SMUD helped Bases Loaded score big on energy savings

This is what I enjoy about the job. You
know getting to work with people, getting to work with real families that have
grown a business from a mom-and-pop to this top 5,000 fastest growing companies
in the US. Welcome to Bases Loaded. An indoor field of dreams for any baseball or softball player. Earlier this year co-owners Dan
and Shauna Wells, who had a separate store and warehouse in Folsom, moved
bases loaded to Rancho Cordova. What they wanted to do was consolidate. They’re
growing, they wanted to expand their retail presence but also bring
everything under one roof. Very early on the city of Rancho Cordova introduced us
to Brian and SMUD and said this is a really important partner that you should
go talk with. SMUD helped with energy efficiency
improvements and the city and the contractor moved them to the new
location faster than a 100 mile-per-hour fastball. This is about a six month long
project and we did it in about five weeks we moved the whole store
everything you see we moved in one day. We opened on January 2nd, Saturday
January 2nd at 9 a.m. we had a first customer at 9:05. Why the hurry? Because the start of the year is their busiest season. That’s when youth baseball and
softball ramp up. The space itself was is this kind of a unique space, it was
originally offices. We worked with SMUD and trying to figure out exactly what’s
going to be the best space for us. It was a real gut job, they got it down to the
studs. They focused in on LED lighting, they are 100% LED now, added some
insulation where they needed to in the ceiling areas. They really did a great
job of making that facility more energy efficient. Our guess is, from a lighting
perspective alone will probably save us 30 to 40 percent of what our lighting
cost is. We ended up getting almost fifteen thousand dollars in rebates.
Overall it’s just been a really amazing experience and I look forward to a long
lasting partnership. We really mean business and I think our entire
department understands that our job is to help make their life a little bit
easier. If you’re taking a swing at remodeling or moving your business, find
out what SMUD can do for you. Log on to

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