Smallest real VW Golf in the world! RollGolf 2.0 #3

Hey folks! Great you’re watching again We’ve shortened the back.. But… it doesn’t match the front anymore I think we should shorten the front as well Like this This is what I mean; a lot of air We don’t need that The cleans up nice Most of these parts I won’t use anymore That’s a tight fit That makes a diffference I think we need to shrink the hood as well and another piece Golf which has been removed Done! This must be the shortest Golf in the world Let’s measure it 2,52m without the towing hook But the most important question is; Does it still run? I hope you aren’t dissapointed because I couldn’t do a proper testdrive It’s a bit later than I had in mind It’s dark now and so I can’t to drive around with this car because it doesn’t have an exhaust and filming in the dark doesn’t work out either.. So I owe you that one for later of course So keep watching! And till next time!

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