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Hi, I’m Alois Rosario from PingSkills. Today
we’re going to demonstrate the slow spinny topspin. The main part of the slow spinny topspin is
to make sure that your stroke is quite vertical. So you need to start with your bat down at
knee height or even lower then the bat comes up almost vertically and finishing nice and
high. The contact needs to be a very fine brushing
contact. If you can get a fine contact then you’ll get the ball to go a little bit slower
with a lot of spin. If your contact is flat then you’re not going to get much spin and
the ball is going to go fast. The next thing we need to think about is when
do we do the slow spinny topspin? It’s best off a backspin ball. Off a flat ball or a
topspin ball it’s difficult to get that looping spinning action so it’s much easier when the
other person pushes the ball to you, it’s got a little bit of backspin and then you
can lift it with that slow spin. The trajectory of the ball is really important.
We don’t want the ball going too low necessarily for this type of stroke. You can get the ball
to go up higher over the net. It just breaks up the rhythm of the game and the rhythm of
the rally. If you’re always playing fast then the blocker will start to get used to it.
One of the advantages of the slow spinny topspin is to be able to break up that rhythm and
put one up a little bit higher with lots of spin and give the blocker something different
to look at.

21 thoughts on “Slow Spinny Topspin | Table Tennis | PingSkills

  1. I think another advantage with slow spinny topspin is that it's easier to place the loop shorter on the table (as a variation). This forces a blocker to reach in and catch right off bounce. Of course these are easier to punch kill, but as a variation very effective

  2. Is faster an Hurricane 3 or Hurricane 2 and which give more spin? The same thing with Skyline 3 and Skyline 2. which rubber can be similiar at Tenergy 64 ? Is better 1.8mm or 2.00mm on backhand ? Thanks

  3. I have a question about what momentum of the ball when we need to brush it against our bat? Sometimes I get the ball earlier and it flies over the table and vice versa. Ty, great video also!

  4. What if my action is more forward instead of vertical(maybe like 45degrees?), but still maintaining a fine brushing contact?

  5. 161 likes, 0 dislikes… haven't seen a lot of these in a while. This basicly summs up this channel as well as the TT community, keep it up!

  6. coach i have learned many strokes that you taught .So can you please tell some techniques and strategy that i can use in tournaments.

  7. Hello, when I try to do the slow spinny topspin, the ball tends to go outside of the table, any suggestions how I can keep it inside the table while still putting lots of spin in the ball?

  8. When I do this stroke, the ball goes too high, enabling my opponent to smash the ball, what should I do to make the ball lower?

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