SO MUCH YELLING AT EACH OTHER | Golf it w/ Mark, Bob & Wade

*INTRO WAPUSH* Bob: Oh, hey! Wow, that’s wacky. Jack: Oh god, we’re just right in. Wade: Nice salt. Mark: Not ready… Jack: O…K, *chuckles* *Wade laughs* Jack: Off to a great start! Bob: Woohoo! Hey, what’s up, buddy? Mark: Nononono… Jack: Oh, we can hit each other’s balls. Bob: Oh, I’m salt, that’s right. *mark chuckles* Bob: I’m the saltiest. Mark: So we just start out with a big colored dick in front of us, and we gotta… Jack: Ah! Wade: Woo! Bob: Ohoho! Jack: Ok, this is confusing… Bob: Why does it look like a bunch of little penises are pouring salt on me? Jack: Fuck! Mark: Oh, its physically based? Bob: Oh sh… Mark: You have to physically swonk it? Wade: Yup! Mark: Oh, fuck this shit… Jack: Katoosh! *wade laughs* Jack: Yeah; double Bugé! Mark: Oh, FUCK THIS SHIT. Bob: Yeah, bitch! I’m a bogey! Jack: Yeah it’s… it’s speed-based. Wade: Let’s watch Mark SLOWLY work his way… Bob: Hey guess what, everybody? A little bogey. Wade: Oh… Mark: Oh, FUCK THIS SHIT… *bob laughs*. Jack: They look like licorice all sorts, not actual sushi. Mark: Fuck you! Jack: And the course is made out of hemp. Mark: Jesus Christ! Wade: It matters how hard you push it forward. Jack: Yeah, it doesn’t matter how far pack you pull it. Mark: Yeah, I get that, Wade! Thank you. Wade: And how far you pull back. Jack: Ok, go! Mark: I get it, I GET IT! *Jack laughs* Bob: Jack! *laughs* Wade: Woow! *mark sighs* Jack: Eh! *chuckles* Bob: Duwah! Mark: HOLY SHIT! Wad: Wow, Bob! Jack: I don’t like this. Mark: Oh boy… Jack: I don’t like this. Mark: Oh boy… Bob: Heeyah! Wade: Woohoo! Jack: Aw, fuck. Bob: No, not like this! Mark: NO! Jack: This really hard to get a feel for. Wade: Oh, also if you press L, your balls glow. Mark: Why? Jack: Ohwoah! Jack: L for Light. Wade: I don’t know… Mark: NO! Jack: Yes! Bob: Hey, what’s up? Bob: I made it to the end, I’m gonna… Jack: Triple Bogey *chuckles* Wade: Mark(o), what’s up over there? Bob: Whee! Mark: Fuck… Jesus! Jack: Bob it looks like you have tiny… Bob: Heyhey! Jack: It looks like you have tiny penis shakers with S’s on them over your ball. Bob: I know! That’s what I was sayin’ it looks like…*wade laughs* Bob: It looks like little dildos are sprinkling salt on me the whole time. *jack laughs* Jack: I think maybe… Bob: I can just imagine the sound they’re making; they’re just like *strange smacking sounds* Mark: GAH! Jack: I think maybe Mark should have the salt one. Wade: Yeah, I think Mark needs the salt. Bob: how-how did I get the salt, when? Wade: his little fleshy sushi doesn’t quite fit Mark: nope I got it guys
Bob: noooope Mark: aahh no
Jack: apparently not Mark: the one thing I can say about this game is the physics seem to be accurate so yeah
Jack: yeah that’s why it’s so bullshit Bob: holy shit HOLE IN ONE HOLE IN ONE HOLE IN ONE
Jack: are you serious? Bob: get rekt yeah
Jack: get your balls out of my way Bob: Wade is just like Jack: oh oh oh go in go in go in go in, come on! wow wow that’s like hovering you over the edge you could have landed that into the hole why did you give it a hole a little bit yeah no I don’t think we believe there’s no wide hole oh my God thank you goal how’d you guys mess that up fuck you fuck how they mess that up hey mr. hole-in-one we’ve have gone the other Wow that is yeah whatever okay this is going to take a while to get used to you all go makers have got malice was annoying to say though ah is it really that annoying did you buy your ball away from me wha fire ball is okay there we go fuck fuck fuck Labor Day stay box a fuck hey come on ok ok don’t know fuck my ass hey buddy buddy sad balls you wait your turn wait wait hit him if you if you hit me I’m really fine various ages what what’s the weaklings shot it didn’t even give me a shot oh you guys know what to do it on so give 20 seconds I got it man you guys got in there late I think I’m concerned good I’m really Marcus you know there’s a power bar oh wait you were an idiot oh no no no oh now my fault Wade that’s the sweet delicious way back retribution ha ha ha waiter laughing fuck up my fucking hey I’m honey we’re hey oh fuck hey don’t don’t don’t don’t no oh oh hey I did it first try oh oh I’m starting to get a hang I fucking hate you you hear all day yes not having a good like the shit out of it jack yeah Oh honestly honestly if you hit it really hard it’ll bounce off the other side back right will it will it yeah do it that’s wrong I know I what’s wrong hands it’s all already I wonder oh man yeah you guys you guys good oh you guys good hey I’m having a fun time I’m low secondly you can score I could catch up see I see okay super happily for more socks anymore you should have done that thing I said the whole time I tried but dick yeah we are and could we make the shot though do or do not okay there is only try guys guys where’s the hole I’m gonna watch wait and see what happens over and over fire left is it no I went over here nuda don’t lie over here yeah so much oh oh my god Oh professional just like markiplier man markiplier kid yeah shit I was too soft hey buddy Oh Chris bail I am amazing at this I like that when you’re gonna shingly good I think we I think we finally saw something that mark doesn’t suck yet finally I got this I got I gotta fuck off oh I’m back at the top is a joke there it was any consolation I did not do myself any favors that’s not consolation at all I was in prime time you were full of dick bags okay you can get your payback Oh grim jaw hit someone oh fuck yeah yeah I did it nice oh nice I gotta go I got st. trunks on that from accidentally moving my mouth where is it perfect that’s the you know I’m in mega boo boo shit he did this might wanted one or not oh my god my god oh my god oh I made it hey I’m here oh thank you it thank you do that yeah I support oh okay okay none now this is really good oh I’m hitting it differently every time yeah we can say that what can it be I’m not laughing at you doc I’m laughing with oh I laughing at me don’t worry okay video games what makes me this angry that’s rough whoa oh there’s a thing there we go nice and gentle oh fuck God jeez okay that’s not where you go oh I see your tactics wait if my ball could stop that would be found haha hey to go hey I guess I get to go first huh nope curved in I wait here we go before we go go for it we go here we go I’m not restricted oh I thought you want me to touch you Wow oh whoa ain’t getting no time I ain’t gonna go for that one yeah I’m taking take the easy way out I’ve embarrassed myself and over there were two people Wow oh shit find the other job my mom says I’ll be back oh yeah Bob are so join me dry that’s always fine you know what I made it in that’s all I really wanted to do is oh oh fuck wait why is there a ramp there’s a ramp why is there a ramp there’s a long way around and under there there’s one there’s a there’s a hole right here we Oh what do you don’t do you go in the hole is that a good so yeah it’s it’s always gonna draw a tree oh no now I would hit you in bother a few things new hey wait hey hey oh and thank you buddy you are come I’m at holding on you and the helping guy mark hey what’s up bum bum I got love-tapped there you didn’t i graciously guided you into the hole haha in my way back oh this is an angle problem Missy oh hi want to see the sickest angle this sad oh yeah jack coffee just this sweet angle oh my god Wade don’t ah the angular way angle it fucking punch him off don’t do it not worth it come on man anyway take this all right I would have flown to Cincinnati it’s the fun okay you can’t line up terrified wow really I am never I’ve only played this before just waiting for some native sucks dick oh no Oh big what I do I just stop there I didn’t do it everyone strokes not shit oh hey Mark what did i do I just stopped dear I landed your ball company that’s all the longer you stay there that’s cool yeah I said fill the salt accumulator pose I feel really good about it a pain and squadoosh Oh God Wow squadoosh key Oh God Oh oh shit oh no oh dear oh okay okay okay come on going hey just go is Oh oh god you know what there’s there’s a lot of anguish when you get fucked but it’s really fun to watch everyone else I want my bike to start Oh God come on man come on man come on man you got it oh you Pete the shit like this man Wow – akha fuck ah goddamn way my was starting back what why are we going around under oh I see whoo I do fuck off wage thank you doing naca primaries would you guys get the fuck out of my way hey push me why don’t you push me ah you go where the hell did you hey over here oh yeah not that far oh god yeah I do to me Oh fucking hurt so my way though I just try to catch weight at this point though yeah how you doing back there no get on my 86 stroke level dude what is bad oh look how the fuck is bad oh wait a fuck out of here you can watch you guys try to do this I’m just gonna hang back you know you can’t do that I can what are you just all gonna stop see ah whoa that was cool I wish I could do that aah aah What’s Wrong aah shit you gotta fucking it ha ha crying oh I did Sneaky’s tonight right on that means 10-second warning oh god jack oh yeah 3 seconds in one stroke gosh justjust goddamn moon shot it may are debated by turn strokes yeah fuck you a the elbe trough just stupid hole where you guys hit me off three times if hmm I don’t you were so close I’m gonna crown uh hi Pig like oh my god I told you it was cool yet oh hey I’m all the way over here yeah hey what’s up buddy oh you feel the wrecking them away army more look like bob was like humping me no no oh yeah I got it oh wait yes oh that is a power with you zip now god I’m so got power or I got a bad heart did you guys fight there with her Highness fuck bad bitch – oh fuck oh you gotta poop stuff away bring it how the hell do we go oh fuck you you can bounce your way across Oh Oh Oh we actually have to bounce ourselves in oh oh oh please please I’ve got a permanent smile on my face guys I’m having it oh yeah that’s cause I can’t eating grim Joker is that you hey this is really funny even though I suck at yeah nobody funny a weekly shot over here yeah okay um I’m just wondering all that fucking shit is happening oh oh we go up Oh woo oh Christ okay oh hey guys how’s it going nope nope no I ain’t going going going going ah buddy like a dirty but I got the power oh wow ah shit mark how’s it going hey I got I got a plan what’s this yeah well oh shit you got it in I didn’t okay wicked yeah oh so close oh god damn it no aah why are you like then said the man to his own god damn it Oh God Wow Wow come on go in yeah that’s bullshit okay they look human I’ll knock you in Bob I’ll knock you in as a favor to you and I thanks buddy oh you made it – I tell ya that’s altough come and no I feel leave but not by as much as I want I missed it oh no wait no why oh there’s a hole right there you’re not supposed to oh fuck where do you see you don’t another traffic oh god max play cool oh fuck yeah oh god fuck we got it guys we got oh Jeff you’re so close to the hole I know stayin away no no no no no oh shit ah shit god damn I’m on your way oh yeah sorry no no no no no no no Dom no right back at the beginning oh fuck wait that hall yes I finished it I think weights going to take the cake on this one if you believe I got a double bogey with ten like I need to go into the grass to fuck off fucking there’s water as well though what the fuck Oh what did not suck so much please oh yeah lead us lead us Bob tell us the ways of your on guys Oh whatever my life and all of the people here in it little boy oh yeah dude jeez hey wait alright I’m glad to be part of your life I just want oh yeah that’s finally in the wall comes up job oh okay alright good if I cavalry oh good let me go right back where I want they all talking to us are you talking about not exactly Oh awesome I am a wizard for you see it Bob I’m lasers I’m not losing yes so hey how’s it feel to play a map you haven’t played before and certainly you’re not so good anymore all right yeah you don’t get me this time well I didn’t do anything to you before what is rolling at me jack yes yes no not this time happening you man oh my I look fine I know you’re loving fingers oh well I mean it’s it’s gaining weight in the first memory of your dreams ah ah this is hard hard weight is just like oh my yeah there what do you do I thought everything is that one oh there you go Richard the rat I got threats it’s gonna work just wait this way yes sir has been raised rabbits now I’m gonna hang back this time fuck you guys I feel I feel like I’m too impulsive when I come home I go hey I’ll be right with you guys out I’m just gonna juice currently yeah oh hey thank you fuckin wall go ha ha ha ha ha hey oh come on why is it Bobby hey Bob hey what’s up buddy buddy is my first Rimac shaking at you I’m thrusting my mind Godwine mythology Ronnie oh no no hey wait I like you know hey buddy you have a good time oh wow that really worked out accidentally really great for me no saint anyway if you’re really stuck over there huh mark what are you doing good and nothing definitely not putting tags into believe the strategy works just believe all right okay they’re in Germany tiny holes it is hard to know if I go in just a noble yeah just believe you could do it it doesn’t matter how small do if you believe Carbonaro it’ll work I believe so are that my balls gonna stop rolling what the hell oh my god oh I knew where’d I go home earlier oh I see some trick shots hell yeah you guys want to see vision thank you yeah that’s not that’s not it is oh yeah right there not it I tried the trick shot this is the trick you’re watching watch all shut fucking nailed it haha anyway does we stop moving me for this it’s not fucking I never stop moving are we supposed to get it in there on my line on right now I’m going up oh where the hell not Oh God Saji bra fire no no no no okay now who is bottom what is stuck by okay there we go finally where’s Gabe is is that hole up there the hole or the hole nobody already is one stroke layer oh why I push it no wait hey your friend you’re not even fucking giving birth to a fucking Maryland rain right it’s just a game man Hey – oh is that the hole oh boy no it just can’t be who’s gonna try it no we go back the other way okay you can’t do in Salonika wait what happened when you asked throat sir oh oh oh it’s reversed ah the other direction yeah great no no ace oh oh oh are you still here here’s to me oh hey I made it look at that who doesn’t have time out this role eventually oh yeah you’re welcome I technically beat you here I’m so I’m the winner I technically is also that you went into the hole so your walls good okay pat down the ball and stop the game this one’s we’re all so so my god fucking hot dog wait what are we oh ha ha ha ha ha ha ha wait you’re not allowed land in the water you fucking shit oh fuck you’re in a bad way where am I yeah hey I did it I did it guys it’s possible I did it no name is lying to us how it’s possible just hit it hurt oh by Jackson hi mom did you get into holidays oh no oh hey what’s up buddy you want me to go first unless you want me to hit you’re way off into nowhere mmm yeah I can do that Oh God Oh a new challenger has entered the arena oh I’m here asshole your friend okay bouncing in the water yes help me I’ll be the ball over here love when it’s would come oh wait wait has one where we just got potentially bouncing hey I think I might be coming to a stop no no it’s not even ending the round are you sure that you lost the game they broke the game do anything oh my god I think we can agree that Jack won thanks everybody ha ha Jack wins this one yeah I know yeah win by default that shit yeah well that’s what you can’t hear know where you are Jack when by G ball even more I guess that’s it then Oh goodbye kiss mine you can turn by default yeah that’s pretty good right you got third place buddy I just fall yeah

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