Smash – The National Pastime – Marilyn Monroe Baseball Number with Megan Hilty

The baseball number in Smash. So fun. I think it was an afterthought
when they first originally wrote the pilot to actually
do the full number. I think they were just going to
be a snippet, but then they decided, you know what? This is a show about a musical,
let’s have an entire musical number. It’s basically Marilyn Monroe
and the New York Yankees. I had much more time to create
that number than I will for other numbers in the
rest of the series. So I think all in all, I
took about five days. It was a comfortable process. And I think they wanted to make
sure it was right too. So they wanted to give me
whatever I thought I needed. And they were totally willing
to do it, which was great.

30 thoughts on “Smash – The National Pastime – Marilyn Monroe Baseball Number with Megan Hilty

  1. @loliHeadSHOTS Lmao Glee is NOT for kids, I would never let my child watch Glee! That being said I'm really liking SMASH and it's nothing like Glee!

  2. @loliHeadSHOTS glee isn't for little kids. Its for teens and young adults. However, this looks more realistic, and a lot less bubblegum pop music.

  3. @chesneth1 how?? jus because they sing songs in tha show?? Glee is about a showchoir competing against other highschools to win nationals while Smash is about making it big in New York i guess n becoming a broadway star…

  4. if marilyn was alive she would cry at this number its really stupid and gross and pretty disrespectful it makes her look like a sex crazed slut

  5. @ycontrol1459 actually, this is exactly what marilyn acted for, the attention. This is the facade she put on and that is what they are capturing. What Marilyn acted like to create her fame.

  6. @penguinmav she did put on a facade put it wasn't to this extreme she didn't mimic blowjobs or grind her crotch into guys faces

  7. I took that line more as a metaphor. Like, she didn't flirt with her teachers in order to get through school, but maybe she did do that in order to get ahead in acting business. Like, her agents and directors are her teachers and the movie industry is her school.

    But then again, maybe she didn't do that either when she was acting. I'm not very knowledgeable about Marilyn's history. I'm just saying what my mind instantly went to when I heard that line. Not to her being a student flirting with

  8. her teachers in order to make the grades, but an actress who's willing to do everything and to do whatever is asked of her by her agents in order to get ahead.

  9. How is Glee not for kids??? It's the same as high-school musical. A bunch of school pupils singing. Sounds like a kids show to me.

  10. I don't remember high school musical dealing with one of their students being gay, one or more of them deciding when to lose their virginity. Nor did it deal with a bunch of them failing and coming back from defeat. Its not intended for little kids.

  11. Just curious how many people have read about Marilyn's life. Or, Norma Gene (sp) I don't think that anyone can claim to be an expert on her life unless you were part of it. I have read a few books about her. Of all of her husbands, it was Joe DiMagio who deeply loved her, I do believe it was Joe who wanted her to be just a wife. In "Some LIke it Hot" she drove everyone crazy for being late.Her mother was institutionalized.Ultimately, she just wanted to be viewed as a serious actress. good read

  12. I agree. I so enjoyed Smash. Fantastic talent, music and overall entertainment.
    Love the theater, so will be there with you : )

  13. I don't watch Smash, but there are very talented actors and singers in this! The choreography is also amazing! I think Glee is awesome but it has got competition. The choreography is amazing! 0:35 is one of my favourite moves 🙂

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