Snake My Breath Away (feat. WRM-TV Gucchy)

[Applause] [Music] [Applause] if you want to learn to make effective snakes one thing you can start doing is practicing putting a lot of spin on the ball with a little motion if you make the motion very small and quick and still generate spin it’s tougher for your opponent to read. After you get good putting spin on the ball follow it with some different motion. So the whole point of the arm motion after the contact is to confuse the opponent so that they don’t know when you contacted the ball how you contacted the ball and what spin to expect, therefore which way the ball should jump. Now as the ball’s moving forward across the table away from you after you hit it, its natural inclination is to continue with the momentum towards your opponent. If you want to make a 90 degree turn on your ball backspin will definitely be helpful Straight side spin will still continue in the direction that the ball is moving so that backspin to help the ball bite the table, slow down and take a sharp turn can be crucial. You can brush the ball any different way you could imagine and create subtle variations to your Spin. As always in table tennis variations of spin and variations in general are quite important [Music] Keeping your game unpredictable, keeping the opponent guessing, this will make you much tougher to beat. If you want the ball to really kick hard you need to give it a little height so then it comes down into the table of jumps. So a little bit more height on your snake and that can make it really grip the table and Kick. The more the kick the better the chances are it’ll fool your opponent but it’s also risky because it’s a high ball which is basically the opposite of what you want to do in table tennis. Typically players are trying to keep the ball low to make the attack as difficult as possible for their opponent. Now the underspin snake is a different story the ball doesn’t kick as much it’s almost straight backspin and this can be done low to the net. The main reason is most people don’t read the underspin and therefore dump it into the net. So the ball won’t kick, it might not look nearly as glamorous but it will earn you the point this is something that I’ve even seen at the professional level. We saw Jon Persson do it just the other day and doubles against Sharath Kamal he put side spin and backspin on the ball to make it kick and come back towards the net to keep it just out of reach of Sharath Kamal now the main time to do this is when you’re caught under the table and the opponent can’t see the Contact. Let’s face it… snakes often won’t fool players, that’s the risk. If a player reads it properly, guesses Correctly, is patient and very fast they can handle the snake quite well [Applause] just like any other match you play you constantly have to change your tactics based on the opponent you’re playing. Now one way to do the snake most effectively is when you have backspin or underspin coming in, it’s easier for you to change the rotation, it’ll add more spin to the ball and it could be more surprising as Well. Against Cheng I-Ching, at the time world ranked number seven, top player in Taiwan so back and side spin there, I got a long push, so the ball took a bite, took a turn to the forehand side, she was all prepared thought she knew where it was going and found herself quickly regretting committing to that decision. Again she’s a way better player than me, I’m not Professional, I’m not confused about that I’m pretty clear on my level but I enjoy having fun and from time to time I’ll get a snake against a professional [Applause] [Applause] college team player at Shida University now he did the right thing he waited patiently to see where the ball would bounce but the kick of the ball was so strong and he didn’t know which way it was gonna go that it ended up behind him and he had no chance to reach it in Orenburg Russia one of their top young female players starts with a heavy spin serve, long push but when the ball is played from under the table with my forehand side of the racket, really quick motion I brush to the right which means the ball will be spinning and kick to her right. This is something you can do with the snake, the after motion you can be as creative as you want, always change up your after motion. Whenever you think your opponent is picking up on your patterns, change it up. Create a different after motion whether it’s a single fake, a double fake or NO fake these are just ways to keep the opponent guessing here’s Galia Dvorak forehand kicks wide to the forehand side backhand jumps into her left shoulder and it’s trouble. Now this one’s fun it finishes with the smash. This is in Las Vegas at the national championships the round-robin stages. My opponent was quite quick to get that and this one here jumps up and goes right near the face, he couldn’t see the contact clearly but heavy kick on the ball and in slow motion it looks reachable but in real time it was tough. He handled it quite well here’s Regina Kim from the Uzbekistan team. Ooh! You could see it barely came off the back of the table that’s credit to the backspin and the sidespin and again subtle contact. If you let the ball get lower to the ground you can be more confident that the opponent doesn’t see your contact because the table is blocking it. That’s another reason that a push is easier to play this against because pushes don’t come as long in general. Pushes have backspin which keep the ball a little bit closer to the net as opposed to an attack or a topspin shot where the ball propels itself forward away from the net. As soon as the ball comes off the table with backspin you know it’s not gonna go too far so you can wait for it to get low before executing the snake. Here’s a college player from Hong Kong playing in my hometown of Taipei. So a good sarcastic applause from his Hong Kong teammate Man, I love it! He’s saying “okay okay it’s not as easy as it looks.” Good shovel serve here. Another one, sharp turn. The backspin and the side spin from the Forehand, that’s the easiest way to go again it doesn’t always have to turn hard it just has to be deceptive, enough that the player goes the wrong way [Applause] tricky serve there, topspin looked like under spin, here’s the backhand and the after motion with a full circle to follow the other way. Now this club was a ton of fun. Similar shot here but here notice my after motion was quite different than the full circle that I did before. Even if it’s a similar direction it looks quite different I contact the ball with my backhand and then pull back the opposite way of the spin that I make just pulling the elbow back, something strange to keep the opponent guessing so that he can’t recognize what’s on it crowd always enjoys a good kick on a good snake [Music] similar shot, jumping motion with the pulled back elbow. So one thing you can do to confuse the opponent is walk away from where you would need to to get in position but it’s risky because you’re putting yourself immediately out of position banking on the fact really counting on them not touching the ball at all. Risky play. Snakes can be risky And once again very little after motion just subtle contact from under the table and it goes over the shoulder of my Opponent. The touch and then pull the opposite way. Again no double fake needed just constantly changing up the after motion the more spin you can put on it the more effective it will be and as you’ve seen in this video you don’t even need an after motion if you’ve got good spin on the ball and it’s subtly contacted from under the table. Here in India the elbow up kick shot, quite deceptive so now you have a good amount of insight and examples for how to make a super effective snake. Keep practicing and use your snake wisely because with great snake comes great responsibility snake man Adam Bobrow the first commenter on my video to write “first” at your Instagram handle so I want to say big thank you to my friend Gucchy for helping me make this video you can check out our collaboration video right here and you can subscribe to Gucchy’s channel right here here alright stay tuned thanks a bunch and looking forward to making more fun videos for you keep Pongin’ peace there we go

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  2. This is great! Keep it going Adam, making all the matches even more interesting (:
    Always knows some good facts and just loves the sport as much, as we all do <3 Snakeman

  3. The ball curves in flight once it gets to it's highest point.. indicating the spin direction, not overly difficult if you just watch the flight path.

  4. wow ! thanks for this video I even learnt how to snake in your utt video and I even downloaded one of your videos and kept seeing and learnt the snake….again thanks and keep making videos

  5. Well, I tested it out with a penhold grip, because I thought it would fit with this playstyle.
    Now Im a penhold defender and I will hit the ball only under the table plate.
    If the ball doesnt get under the table plate, then I just use heavy topspin.
    I scared some people with that.
    In my opinion table tennis is a little bit boring.
    Im just defending and I dont must read the spin, because I play only vs topspin players.
    This is like playing sniper , in a video game, and the enemies just run in a straight line.
    Welp, I rly like your interesting playstyle and I hope the table tennis "meta" will change some day.

  6. YouTube comments be like:
    Thank you for the guide I did everything you said and now I'm number 1 in my country.
    (Video released 3 minutes and a half ago)

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  8. Hey Adam, do you think this could work against a top 10, top 20 player? I mean, they would still not see your hand movement because it's under the table, so what would they do differently? Also, I wish I could play against you 🙂

  9. Hi snake-master! I play with tenergy05 rubbers and viscaria light blade but I don't produce a lot of spin and my opponent smash me easy. Something this work but it's rare. My blade is so hard and his difficult to produce spin?

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    Not first. Definitely not first. And no Instagram. And don't ever ever shop on Amazon. <g>

  12. My friend got bitten by a snake and he fell to the floor and started writhing around. It's amazing how fast the super powers kick in.

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