at first pitch taking a good hack but UTech was In the right spot in one pitch one out User as a catcher as a designated player and showing the glove at first base now the 9th place hitter Novi Calpe and she swings the first pitch it drives it to centerfield and out of here Now Bay puts the first run on the board her second home run this season I have to love it when you’re nine hit her comes up and just smash It’s his sweet little swing on this pitch you right off the bat. This was out of here They gotta be feeling good especially after last weekend it was tough to put runs up on the board against UCLA Bottom part of the order first pitch swinging from Gibson and then calpe both making good contact now the top of the order sits well that puts for Jordyn Dale her 21st home run of the year given up and If we’re gonna be real here last weekend Organ gave up nine home runs to Arizona and that just isn’t gonna cut it I mean if you want to have success against good teams, you have to keep the ball in the yard and I think that that’s really just Understanding that you cannot make mistakes. There will be times when you do miss over the play That’s not that but it’s being in that mindful Talk in your head of like every single pitch. I need to make a good spot I have to throw this where it needs to be pitched because the better the offense they’re gonna take you deep if you do miss Dale a sophomore Number one in a pac-12. This is their 16th start fourth in the NCAA and innings pitched Over a hundred and ten now as Bates Offers on that one and this is two and two and they’ve got to go with her. They don’t have a lot of other options They have a walk on a key Lee Krueger they could go to here but She’s she’s seen a little bit of everything a lot of work for the sophomore Right back to the circle a slow tamper and ku’Damm You take the good with the bad and How can you get better when you’re constantly out there the mental fatigue something we? Asked you about earlier Yeah I think what helps your mental preparation and How you’re able to have success in the circle aside from the fact of pitching good or bad is the work you put in to Get yourself in that position. So The you look at the most toughest competitors in the world. They probably work harder than everybody else And that’s what allows for them to thrive when stuff gets hard And I don’t know Jordan Dale’s work ethic But in order to move forward as she’s going to be the one that throws bolts of innings at a time It’s really your offseason training. How hard will I work? So I can put myself in the best mental position to have success Tara Natalie trying to lay one down. It rolls foul great speed down the line for the Huskies second baseman You’re gonna have all kinds of experiences with as many times as they’re gonna try her out there into the circle It could benefit you in the long run. Well, then you’re gonna learn a lot about yourself. You’re gonna learn What? did it what were the emotions when I was telling myself I can’t do it or I want to get out of this and how Can I fight this off? So when I have to face Washington potentially tomorrow, how am I going to be able to battle? through that grounder bouncing ball hit to second and Bunker has it to end the inning, but the Huskies get on the board navi cow pay When cow paid from the nine hole going yeah. Yeah. I’ve got to love it sophomore stepping up big We’ll see what organ will do with that You’re watching the pac-12 on ESPN Eugene Oregon and Sanders Stadium the site for the first of three in This series Washington and Oregon and the Huskies get on the board first Thanks to na’vi CALP who takes it over the centerfield fence and now will lead to work with four Gabby plain as she faces Lexi Wagner To schools that know each other well great rivalry and an Oregon team that is rebuilding Washington team that is in a familiar spot in the top 10 Both looking for the first pac-12 win There’s a strike on the corner to Wagner the 2018, pennsylvania Gatorade Player of the Year Five of their freshmen top 100 recruits and they’ve needed these youngsters step up this year Yeah, losing the players that that they lost they needed These women to come in and make an impact right away and there’s nothing better than getting the chance to play in the pac-12 Right away Can make an impact on this program get this experience And On the flip side for Washington. I mean I’m making it to the Women’s College World Series Final last year. So the experience that Gabby plane got in the circle that this team was able to get And that’s really been the glue for wash macness season it’s stepped in the circle Gabby plane being a big piece to that puzzle Wagner called out on strikes That’s three keys now after this beauty this is just a two two got a swing at that that’s That is a strike Now the number nine hitter Caitlin Howard the designated player she has only had five at-bats Oh for five Get your feet wet here in pac-12 play against, Washington Sometimes it’s better just drawn to the Wolves tre just like throw her out there It’s an all-american out there. Yep, find that bats and see what you’re made of You know We talked about freshman years playing last year as a freshman third team all-america first team All pac-12 National Freshman of the Year finalist first husky to throw 100 innings and allow under 100 hits cup up those numbers How do you top that as a sophomore? She’s doing pretty well at nine and one this year Maybe Top of a championship since they came second last year but I mean You have to say that without Gabby playing that team would not have made it to where they did Tara Novello battled an injury So Gabby plane had to step up and sometimes you don’t know how freshmen are going to go What makes her so unique is that she comes from Australia? She doesn’t really know college softball until she got here the high chopper charging the shortstop Bates and in time to down The NCAA Women’s Championship presented by camp little one continues tomorrow at noon Eastern 9 a.m Pacific on espn2 with second-round matchup check local listings for the game in your area Remember all are streaming live on the ESPN app. You can watch anywhere Fighting time of the year Baseball basketball and in softball the second series in the pac-12 for each of these two teams top of the order now cherish Burks Against plane. She fouls off the first one When sis is one of the best in the game and you just see you missed the rocket hop on that thing that thing she had to time it up perfectly, but She’s like a magician out there And it always plays with a smile great energy and it’s authentic his verts fouls it off Nothing seems forced and that that’s got to be contagious that having somebody out there playing that way big time Well, some people like to do their Stowe at game face. That’s what I remember from back of the day I was never able to have That smiley look on my face all the time, but that’s what makes her so great. She truly loves the game and She vibes off her teammates if they really vibe off of her you see Gabby playing with that little smirk as well And sometimes it’s better to just make light in the situation. I mean, it’s just softball it’s not The end-all be-all and I think to really be able to enjoy every moment because it goes by so quick Planes pitch to Burks One hopper on the charge baits with the throw and makes it look like a routine play to set him down in order this baits the All American Maybe the best shortstop in college softball With a great play as we’re going to talk to coach Lombardi and the Oregon Ducks when we come back three innings in the books Washington has a one nothing lead here in Eugene Washington in front of Oregon one. Nothing coach Lombardi now joining us the Ducks head coach coach I know you’re young and did you see some good things in Tucson that Could maybe carry over into this series with the way you’re swinging the bats? Definitely. I liked how we finished in this third game We didn’t get our outcome, but watching us swing the bats and just have more conviction at the plate I wanted to see that carry over into this weekend coach Dale being the workhorse for your staff and last weekend It was tough against, Arizona Like we said, how do you continue to keep her in a fresh mindset especially heading into the rest of pac-12 play? One thing I love about Jordan is that she’s a fighter. She’s a competitor. She’s very competitive You know, this game is a game Where things are gonna happen, they’re gonna go your way or not and to be able to respond You know she gave up that bomb earlier, but then to watch the respond after that. That’s exactly what I’m looking for coach Thank you for your time. All right, thank you. One nothing game here. And Dale has a couple strikeouts to give up the long ball and let’s see how she Responds here to the meat of the order Morgan Flores to lead things off for Washington 9 and 7 record Her 16th start she has 10th complete games in a couple shutouts Just hoping to keep her team in this one There’s really two hits total up on the board, but I will say that the homerun is can hurt you and lose games so I think for her just continue to try to Keep hitting good spots You see her throw that little change piece in there I think it’s important to really continue to try to keep these hitters off off balance. Especially that second time through the lineup You know that hitters are going to make adjustments against you. So what is your game plant going to be? second time third time through Check swing foul off the bat of Flores You know, how long does it take you to round into form after he have a torn ACL after missing last season if you’re Morgan Flores, you know, I think we’re in the conference play now Is she a hundred percent to where she was a couple years ago? Well, I Highly doubt you’ll ever be a hundred percent with the feeling of where your leg injury is going to be that’s always going to be there but I think for her it’s erasing the fact that you’re not going to Have the same year you had your sophomore year. You’re not gonna have 74 RBIs this year so get all of that out of your head and Find the best way to move forward for the rest of the season for how I can help my team How can I have success? I think sometimes it can be difficult living in the past mo I should be doing this and I need to do this Doesn’t matter what what you did before all that matters is what have you done for me lately? She’s been starting to heat up a little bit. She had a home run Sunday against UCLA Hitters count here three and one pitch from Dale and ball four good at-bat for Flores She’s aboard second walk given up by Jordan Dale One thing I will say about Calvin Harris behind the dish He is not calling that he’s not calling it for both pitchers, but I feel for that That is a great pitch 3-1 count. I don’t want that elevated anymore. I don’t want that anymore on the plate I think sometimes I like bound comes out Makes her smile a little bit, but that could be the most frustrating part of the game as a pitcher when you’re making quality pitches That sometimes can’t be called for you and it’s just how can I make that slight adjustment? Maybe I have to bring it up in the zone half an inch But it definitely can’t be a challenge there Sammy Reynolds now showing bunt with the corners crashing and she takes ball one I love that pitcher catcher Relationship the psyche but squeak those two and it’s usually some joke to kind of get her back on on Track after walking the leadoff player big time You either need someone that can come out and like hold you accountable and like get in your face a little bit get you fired Up or you need someone that is gonna be the jokester on the bunt attempt and it does not Get put down by reynolds popped into the glove of sid charging down the third-base line of his one down This is a Bunt that Sammy Reynolds needs to get down. That’s not even a pitch that’s high in the zone You see her barrel is slanting downward that thing is Going to rock it, right? You see how it just she goes down to get it with her bat But not her body and that is an easy out for organ Mm and a strike called in the inside corner Emma home being a little bit of a unique story came in last year Washington kid played on team, Seattle but for her she wasn’t coming in last year expecting to play and it was the injury to Morgan Flores that got her all of That time behind the dish Well now she splits time with Morgan Flores and I think she was one that I remember coming up in a couple different clutch situations last year where she was able to Step up and hit the long ball You don’t always expect that from your freshmen. Sometimes you don’t know what you’re gonna get Linwood, Washington products One and one the count And that’s upstairs When we run coming via the home run My Naveed CALP in the third inning for Washington Green one That followed behind here the last couple innings really laboring out there. Well, it’s just finding that strike zone I mean we all know if you get behind it, that’s kind of the crush count. That’s what hitters are gonna do some damage So it’s alright. How can I find a way if I’m going to throw this curveball to the lefties? How can I get it? Where I’m getting it more at the zone, what do I need to do? Is it something with my body right now? Is it am I ate my head? She has to find a way to throw strikes There’s a strike the help will count down Dale’s best game a no-hitter against Florida Atlantic back on February 16th She was a freshman at Virginia Tech First year in college, here’s a 3-2 strike three call gets help looking to down and strikeout number three for Jordan Dale Helm this is a pitch you just cannot take she paints that curveball pretty on the outside part of the plate and I like that three to little curve piece by Dale Noel he the third baseman now with two down That’s one thing that makes A lefty unique is that hitters? Don’t get a lot of opportunities to take swings and hacks especially lefty hitters off of a lefty pitcher So I think sometimes when that curveball breaks away from them, it can be a little bit more Challenging and that’s cute. Just foul down the right-field line evens up the count 101 You know he is Only a sophomore she had a big moment last year as a freshman home run against Alabama in the clincher the supers Looking for a first home run this season one wide And again a 3-1 count to work with Its that pitch right there that is such a pretty pitch on the outside corner. It’s that backdoor curveball This is a pitch I Hundred percent want I hate to keep talking about the strikes out But we as pitchers work way too hard to have to throw that ball anywhere on the white at the plate. I Think with sometimes how good hitting has evolved throughout the years Open up the strikes out a little bit. Come on, you’re always gonna take the pitcher side always Well, I get it now. There could be a Fan of hitting that would disagree with you Well, I don’t care That’s that’s the answer I expected From the all-american. Here’s the 3-2 ball four outside so Dale gives up another walk. That’s for third of the game the second this inning and a couple runners aboard And some signs are not good right now for the left-hander as we move into this for Vinick and she’ll get a visit on the Mount Ania in the circle here from Oregon 19 pitches already in this inning coach Lombardi Coming out. I mean, I think it’s Important to say there’s two outs, you know, that’s just the elephant in the room There’s two outs here. So it’s not to think that there’s too much you have to battle right now You have a four set at any bag. You can go third second first. So really just use your defense and Then I throw in there stop getting behind on hitters because that’s not going to play in your favor. So Get shape out and behind the dish to keep trying to work on Calvin Harris to get you that Outside backdoor curveball to the righties because that is a pretty pitch And you’ve got a hot hitter to deal with here now in Madison husky despite the fact she’s struck out her last time up five RBIs in her last three starts He had a first career home run you mentioned against UCLA Freshman with a big opportunity Lays off with a high fastball ball warning California Division two player of the year in high school Madison husky an RBI chance here. What o To know Basket ball there’s a strike Washington lasted the pac-12 and slugging percentage. They did get a home run to get this lead here their 11th of the year Chance for more runs here in the fourth the two one Three and one again And she has really painted herself into the corner here To throwing this two one. Come on, it’s a good spot. You don’t worry And ball four and the bases are loaded three walks to load them up here And Washington with a golden opportunity fourth walk given up in the game by Jordan Dale Got this three want count. I mean, I guess if anything it’s low, but I’ll leave it at that And now a pinch runner for Washington we’re gonna bring in Francesca Baraka Freshman from New Jersey will run at second base for Noelle heat So one nothing lead the bases full two down Washington trying to break this game open on top of the fourth And kaya Gibson Grounded out hit the ball hard or her first time up in the third inning grounded out to first base Lefty against Lefty and there’s strike one We have to love kaya Gibson getting a huge opportunity her junior year to play every day Freshman year 44 ABS off Murray only the 13 on the season now. She’s an everyday leader for them Changeup on the corner. No, they did not offer Third base umpire Megan rabbit says no Gibson did not offer in this. I thought it might have been a strike Small zone to work with for Jordan Dale. Can she get out of this Jam? Here’s the one one Fouled off as she jammed her there wanted to Hi Gibson as driven in 12 this season Chance to add To those numbers here with the bases full. Here’s the one two Strike three call a Huge strikeout for Dale her fourth of the game to get out of the jam that remains a one nothing game Jordan Dale the sophomore Getting things done in a tough spot. Well, she loads the bases on three walks, but comes up with the big K We’ll see what two-three-four can do for organ Washington with a one-nothing lead At Oregon as we move to the bottom of the fourth inning and we’re joined by Heather Tarr the Huskies coach Coach talk about your offense and the importance of getting off to a good start here in terms of your power numbers It was a good to see a home run from calpe. Yeah, absolutely She’s got the ability to do it and for her to be able to get us that first run that was big for her and for us Coach obviously last week against UCLA was tough But just talk about your week of practice and your message to your team heading into this this weekend We’re just trying to grow trying to learn being able to have the opportunity to play a great team like UCLA last weekend Definitely helped us do that Had a couple chances to win those games and we’re just trying to build some momentum as we go through this pac-12 season Thanks for your time coach. Thanks you guys Heather Tarr 15th season at the helm the o.9 national title You’re very familiar with six Women’s College World Series trips 14 straight NCAA trips I mean a model of consistency at the highest level Yeah for sure And I know how frustrating it is when you’re getting swept and the two teams That is the most frustrating is when it’s Arizona for Oregon and UCLA because those are always the top dog Programs and they’ve had the most success in the pac-12, but she hit the nail on the head It’s really it’s about growing and knowing you’re not gonna win or lose the season based on the first series of pac-12 play but just finding ways to continue to get better as the season goes on and understanding the grind pac-12 is difficult and It’s not where you’re gonna go in and inflate your stats by any means, but it’s really about finding yourself So when you head into postseason play you’re well prepared Now ViCAP a with a home run in the third inning to put Washington out in front And it’ll be to work with four Gabby plain It will rain here at Sanders Stadium in Eugene At cloudy skies throughout the day we’ll see if the rain continues Looks like it’s not gonna affect the play here his ally bunker will lead things off against plane first pitch is fouled up Bunker hit it hard lined out to the left fielder her first time up 33 and 17 Strikeouts two walks for plane so far If anyone should be used to the rain, you think it would be Gabby playing the circle cover from Seattle You’re Santa rains up there just a little bit Bunker the freshmen trying to keep a hitting streak going she’s hit in five straight coming into this series Strike on the corner one and two When this is a pitch that I feel like Jordan Dale hasn’t been getting I feel like Gabby plants been able to find a way to locate the drop on the outer half and get it consistently called That she goes upstairs with that rise ball folks. I’m telling you That’s a pitch that’s been a game-changer for her this year that ball is way Over bunkers head if you’re watching on TV, you’re like, why are you swinging at that? That is insane but it’s because all these hitters are so used to seeing the ball down down down and wanting her to bring it up in the Zone, so if they see something that has that rise ball spin in their mindset, it’s like, alright, I’m going to crush this pitch And it ends up looking like that for strikeouts now and your shape Bowden who grounded out? To do a force play her first time up Bowden a sophomore from Phoenix 20 starts as a freshman a year ago and become one of the leaders for this club this year Hits it hard off of the pitcher to the shortstop Bates and that’ll go as One six three on the put out and it looks like plane is okay, and that didn’t faze Bates at all two down It’s a packing that one up the middle Mrs. Bates is quick like a cat comes up with the big play Two outs on the board. She’s got her glove that she names Carmela Like the candy bar wonder if she likes those carmilla bars This free will remain as Haley Cruz is up there now with two down and Your oldest daughter I understand this is her favorite player, okay I just want to like clear the air on that one – rib cage shit. I am her favorite player because I’m her mom I don’t know. I heard no second. Well, the article on espnW said that sis was her favorite player I’m just reading that it was Cruz hitting at the center field and Gibson is there to track it down and in the inning a 1-2-3 inning and a good one for Gabby plane were through for Washington in front of the Ducks by one Now if I can’t pay the Sophomore from Hawaii has provided the scoring punch a solo home run in the third inning providing news only offense so far Well, she’s only seen one pitch of the game and that thing was out of here. So it’ll Be interesting to see how Dale attacks her this second at-bat Clearly she seen the ball bake though sophomore from Hawaii who last year started 15 games at a big pinch-hit single against Oklahoma in the Women’s College World Series and Starter this year batting in the ninth spot in the order in this one, and she looks at strike one from Jordan Dale Dale has battled got out of a bases-loaded jam in the fourth to keep this one up in game Now Pei pulls that foul in the hole now on to To talk about her patients you see the Numbers this season. She’s had three games where she said To walks or more and showed a little punch at the plate with that home run bounced up there See if Dale can work ahead in the count that’s been a problem of late she’s really put herself in a tough spot Starting off with bitters he’s ahead in here against Cal Pitt, especially a second time through the lineup here Heading into the third time did the lineup and there’s a strikeout good start to the inning That’s five in the game Well, she’s finding a way to get it done that’s for sure she gets a head of cow paint comes up with that big If that’s a curve or maybe a rise curve on outer corner But it works you see her with that little smirk knowing she shouldn’t have swung at that She gotta love when you get lead outs Now the top of the order the all-american cyst Bates She’s out for two and you’re not gonna keep Bates off the base pass very often 352 average coming in and when she gets on she’s dangerous in terms of Swiping bags There’s a strike 1 1 what makes her so good as she’s able to come up and do things like that Now she has the defense thinking she has Sid UTech on their toes. Is she gonna drop the bunt? Is she gonna try to go yard? Is she gonna use her speed? She’s such a triple threat in that leadoff spot she could do so much But those speedy Leadoff challenge the defense because they really put that extra added pressure Popped up Severs a shortstop calling for it and two down The NCAA Women’s Championship presented by Capital One continues today at 5:30 Eastern 2:30 Pacific on espn2 with more first-round match-ups check local listings for the games in your area Remember all our streaming live on the ESPN app. You can watch anywhere Good one here in the Pacific Northwest Washington, Oregon or one-run game top of the fifth. Here’s Taryn Atlee now and she fouls off the first offering and this surprising some people in terms of how Dale has battled here. Remember an Oregon team that who was swept at Arizona losing eight. Nothing eight Nothing at eight three they’ve competed pretty well here against the Huskies well there was an when I was looking through their Schedule heading into this week and I saw that they only lost to Florida two to one. So they’ve been in some really big games against some of these teams It’s just how can we come out on the other end of these? So I think for them being able to like Really remember that I was fortunate enough to call a game where they got to play LSU and had that big win over that SEC team so they have been able to do it, but it’s just Continuing to try to pull and have that confidence even when you feel like you’ve been beaten down a little bit Antley lines that one to right field but right at Burks and that’ll and the inning a 1-2-3 inning for Jordan Dale Getting better as we move through the fifth and into the bottom of the fifth inning sittel lead things off when we come back Raining pac-12 Defensive Player of the Year sis base has been sensational for the Huskies well She’s so good in that shortstop position she comes up and she’s the one that makes the easy or excuse me The hard plays look easy and that’s she’s just been a consistent stud for them defensively If you’re a pitcher, she’s the type of player you need behind you Take a look at the season resume for the Washington Huskies You see the fielding percentage here second to only, Oregon but you mentioned when he updates behind to pitchers like Gabby plane and chair now fellow That’s a recipe for making a deep run in postseason play. Is it good enough to win it all this year? Oh That’s a good question Well, if you’re throwing me a bone right now, I would say that if I had to pick UCLA would be my team right now that I would say based on paper and Then based on my talent that I’ve witnessed they have one of the best teams that I’ve ever seen. You also. Never know Who’s gonna heat up at the right time sometimes? Postseason is all about the field all of a sudden team chemistry starts working some hitter gets hot But realistically it comes down to pitching will Washington’s pitching hold up and continue to be as successful as it has been will Rachel Garcia Continue for UCLA to be as hot as she can And has been last year. I think UCLA in the World Series Could have won but she got tired because they had no one else Well in with Washington the known commodities as we just showed you are pitching and defense Can they get those power numbers up a little bit can they improve in that area and maybe? maybe there that gives them that extra boost they need that’s where you need to really use this pac-12 play as How can that help us moving into postseason? How can we try to get a hitter hot at the right time and you can’t make a team get hot? That’s not how it works all of a sudden No, I wish because I’d be a rich woman but telling all these coaches how to do it, but you just have to hope that teams start to Figure it out sit with a bouncer to Cal pay a cross in time and one up and one down here in the fifth inning Calpe takes this big hop makes it look like a nice little routine Ledo Confidence to have palpate Bates Atlee back behind you Can’t hurt those pitchers in the circle. Here’s Jasmine severs now Only 18 errors by this Washington defense this season Well in one hit for Oregon it was a sit single back in the second inning The flip side One hit for Washington. That was a bomb this is definitely a tight game that if you were to tell me walking in we’re gonna have a one nothing game heading into the Fifth inning. I wouldn’t have believed it The one one two, the freshman severs two and one now She always has some type of a smirk on her face even when I asked her if I see her around I’m like what do you think about in a little like Aussie accent all these sometimes I think about Doakes or sometimes you Like what is going through your mind kid? Whatever it is. It’s working Seavers Fallon ah How about her personality versus what you see with Bates at shortstop? Oh, they’re both Gabby plains hilarious from what I mean I’ve been fortunate enough where I live in the Seattle area. So I get to be around every now and again, but Bates what you see is what you get it really is I think that Gabi plan is like secretly so funny like she’s the one where she’s kind of quiet, but then she’ll like Go off and you’re like, wow, you’re at two pretty funny. I need to talk to you more T-too foul back to the screen by Seavers Playing the seattle regional most outstanding player last year won all three games just one run allowed and that stretch To account He’s only walked one that was Burke’s to open up the game one what makes her Such a good pitcher not only does she have that true down span She hides the ball. So well when she pitches as a hitter you’re trying to pick that up But she hides it in her bitch until the very end So it’s trying to pick up. Okay, what is she gonna be throwing me? Where is the ball and when you get an opportunity to pick it up? Sometimes it could be too late? You’re that bad from jasmine severs freshman from Portland Three two is low ball four Second walk given up by plane and Oregon has their third base runner the game This 3-2 pitch coming tad bit downstairs And here’s April UTech moused into a double play to end the second in it or the veterans for the Ducks Chase is a high one. She went after that one with a home run swing She’s had big games against some good competition home run against Florida for RBIs and the win against LSU that you mentioned earlier Hammers that one deep to left field and it’s guard April you tech goes yard and puts the ducks in front two to one Holy moly or you tech hammer you see her just unleash on this pitch that for Gabby planted a little bit, too Sweet over the plate, but it was her monster hack before When you’re like, she’s trying to go yard this ABA and that’s exactly what she does puts her team Ahead two to one bottom of the fifth Inning in the seventh spot in the order her fourth home run this season are now Lexi Wagner Plane had been cruising along and You seen it happen. So often when you give up a walk it can come back and bite you and it did the connects batter Plane hasn’t given up a ton of Home lands that beat in the fifth home run on the year last weekend She gave one up to Rachel Garcia But the other three have been from the same player me and Davidson with Mississippi State This is his pretty swing. She just goes and gets this pitch on the outer nav so much bat speed When you tech Lifts her game to another level against top competition We just mentioned her games against Florida and LSU now against Washington stepping up big time When you Tech also being a player that didn’t get a lot of time heading into this season She played a little bit She would be a pinch hit every now and again off the bench but she wasn’t your Consistent everyday player and it shows when you get the reps you get the game reps you get the feel of how it all works You can have a lot more success Success and when you’re just getting pulled off the bench every time again Wagner out in front of that one pulls it foul Morgan is on a nine-game losing streak. And what would this be a huge win for their program after? having nine players Leave the program via transfer a new coach at the helm Within both teams looking for their first pac-12 win Bradley lays off of that one Check swing did she go? No says Brett Higgins first base umpire 87th meeting between these longtime rivals, Oregon won all three last year In the regular season here’s a 3-2 and ball for Waggers on with one down Gaby playing having a tough time. Just trying to find the strikes illness any walks for her a very uncharacteristic her with walk at Cedars Now Wagner in this inning Now Caitlyn Howard just her seventh at-bat this season there you see the pitches by inning But two walks in this inning Three total. Here’s Howard now Good pop on that fastball for strike warning By Marilee a pinch runner and here she is as one of the leaders at the plate for this team I guess if there was anyone you want up right now in this situation aside from a Haley Cruz Its cherish Burks with the experience that she’s been able to get over the course of her time at, Oregon Run over that great speed at the bag at second First offering to Bert’s is outside ball one Murk’s did hit three home runs last year two of them were pinch-hit home runs has one home run this season Bruner’s only run she scored was in the series against Oklahoma State Playing deals in at the corners and it’s two and one now Grab all the second Antley has it and they get out of the inning the home run the story though April you tech puts the ducks in front April you tech with the big fly puts the ducks up to one heading into the six I’ll be special when the dogs and the Bayou Bengals get together in the SCC how about Heather thar though Huskies and ducks hear great rivalry and her team Their backs to the wall a little bit down to two one ranked seventh in the country Oregon trying to end a nine game losing streak and they have the advantage with Jordan Dale on the hill morgan flores to lead things off near the 6th It’s gonna be a good test for both these teams Jordan Dale the pressures big this would be a huge victory for organ and on the flip side for Washington they should be winning this game and I Think for them the third time through the lineup make adjustments against Jordan Dale find a way to get on base advance the runner Try to score Flores has flied out to right she walked her last time up Washington team that is still looking for their first pac-12 victory swept at home by UCLA oregon, lost three at Arizona in their pac-12 opening series Two and one now Dail worked out of a bases-loaded jam and the fourth that it looked Problematic, it looked like Washington may break the game open after already leading one nothing But she worked out of it then she had a 1-2-3 fifth inning Flores fights that one off two and two now Gale from Forrest Virginia, Virginia Tech her freshman year. She went 6010 with the Hokies And now a full count to Morgan Flores Bitching with the lead a lot different when you’re when you’re up two to one well, just kind of gives you that little extra edge that little bit more confidence of Sometimes it’s okay if I make a mistake not that it ever is You see her. This is not how you want to lead off an inning by any means That’s a tough one the fifth of the game for Dale and it could start to beginning for Washington Jordan Dale some good and some bad, but her team has the lead as we move to the sixth inning Today a lot of success makes her Pidgey Spearow rise change their pitches. Emma helm kaya gibson As well as cow pay they got that look on their face like why did I swing at that? I think she’s done a good job really mixing. This inning is going to be key for her. She walked the leadoff So I think it’s really important to barrel down And find a way to really just work one pitch at a time Outs are key Washington has a pinch runner now Meagan Vandegrift is running for Flores at first base And here’s Sammy Reynolds showing bunt pulls the bat back And ball one Reynolds getting another crack at the sac bun opportunity her last time That she got one. She popped one up and that is just something that cannot happen Especially when the pressure is as hot as it is right now with them desperately needing one run You have to be able to get that bunt down Swing it away drives it to center field crews backing up It is gone a two run homer for Sammy Reynolds the first of the year and Washington regains the lead Are you kidding me? Sammy Reynolds comes up you think she’s gonna do the sack bunt? Oh no She’s hitting this thing out of here puts you DUP back on top And after missing couple games last weekend due to her getting crushed in the ribs that has to feel good You were thinking bunt as was I all all the way and she pulls the back back It delivers a clutch home run here in the sixth now Emma help and sometimes a coach will give you a Green light and say hey you got that one chance get the bunt down if you don’t do it move the runner I’m gonna give you that one pitch to do what you want. Clearly Reynolds got a good piece The one thing that is unfortunate is when you walk Morgan Flores That’s that additional run that puts them ahead. If Sammy Reynolds hits a solo shot. This is a tie game But when we continue to give those free passes in the walks, that’s really when things Can get crazy Again last in the pac-12 and slugging percentage They’ve helped those numbers the couple bombs today now pay a solo shot in the third 2-run homer by Reynolds here in the sixth And there’s that homerun Biting Dale again. It has really hurt her throughout the course of the year as rain continues to fall here in Eugene See that rain coming down pretty good That can be difficult she doesn’t have a towel or anything hanging anywhere So for her to keep that ball hidden as much she can under that glove. It’s nothing worse than Trying to throw a ball with a wet hand And this is as steady Rain as we have seen today coming here in the sixth inning and it looks like They’re gonna halt play for the time being three-two washington lead top of the sixth inning rain falling here at Sanders Stadium in Eugene a Two-run home run Off the bat of Sammy Reynolds putting Washington in front near the top of the sixth inning. You have a couple People running over to that big tarp and pulling that off. I think they’re gonna try to tarp the field here Fans undercover here. I’ll sit nicely. It’s all the other fans that are getting drenched with rain that are head now So rain delay here at Sanders stadium With Washington in front 3 to 2 in the top of the 6th inning in this pac-12 matchup with the Oregon Ducks Rain delay back with more. We’ll keep you updated from Eugene Huskies lead the Ducks here 3 to 2 top of the sixth and a rain delay at Sanders Stadium on the campus of the University of Oregon we had periodic rain throughout the course of the day cloudy skies and now steady rain finally falling here as we move into the sixth inning at The park and it has been the long ball that has been the difference for this Washington Huskies Team as we look at the game summary calp Struck first for the Huskies one pitch one swing hits that thing Straight out of here and it didn’t come again until the 58th with April you tech Senior stepping up big for the ducks puts them ahead You see how pumped they are But at the six inning it was a freshman Sammy Reynolds comes up with the big sweet stroke from the left side Puts Washington back on top. Here. We are with this current rain delay all runs scored via the home run and That was a huge at-bat for Sammy Reynolds He looked like she was going to show but decided to pull the bat back and delivered to put her team in front only two hits but two Very important hits for this Washington team, Oregon trying to stamp a nine game losing streak, Washington Trying to pick up their first victory in the pac-12 after losing at home to UCLA And we’ve got a good one here going on in the Pacific Northwest. It’s wet as it is Many times this time of the year in this part of the country Three to Washington in front top of the sixth a rain delay. Let’s set it to SportsCenter You’re watching the pac-12 on ESPN James Sanders Stadium in Eugene, Oregon as a site and a two-hour 22 minute rain delay has ended and we’re back to action here in the Pacific Northwest with Washington leading Oregon 3-2 to top half of the sixth inning. Let’s go to our game summary. It’s been all about the long ball here in Eugene When Washington struck first with cow pay coming up big the big solo shot the first pitch she saw from Jordan Dale That gets the Huskies on the board early and then it was the fifth inning April Utecht taking a big hack at this one two-run bomb puts the ducks back on top And then it was the six the freshman Sammy Reynolds comes up big runner on first base the big two-run shot and Then we got hit by that rain Trey. Yes. We did Trey bender alongside Danielle, Lawrie the all-american and Tremendous pitcher and we have seen an Interesting game in terms of what Oregon has opted to do here in terms of pitching Jordan Dale got the start But she leaves after giving up that two-run home run to Sammi Reynolds Here in the sixth inning and now they go to Kayleigh Kruger a walk-on from West Linn Oregon joined the team in early February She gets the call this one-run game yeah, I was a little taken back only for the fact that Jordan dill had only given up two hits they were big ones but It’s only a one run ballgame So I mean coach Lombardi must have a good amount of trust and Krueger throwing her in here Maybe it was that mentality of that rain delay over two hours of Jordan Dale. Just kind of sit So why do we want to rewarm her up? What maybe she could be a huge piece to the next two games and we’ll be throwing a lot So we interesting to see how this pans out. We have wholesale changes defensively along with the new pitcher as you look at Emma helm who is batting with two balls and two strikes here after that home run by Reynolds and Washington in front the catcher is now UTech. She moves over from first base Wagner is at first base she comes in from left field and Burkes moves from right field to left field and Get you up to speed on the rest of the changes here but Washington with some momentum now after that home run, let’s see if they can keep it going There’s a look at Burks and left Cruz in center field for Oregon Here is the 2 2 pitch after the long rain delay – Emma helm and It’s outside for ball three Calvin Walker our home plate umpire here Kruger’s longest outing went seven innings against Oklahoma State in non-conference play. Here’s a 3-2 And that’s a strike on the corner and the first out of the inning. She strikes out hill Well, this is a tough spot we saw Kruger and also Madi mcgrann de left-hander warming up at the end of the rain delay Well the beauty of throwing Kruger or Miranda out there is that Washington hasn’t seen that at all So with Kruger coming into the circle right now Washington Really has gone up there with that mentality of see ball hit ball. There’s not a big scouting report on her They’ve yet to face her maybe watched a little bit of video from the Arizona weekend Last weekend This was that 3-2 pitch She was not thinking that was gonna be cold And now Noel he at the plate Struck out in the second walk back in the fourth inning And now Calvin Walker has a few words for Kruger and he came out it looked as though her hands were together when she stepped on the mound and I think that her hands needed to be separate and then Put them together and go you can’t put your hands in the glove and then take them out And that was driven to center field right at crews moving to her left She gloves it hand two up and two down four Kruger That was hit on a line crews covering a lot of ground great speed out there in center field now Madison husky Off-speed pitch misses for ball one Kruger’s had a tough time locating the plate in her brief time out there this season Ten walks in 12 and a third innings of work Tuna Really just set foot on campus in February wasn’t coming in with a mentality that she was going to be pitching and organ is in a tight position where aside from from Jordan Dale They need people that have had past pitching experience and that are willing to step up and that’s just a circumstance that They are in right now which makes it difficult but You just need someone to try to come in and find a way to pump some strikes use your defense not Try to go out there and strike everyone out because the chances of that are low But it’s how can I find ways to just hit good spots? Here’s the 2-1 to husky fouls it back and she’s a strike away from getting out of this inning Surprise move not going with Jordan Dale who pitched pretty well gave up a couple home runs, but it’s worked out so far Can they get? Husky here to get out of the frame. Here’s the 2 2 full count Kruger deals a payoff pitch swung on fly ball hit to center cruises under it plenty of time to camp she’s got it and that will end the inning the two-run home run before the rain delay by Sammy Reynolds has Washington in front we go to the bottom of the sixth bunker Bowden and Cruz coming up to the Ducks and his one-run game When the circle for the first time after a two hour 22 minute rain delay as Gabi plane got the start now They go to their other all-american the senior from Carroll, Ohio who has six double-digit strikeout games She gets the call trying to keep this one-run lead. Yeah, Taryn throws the ball hard mid to upper-60s What makes her such a unique pitcher is that she really can throw that changeup at any count? She’s consistent As well as being able to Zone in and control where you’re throwing it early. She’s struggled last weekend against UCLA Threw the ball a little bit too much over the heart of the plate. That’s Why she got hit around a little bit So I think for her the importance of finding that zone early We know that they’ll pair zone behind The plate is a little bit tight. So finding that zone and really spinning your pitches to work the corners number one in the pac-12 number four in the NCAA with 132 strikeouts coming in and she’s one of five active with 700 career strikeouts a sensational pitcher preseason list USA softball player of the year and Washington has the lead It did not look good down to one prior to that Sammy Reynolds home run in the top half of this inning but she has a lead to work with here as she faces ally bunker and The fastball is upstairs for ball one Alley the freshmen top 100 high school recruit for the Ducks Batting in the second spot the order there’s a strike with a fastball 101 Compared al Velo to what we saw from plane earlier Well, there are two very different pitchers gabby is low 60s Maybe tops out 62 staring with that last pitch coming in at 68 Turn primarily up in the zone with that rise ball fouled off as It falls to the turf. Look what compliments both pitchers So well is that Terran lives up and Gabby lives down and Terran can come in after a Gabby and blow the heat and Try to make hitters make that adjustment pretty quickly But it can be really hard going from a spinny spinny pitcher straight to the gas ahead on the count 1 & 2 Tapper right back to the circle Oh Bella has it and throws to Gibson over at first base out number one Overpowering obviously and She is gonna be facing a lineup that doesn’t have a lot of power Or shape out and is one of those that has that potential Bowden has grounded out a couple times Late swing fouled off hard to catch up with that heater well, especially when you bend facing someone that throws in the low-60s It’s tough to get that timing piece down and just now a lot of pitchers in this game throw 70 miles an hour So it’s really about the timing piece Sometimes just getting that front foot down a little bit sooner. You have to see couple pitches But then she’s able to sneak that changeup in there every now and again messes with the timing One one slow roller to third cow pay across in time two up and two down We talked earlier about the Strengths for Washington being their fielding and we see the infield play here and then the one-two punch of valve a low and plain That’s a when they’re on top through tough to beat and they may not have to have the power number turns the replay Defense is just so key and that’s one thing that Washington has been known for I mean JT D’Amico is their Infield coach and he was there when I was there and he is all about the defense. It is something that He stresses Because you know when it comes down to those big moments in the pressures ha it’s the defense are they gonna be able to come? Up and make the big plays. Can they make the hard hard plays that most can’t make And then when you have two unique pitchers and Taryn and Gabby it makes Washington Definitely a force to be reckoned with when things are going the right way but then you look at their weekend last week and get swept by UCLA and it was One of those things where it’s like man, this just doesn’t look like a typical Washington team But it also shows you how good UCLA is no, rich hook Garcia for one but That’s just one piece to the puzzle down there in Westwood When I think in Washington’s case there was a couple games that they maybe could have won the Friday night game Taron came in and they ended up Pulling Gabby and that situation didn’t work on Washington’s favor And then on Saturday where they ended up going to extra innings, that could have been a game. There was a couple things that I think coached our wishes would have went differently but They should have came out of that with at least one win I think your talk about the three nothing loss to UCLA in the opener Then the 4-2 loss in eight innings two games. They could have had There was a couple situations there with runners on first and Second with none outs one of them being in the sixth inning where they weren’t able to capitalize and score a run They went to extras Cruz with a defensive swing they were staying alive found that one off Registering at 71 miles an hour Okay, you’ve been in this spot, you’re one two, you’re a power pitcher you come right after I’ve got a pitch to waste there – I think Tara is such a good rise ball I spin that underneath Cruz’s hands they get it up in the zone Snap that off Swing it the best and she strikes out Cruz and sets down the ducks in order a couple of groundouts and a strikeout good effort From al valo. It’ll be Gibson Calpe and Bates coming up for the Huskies trying to add to their lead up 3-2 Taryn comes in does her job ends inning with a big strikeout. We’ll see how organ and strike back We welcome you to Clearwater the amount of great matchups and great teams here Spectacular matchups all weekend here In credible event And coverage begins next February and a big success this year you were down there. I know I had a great time Oh, it was one of the coolest things that you can see especially in the beginning of February It had such a postseason feel to it and the matchups that came right out of the gate It was I felt pretty fortunate to be able to call that. I’m excited to see them start on Railing the teams that will be in there unreeling That’s what but 16 team invitational like some of the best to I mean You’re talking some really good softball across the board. And I think that they may be adding Team USA to come I Tried to talk to Meg maybe the little team Canada. There you go now north of the border stuff Free to Washington lead here and Kaia gives the leading things off against Kaylee Kruger Batting in the eighth spot in the order trying to give the Huskies little insurance here. She fouls that one back Two home runs for Washington a solo home run by cow pay in the third a two-run shot by Reynolds in the sixth they now have 12 home runs. This season has not been a power team last two the pac-12 and slugging percentage, but The home run balls been the story in this one Kruger with the 2-1 foul back When you know that al Velo is itching to get back out there after mowing them down In the sixth inning, but it wouldn’t hurt to get a little insurance here through the Huskies Full count keep them coming keep them coming And Kruger a walk-on from West Linn, Oregon Trying to keep this a one-run game three two swag on shortstop severs calling for it went down How about Kruger here pitching with some confidence Well, she’s just throwing strikes and I think that that’s key when you’re coming in You’re keeping the ball in and around the zone. You’re making the Huskies chase you your pitches. That’s when you’re gonna have Some success. It’s when you’re trying to be too fine and throwing a lot of balls throwing a lot of pitches Now here’s Cal pay we got the scoring started with that home run Over the left field fence in the third inning see the numbers batting in the ninth spot From the island of Maui in Hawaii Taking all the way there one on one Bounce up there 2 and 1/2 our 22 minute rain delay. They did a great job getting the field squared away here the tarp the squeegee and Perfect conditions now a little bit of wind not much blowing from center field towards the right-field line. Here’s a 2-1 Fouled back even on the count now to and to some pretty loyal fans Oh, yeah, I would be sitting to over two hours in the rain And they have had a lot to cheer NCAA Super Regionals last nine years under Mike right now Melissa Lombardi starting her era. Here’s a 2 2 offering that’s driven to Center hit hard Cruz backs up. She’s got it two away Now the top of the order sis beats Four of the five that have faced Kruger have made contact helm struck out to lead things off here now Bates trying to reach and she has not reached Today she’s over three Each team with two hits But three home runs Total two of them hit by the Huskies Hit the center right at Cruz She’s got a 10 the inning another 1-2-3 frame for Kruger and we head to the bottom half of the seventh Oregon a chance to win it on home turf sittel lead things off trailing by one They’re top-ranked boxing Regina Henderson at Steve Levy They’ll have all the must-see plays from Java ran and Murray State taking on Florida State plus kV leads the Warriors – Stef against Luke Adachi and the Mavs and UFC heavyweight champ Daniel Cormier joins the show to break down Pettis Thompson SportsCenter midnight eastern nine Pacific on ESPN and the ESPN act Good one here at Eugene a one-run game home half of the seventh Oregon a chance to surprise 7th ranked Washington, but they’ll have to do it Against Aaron elavil. Oh one of the best pitchers in the country Rachel sit leave st. Job She brings a heat on the first one Sit single to the second grounded to third her last time up in the fifth before our lawn rain to it There’s a strike on the outside edge 101 That Rachel’s numbers freshman from Tracy, California Batting in the fifth spot in the order What a – now I Like the fact that L Velo is being thrown into this mix after Gabby plain, she had a little bit of a Rough weekend. I guess you could call it last weekend against UCLA and struggled a little bit the game humbles you really quickly So I think for her to come out this weekend with a completely different mindset and that approach of I Have to put the pass of the pass can’t worry about that anymore All I could do is worry about going forward I think it’s important that these two can really continue to work well together as A staff because they complement each other. So well a Fellow with the one two they put some extra mustard on that one – and – And I would imagine the Intensity ramps up as a pitcher in these late innings you get a little extra juice, don’t you? Well, it’s completely different coming into close a game than it is to start a game. The adrenaline is already there for you So you don’t have to create it as much as you do with new start games Good rip there from CID to stay alive Organ on a nine game losing streak that they’ve given Washington a battle here They let it two-to-one after an April you tech home run And she’s due up in this inning for the home run is back in the fifth Ground ball hit to short Bates has it on the money with the throw one down What a security blanket to have number 22 back there, I mean that’s What you love players like says Bates So versatile out there in the leadoff spot Swoops up anything that comes her way Now Jasmine severs Locked and scored on that homerun her last time up in the fifth. She’s also a struck out in this one – no missing outside with that one Ravello second team all-america last year first team All pac-12 one of the best in college softball comes with a fastball dare for a strike to one And again a standard for us a softball player of the year she’s a finalist a year ago Really Well, the last thing Terran wants to do right now is offer up a free pass and then have a poor Utecht on deck who Hit the two run Bob Big pitch right here big pitch right here Swing-and-a-miss fastball right down Broadway couldn’t catch up with it full count That’s one of those ones or you’re just like by you she swung and missed On that if you’re Tarrant that’s what has to fuel your fire that like mentality over it she’s not gonna touch me I have three to count now. I want to do that exact same thing. Just put a little bit more off the plate That’s fouled off good piece of hitting thereby severs inside pitch and she fights it off Well, if these teams looking for their first pac-12 win both on three Washington lost three to UCLA Oregon lost their first series at Arizona in conference play Here’s the payoff pitch fouled off again I’d like to see her just Have that confidence to throw that changeup three two count. That was the pitch he threw to Sid together to ground out justice beats Pitch number eight Driven the center field that’s hit hard and it is out of here. It’s gone a Solo homerun perceivers and she ties it up here in Eugene and L bellows shots She takes this 3-2 pitch right down Broadway. That’s what you do with a pitch like that. I mean it has been the day of the long ball for both teams and sivir’s comes up big seventh inning the single shot boy it is Unbelievable how this Oregon team has battled here against to the best pitchers in the country Here’s April UTech now chance to win it if she can go yard again Her 2-run shot in the fifth gave him the lead all even now bottom of the seventh Can she follow what Seavers did and do the same thing Late strike call there it is on two now Let’s make contact both times up there hit into a double play in the second inning Big swing and a strikeout two down That’s the second K or al Velo and now it’s Lexi Wagner stepping in Well, it’s been a strange day if you’re a Huskies fan you get the pitching from plane The homerun ball the 2-hour 22 minute rain delay And then you give up the lead here without valo out there as Seavers Just your second home run all year taking it out of here 1 & 2 Looking ahead to the 8th if This remains tied you have the 2 3 and 4 hitters for Washington scheduled at Lee Flores and Reynolds But we’re get a chance to win it here in the bottom half of the seventh inning swinging a Miss and a strikeout To end the inning, but Jasmin severs ties It’s a solo home run to Center off of the all-american al Vella Severs comes up it has her ducks back with the Big Bob tie this ballgame up We’ll see what while she can do 2 3 4 The freshman shortstop from Portland Oregon Jasmin severs with a big-time home run to square things in the bottom of the 7th inning off all-american Tirunelveli and we’re all even here shocking development in Eugene the Ducks trying to end a nine game losing streak Pulling their starter Jordan Dale and bringing in a walk-on Kaylee Kruger and she has pitched well in relief She’ll be facing Taryn Atlee as we open up the eighth inning Natalie is o for three. She’s grounded out a couple times and flied out to right field First pitch swinging lifts it in the air to right field Bowden backing up. She’s got it one down How do you account for what a Krueger is doing here I mean, I know she went seven innings against Oklahoma State, but obviously the confidence is building well I mean you look at the last four hitters that she’s faced three them have been f8 one f9 if you’re the Huskies you have To know that I have to make the adjustment. I need to hit the ball on the ground Clearly what she’s throwing has some upward tail spin So it’s how can I make the adjustment try to throw that or hit that ball down into the ground? don’t try to take that thing out of here cuz We rolled for four on that Morgen Flores now catching she started the game as the first baseman She’s flied out to right and walked a couple times Has five home runs To know I mean we looked at Krueger’s numbers coming in 12 walks in 10 plus innings and None so far She has set down seven in a row in relief There’s a strike on the corner two and one There is a streak at stake for Washington And they able to hold on and win this that’s foul back 16 and Oh with the lead after six innings Trying to keep that streak going Here’s a tutu. Oh How about that change of pace set crept up? They’re missing the zone Krueger does not throw the ball hard. I mean she’s consistently on the radar at 56 miles an hour So that’s probably a speed that you dub is not used to seeing it takes a little bit to get adjusted It’s either move up in the box And there’s ball four so the Huskies do have a base runner First time they’ve reached against Keeley Kruger Flores at first base And Sammy Reynolds who hit a two-run home run to put him in front last time up in the sixth has an opportunity for Heather tart You mentioned Reynolds taking a pitch in the ribs couldn’t play she’s back out there and they’re glad to have her she is a Freshman that gives him some punch at the plate. Well, she was missed those last two games against UCLA. You could tell they’re trying to Find someone to put out there in the outfield in her place And she’s just been consistent for them all year long. You look at that average. He’s batting 303 on the year and Coming from the left side. She’s speedy. She puts pressure on that defense From Snohomish, Washington It’s at the left Burks is under it two away And it looks like now we have a new hitter hitting and help spot the order It’s gonna be a Mirabal boy the senior from Woodinville Washington getting the call Molloy last year a 315 hitter hit a couple home runs 20 RBIs. He had a grand slam and a three-run homer And provides some punch, let’s see if she can cash in with runner on Boy has played all three outfield spots for this Huskies program High in the air to right Mountain near the track, she’s got it to end the inning Flores walks but is left stranded and Washington comes up empty we go to the bottom half of the eighth or get another chance to win it It’s Howard and then the top of the lineup coming up Championship presented by Capital One continues tomorrow at noon Eastern 9 a.m Pacific on espn2 with second round matchups check local listings for the game in to your area Remember all are streaming live on the ESPN app so you can watch anywhere Well an Interesting development here in Eugene. We are in extra frames, Oregon a Washington tied at three It’s been the long ball to spend the story all the runs coming via the home run and now Taryn al valo her Second inning of work after giving up a home run deceivers it tied the game will face Caitlin Howard the 9th place hitter for, Oregon Howard is over 7 on the year, they haven’t used her much. She has grounded out a couple times in this one Big swinging this Freshman from Long Beach, California working against the senior First-base up Brett Hagan says she did not offer One and two now the count Big swing and a Miss and a strikeout for al Vella to open up the inning the fourth And Howard one to count She’s in tough here against Al Bello and Al Bello has to know she has limited ABS on the season Those are the types of hitters that you just need to say bye-bye to Now she’ll say hello to the top of the order cherish perks who has walked and grounded out a couple times Oregon has to be pleased with their effort here. We talked to Coach Lombardi about how that they play better in Game three of their loss at Arizona eight to three They were up to one at one point in that game and that’s carried over a little bit here They’ve been helped out by the long ball obviously And the further you get You have to limit the long haul and I think that that’s what the that’s one thing for Terran. I know especially She has to like a limit those big time hits I mean if you give up a single, that’s okay, but it’s the big home runs That had been given up Last weekend it was to Rachel Garcia Tonight it was to severs And then on the flip side you look at organ and how much they’ve given up Jordan Dale give it up for 22nd of the year Today, it’s you have to keep the ball in the yard if you want to give your team a chance Got to keep it in the park Berks has only hit one home run this year She hit three all of last year two of them an inch hit style And when this is 2 & 2 Puron valo, are you thinking back to that Seavers that bad still? Hopefully that’s it’s behind you well, you have to hope I mean if you’re thinking about What happened last inning? You’re not the position to? Do what she just did there That’s two up and two down that’s four consecutive strikeouts now for Avila This one just not even close And terrorism the ultimate control over that rise ball the rise ball isn’t the issue what the issue is is that Curveball that she throws away from the righties that sometimes hangs Too much over that plate and if you leave that curveball that can be a right-handed pitchers Biggest issue is if you’re gonna leave the curveball, that’s kind of right in a righties wheelhouse. See you later so it’s really about trying to figure out how I can spin that pitch and Where it has so much movement that even if it does miss a little bit of plate then I’m gonna get that spinning and maybe get a pop out opposed to leaving something fat over the plate that Gets hit out of here She works ahead on the count on two to alley bunker the freshman from Huntington Beach, California Oh for three on the day I Wanted to 87th meeting between these two schools in softball Oregon won all three last year in the regular season. Here’s the one two and A swing it a Miss and she strikes out the side Five consecutive strikeouts for al valo. Nothing across for Oregon Huskies have the bottom part of the order coming up we’re all even at three as We move on into the night Well softball standings of course UCLA having a tremendous year just one loss but Washington and Oregon both looking for their first pac-12 win and a Little bit of pressure on the Huskies here and stay in that top 10 and get a victory against an Oregon team That is really surprised with their effort today. Yeah, I’m Definitely surprised not that I don’t think Oregon can put up a good fight I just thought after last weekend with Washington getting swept by UCLA It would be kind of one of those things right out of the gate I’m gonna show them who’s boss, but It’s been a day of the long ball no, well, he to lead things off against Keeley Krueger who really has been impressive in relief She’s allowed just one base runner since coming in in the sixth inning that was a walk to Flores in the eighth Big swing fouled off by he missed that one. He’s got a piece of it Well, these are just such giant hacks that if you were facing someone that threw the ball 60 to 63 miles an hour. I think that these are swings that would take that thing out of here, but in Krueger’s case, I mean She’s throwing anywhere from 54 to 56 miles an hour. That’s some pitchers changeup so it just shows that it’s difficult as a hitter to hit the ball when you don’t have someone that throws it hard I Guess you got to tip your cap to coach Lombardi. What? She has pushed the right button here it you know, it doesn’t on paper it didn’t look like it was but she has come out she got a high-five before she came out of the bullpen and Obviously had confidence coming in here now. I know Washington may be saying they’re not swinging the bats the way they should be but you got a credit 19 for her efforts Oh for sure. I think she’s done a terrific job. I also think that there was no point in warming up Jordan Dale or Gabby playing when they’ve already thrown however many innings and then they sit for over two hours I just think that it doesn’t make any sense to warm that all up again. So I like Al Velo. I like Kruger It’s kind of like you’re starting a brand new game all over again He pops it up in foul ground and that one’s gonna reach the seats You mentioned Gabi plane getting the start here there’s a look at her line One two two he Hit hard, foul third-base side Noel he looking for her first bomb of the season I Think that’s another Bit of pressure that she puts on herself as she should be someone that steps up for this husky offense this year losing van Zee Kristen, Thomas from last season the big RBI homerun hitters Noel he is someone that should be holding up her end of the bargain and I think when you Can think that as an athlete like I should I should I need to It justyou need to get that one home rod over the fence and then everything will start to to work itself out But it’s kind of like you always feel that intensity of I need to do it Opposed to just stepping in the batter’s box with the mentality of see ball Hit ball Changeup that’s driven hit hard into the gap in right-center field off the wall It’ll be a long single as he holds on that was a good piece of hitting there and she waited on it and delivered When she takes this change-up, that’s just as you can tell way up in the zone and great piece of hitting Gets it over about Ted It makes a good read off the wall. He not a ton of speed So that will be probably one of the longest singles that you will see And now a pinch runner for the Huskies Arie King Jonas Freshman from Vista California will run in he’s place at first The importance for Washington right now to really find a way to score run So if that means that Maddy Huskies getting the green light She has to find a way to advance her if it means that she’s getting the sack bunt she has to drop that bunt to move Kim Yuna’s 60 feet to put the rest of this husky team in a position to score that big RBI So the freshman from Cerritos California has some options here, let’s see what they opted to do Pitch upstairs You know and Krueger coming in the numbers weren’t good in terms of her control you wonder how long that will last I mean if you show the patience here, you could have a couple base runners And it’s to a no doubt And it’s different with somebody on base obviously Maddie husky being a threat Someone that can hit the ball over the fence. I mean you’re coming from a – oh Count here if you’re Krueger, it’s important Continue to try to hit those spots This is a way with that one three no This is parts of the game where she may not be used to it the pressure of This situation right now, he got a three. Oh count you got no outs it’s a tie ballgame runner on first It’s something that she’s not normally Used to and there’s ball poor You can tell someone all day this is what it’s going to feel like this is the emotions you’re gonna deal with but they These athletes have to find ways to deal with them and experience. It is a huge piece in that so a single by he can units coming in pinch running is now second base husky with a walk and The Huskies have something brewing here in the top half of the ninth And now with Gibson your eighth place hitter up there Looks like Heather Tarr wants to make a move here It’s like she’s going to her bench What you’re thinking here move them to second and third or I Think that I put someone who’s the best butter on the team. I really do I just get that runner to third base I think the importance of this situation Washington got burned on this a couple times last weekend against UCLA with runners on first and second with nine outs and they did did not advance the runners and I Think the importance of moving them 60 feet right now for big sac-fly Situation is huge. We are an extra inning. So it’s who’s gonna score first? And she’s gonna make a move with Rachel, oh gosh awara the senior She’ll be the pinch-hitter here Nobody out and the Huskies trying to reclaim the lead they had a three to two lead In the seventh before Jasmine severs home run Kruger deal sparing to punt Argos awara lays it down third baseman took throw to third and they get the lead runner CID deceivers covering a bang-bang play there’s out number one This was just too easy this thing rockets off her bat You want something that’s gonna dead right in front of the plate and that thing just makes its way to sit pretty easy and in that case Obviously they’re charging but she’s able to turn super quick with a bank bank throw and come up with a huge out Gibson back in after she was pinch-hit for she’s now at first base But one out go-ahead run is still at second and Here’s Novi. Kau pay and she had a big home run back in the third Just took this pitch left over Main Street does the same hits it right back up centerfield Put the Huskies on the board Chance to give the lead here showing but pulls it back and takes ball one Boy ideally Somehow someway you got to think you got to get Bates to the plate here With as good as she is in the fact that she’s do over for she’s on deck 101 Only three hits for the Huskies three hits for, Oregon All even this is a first of a three-game set here at Sanders Stadium One one driven down the left-field line and foul Namely Krugerrand apply and she looked good through the first three innings. She pitched in relief Kinda battle out of this one. Here’s the one two Driven to center right at crews. She’s got it and the runners retreat two away That’s just one of those Players in the right spot. Okay makes a good swing on that but Here The Huskies are with runners at first and second but she takes a big hack on this cruise exactly where she needs to be the Huskies find themselves with Runners still at first and second here with two down and their junior stud just baits up. Here’s the All American top of the order First pitch swinging pulls that foul This is who you want up there for Washington, right? I mean she has pinned it’s so good And You know her better than anybody this is the moment. I’m sure she relishes for sure And when the moments big sis Bates is the one that I would a hundred percent want up there I think if you’re cooler you pitch to her Maybe a little bit more carefully than you normally would There’s a little looper into right field coming on is Bowden and she drops it Yep Don’t she caught it and then dropped it? she made the catch and then the ball squirted out and They’re gonna call it out number three and we move on bottom of the ninth coming up Washington and Oregon tied at three the Ducks continue to battle here and they love the middle part of the order coming up You think she’s got this she does she comes up with the small bobble But we’ll see what organ can do with three four five coming to the plate A hard Oregon fans here seeing a good one bottom of the ninth inning Washington and Oregon tied at three We had a two hour 22 minute rain delay these fans have hung in there some of them out there in center field in the Bob and This Ducks team continues to find ways to hang in here against two all-american pitchers facing Karen al valo here they face Gaby playing at the start of things and I shave Bowden to lead things off Bowden has grounded out three times for, Oregon One of their leaders a sophomore from Phoenix last year started 20 games Now valo has struck out five in a row since given up that homerun deceivers wanted to Even now to entomb talked about the pressure on washington heading into this game having Dropped a three-game set to UCLA ranked in the top ten Oregon a team that just trying to piece things together Build this program after losing nine transfers in the offseason When I think the importance of winning this game with everything all the energy everything that you’ve had to put in to this day I think it’s a real blow if you lose it, so We’ve had teams that have had to sit through almost a two and a half hour rain delay. We’re coming in here We got extra innings. These are the games you do not Want to lose and there’s a strikeout and make it six in a row now six days in a row For Avila seven for the day in relief Don’t you just bring the heat 67 on the outside corner stuff? Now Healy cruise dick cut strike one The biggest home run threat for the Ducks is on deck Rachel Sid. She’s hit 4 on the year Cruz has not hit one this year Third team all pac-12 last year Haley Cruz their tremendous season For on-base percentages what really stood out for 30 last year? We do have ideal playing conditions now after all that rain, this is exactly what you want to be playing Lights are odd Little extra swagger comes with the lights on That’s fouled straight back and out of wood Yeah, first pitch at 102 and a 2 hour 22 minute rain delay mixed in there It’s been overcast all day but no precipitation Scheduled in the near future though. They tell me that it can change quickly here in Oregon Can’t rely on all the meteorologists out there There’s a chopper hit to second aunt Lee trying to backhand can’t come up with it and the Ducks have a baserunner This is a tough play up the middle Cruz just hammers this thing into the ground has so much height She’d have to be in front of that to pick it cleaner That would have been a tough play for Ally yeah, they’re gonna call that an infield single Ducks fourth hit of the game and here’s Rachel sit Sid has made contact all three times up there You see the single. She’s also granted out a couple times in the fifth and the seventh It’s it hard and pulled foul out of play All of the runs coming via the home run here in Eugene today, the one one is a strike one or two Get to second aunt Lee thought about second now it goes to first it just gets the runner for out number two She really wanted to go to second with that one and took the easy play to make sure they got out number two it does Get Cruz down to second base Speed too, so I think it’s smart that Atlee went to one on that. That was the sure out That’s the one thing you want is the out The last thing you want to do is put runners on first and second with one down now Jasmine severs Was a here on the seventh inning swings and this is it the first offering from al Vela Winning run at second and Cruz has good speed on the bag 101 Well, if you pitch around severs you’ve got you Tekken waiting on deck But she’s coming right after One and two Here’s the homerun we talked about in the seventh She just mashed that thing like I said what pitchers throw the ball down Main streets hitters job to crush it and that’s exactly what freshman Seavers did Fights that one off still wanted to Oregon trying to snap on nine game losing streak Each team looking for the first pac-12 win But this would be a shocker if the Ducks can pull it off here against the number seven team in America Hit hard the second Antley has it and that’ll in the inning so they get cruised a second but they leave her stranded We’re through nine Huskies some ducks all even Kruger the walk on the right-hander in relief of Jordan Dale has been sensational four innings of work. It’s loud a couple walks Has worked out of a jam in the last inning keeping her team tied here as the Ducks Try to keep alive their hopes for a shutout against the number seven Washington Huskies Terran Antley to lead things off the two three and four hitters for Heather tardes Bunch here in the top half of the 10th inning We mentioned that curve they went seven innings against Oklahoma State they lost all three to the Oklahoma State earlier in the year, but She’s doing this one a relief here Antley patient takes that one to know Antley is number one on the Huskies in on-base percentage this season She’s over for today What This is just one of those games you wouldn’t predict would be in the top of the 10th inning right now Nor would you predict that it would be 629 and this game started at 1? Antley seventh in the pac-12 and batting average looks at the 2 1 Takes the pitch 3 and 1 They were crashing on the corners, they’re anticipating a bunt Here’s the pitch to the junior from Sacramento Ball 400 strike called she tossed the bat thinking of his ball 4, but Calvin Walker says, nope full count now Yeah, that’s a strike Three – There’s ball four aunt Leigh’s on And that’s a big baserunner the leadoff walk to aunt Lee who has good speech she has swiped seven bases this year and She gets him off to a good start here in the 10th inning Last inning, we had sis Bates up in a big situation the next In line would be Morgan Flores. That’s who I would want up She’s walked three times and flied out to right field five home runs she driven in 18 this year This is the longest game in terms of innings Washington’s played a nine inning win over Auburn earlier in the year 8 to 6 Reynolds have to go ahead RBI in that one Hitters count two and oh Three oh no, you got to be taken here. You would think right? Well, I think that it’s smart based on our Krueger Thrown the ball out of the zone a little bit, I think You want to give your team the best chance to advance that runner if it means a walk it’s a walk Unless she’s given that green light it better be the sweetest pitch you’ve ever seen And there’s ball four so back-to-back walks Given up by Krueger and that’ll bring up Sammy Reynolds And she had one of the big hits in this game back in the sixth inning 2-run shot. I Loved what she came up But was able to just pick her team up in that situation especially based on last week and getting hit in the ribs was out the last two games against UCLA and it just shows the impact that she has on this team and She’s a big impact when she’s in lineup that put him up three to two in the six But then severs tied it in the seventh with a home run for the Ducks Nobody out couple runners aboard for the Huskies ball one and Kruger now having a tough time locating his own Offers on the but misses on it one one Indiana scenario where you could get those runners to second and third Swing it away pops it up severs a shortstop one down If you’re Sammy Reynolds you got to be frustrated with that at bat that is a bad at-bat ahead in the count popping that up and in the infield and Now a Mira Malloy her second at-bat flied out to right hit right at Bowden her last time up Drills it foul way out in front of that one down the right-field line Well, that’s the thing Kruger like I continue to keep saying doesn’t throw the ball hard She throws a ball in the 50s if this these are in the 60s These are bald that maybe go fair but based on these hacks by the Huskies True they’re throwing the ball at 55 miles an hour. These are balls that are going way foul Taking all the way here 101 Boy a senior Two and one and So far patience has paid off for the Huskies in terms of looking at a lot of pitches because Krueger all the sudden not Finding the zone like she did in the first four innings – one hit hard to write bout backing up It’s out of here a three-run shot for a mirror Malloy and the Huskies have the lead in the top of the 10th It was just a matter of time Kruger couple walks gets behind an account – Malloy comes up with the big three-run bomb Put the Huskies up six three their first home run this season six RBIs on the year for Malloy and How about this game all run scored via the home run all nine runs And with one out They have a little breathing room here And now re-keying yonis seeing her first at-bat Now we talked about the power numbers being down for Washington they’re back is that one’s fouled off Now pay a home run solo shot Reynolds a 2-run shot and now Malloy a three-run shot What Krueger really gave him good good innings, oh prior to this point And she’s one of those pitchers that will come into a game and maybe the first time through the lineup She’s gonna be hard to adjust maybe a little bit into the second but third time through the lineup It’s not like she’s blown you away with the speed and her movement isn’t Outstanding, she’s just someone that throws strikes and was getting Huskies to pop it up and I think after a while if you’re gonna continue to give those free passes Put runners on base sooner or later something bigs gonna come out of it and there is a strikeout for out number two Just her second here relief And that brings up Madison husky a 6-3 lead we look to the bottom half of this inning. It’ll be the bottom part of the order for Oregon April Utecht Scheduled to lead things up Chopper hit to short across the in time Seavers and that’ll in the inning but a big home run off the bat of a Mira Malloy the difference 6-3 Washington Emira Malloy comes up with the big three-run bomb. Finally someone comes through for the Huskies We’ll see what organ do the bottom of the inning Senior Amira Moloi the hero Washington hoping it stands up a three-run shot in the top half of the tenth inning to put the Huskies in front she’s had the flair for the dramatic last year a grand slam against Miami of Ohio a three-run homer against Stanford and her three-run homer here gives Karen evallo that cushion as April Utecht will lead things off for the Ducks here in the bottom half of the 10th inning Could this be a kind of win for Washington that can help them in terms of not playing their best? Can you pull something out of this from a positive standpoint? Well, I think you have to anytime that you are able to Just go through a grind like you have today and come out on the other side. That’s a good feeling I think this these are the types of games that can potentially happen when you move forward and into the postseason where the where it’s pretty intense and It’s been an it seems like has been a nothing. Nothing ball game for quite some time Did you take up the middle pates moving to her left? What a play from the all-american shortstop one down To smile on cue from from two two over there. Well, she just makes it look so easy She’s just just kind of like spider-man out there. She’s everywhere She’s able to come up track this ball up the middle. So well throw that ball off balance To give to that first base with the big first out Now Lexi Wagner This Ducks team battled they could be on their way to their 10th straight loss but they showed some fight here the last couple games the loss at Arizona and then Running out of outs here in the bottom half of the 10th against Washington It was plain and then el valo and relief after two our 22 minute rain delay We talked about the importance for Washington to get this first pac-12 victory after a disappointing series against UCLA What I’m sure that that’s something that fueled them all week at practice just how frustrating that was yeah, there’s out number two That’s eight KS by the way for Othello and relief Huskies trying to get win number 23 the losing streak Could be a ten year for, Oregon It looks like the Ducks are gonna make a move Hannah gillies going to pinch-hit here in Howard spot in the order Freshman from Scappoose, Oregon a couple hours north to here Just look at the strikes and balls for Al valo gave up that homerun deceivers in the seventh but got help from her offense and a chance to close it out here with Gailey at the plate It can be interesting the pac-12 this year maybe Washington can can find a little power in their game offensively well and I The pac-12 to me is down a little bit. I think UCLA Arizona are those top teams for sure as well as you’d uh, but Pac-12 sometimes tough to inflate those stats and really get it going. I think the strength of the conference is really what makes heading into the postseason feel a little bit more comfortable than normal and their strike three as Almelo closes the door and they win it six to three in ten innings striking out gaily her night strike out in relief and Washington pulls out the victory a hard-fought victory for the Huskies, Oregon gave them a battle here as The Huskies three home runs stand up a solo shot by cafe a two-run shot by Reynolds and a three-run home run

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