SIZE MATTERS!!! | Spike Volleyball Career Mode Episode 9

Spike Volleyball Gameplay PS4 Xbox one PC Steam Career Mode Yes Guy Gaming that’s a free ball set this guy he’s
gonna bounce it right there buddy yeah come on
size matter hello and welcome back to yes guy gave
him we’re back playing spike volleyball in the career mode here we’ve got it we
made it all the way to the world tournament finals so this is a big match
so I’m getting ready to go so no wait let’s get to it all right
we’re back again in the finals I’m still waiting on some better players don’t
have really any better players but let’s bounce some balls on these guys in the
final get this done let’s go down the line with a spinner why don’t I go with
the floaty shit where they going what the hell was that
there’s a jig set this guy look sharp look sharp buddy yeah backdoor love it
why did that guy block what is he thinking I’ll take it here we go okay
let’s try to seek deep over there yeah way deep Oh the center took it yes
oh shit although I got the center to pass it on
the serve even though the guy was right next to him that was weird
good tool by that guy shit here we go pass up what I passed that like what the
hell how do I play this fricking game there we go
set the middle guy yeah oh oh that was really fast why was that so fast
cool yep jeez what is happening nobody’s in six yes shit
backdoor lying I don’t often score on that so I get hype what I do size
matters here we go let’s see that seeker seek it
oh he’s all over it stack up this way I love stacking on the right side Oh
Hickel middle there’s a jig set this guy bounces sharp buddy
oh he dug it I’m getting greedy no down yeah yeah set middle and transition
bounces sharp buddy whoa good day get out there get out there yeah getting
a little bit greedy I got a bounce it not so sharp but still fairly sharp
short serve on the float I went really short there it’s in though
I like it there’s a dig bounce it gosh these guys are good defenders leave it
yep yeah set this guy see what he’s got nothing muff not much I don’t think I’ve
ever scored on the pipe I’m gonna try to score in some pipe run the pipe buddy
that’s really bad it looks terrible can they score if I go down every time is it
possible for them to score go deep great hit but what it did it was such a long
rally why seeker go seeker that’s aggressive and he’s on it spread out
boys back set get up Oh No gosh penetrate boys like what yep okay set
the right side bounce it straight down the line buddy did you see that – both
team he’s bounced that yes here we go it’s flowing really short real short
that was real short they always go right side oh man this guy’s coming back door
he’s not really going cross so I don’t know why I’m jumping and blocking you
can move which way you kind of jump I’ve discovered I don’t know why I’m doing
that yeah let’s try a pipe didn’t really work that well like the
pipe barely works yeah there’s a Digg balance I want to see that bounce again
buddy come on love that nice I am looking for the balance on every play
from now on are you kidding me that’s an aggressive seeker gah she’s on
it let’s just not block this one see what happens yeah I’ll take it deep less
aggressive seeker oh the guy goes behind to get it let’s not block again see how
that works oh yeah yeah i shanked it right shanked
it yeah he turned on that my guys did not block because I told them not to
here we go pass up yeah try a pipe let’s see if you can bounce a pipe I’m not bad
but it’s not scoring there’s a jig set the other side guy let’s see if he can
balance it line I’m not gonna blocked hard there that
was on their side nice short really short don’t really know if that does
anything doesn’t seem to block this guy there’s a dig who’s going to get it
somebody reacts to it please geez pass up that’s out of balance good
thing I could I buy me I could have played that though
alright let’s frickin rip one let it rip by I’m bad next one let’s go come on we
gotta we gotta separate from these guys it’s only 9 7 it’s time to score some
freaking points yeah set the middle guy love that ballad the old reliable
it just looks she’s almost stupid enough alright here we go ripping it down the
line definitely ripping it down the line lot
of trouble that is by far the best serve trouble block shoes man like can can you
guys press over the net please yikes off the chest off the armpit and out of
bounds we’re gonna run on GD boys ohh moving on next one next one is date ah there you go
set this guy he’ll balance it old reliable yeah that’s the bounds nice
alright come on which I seek it yes absolutely
whoa where’s it going hi don’t block that that’s a free ball set this guy
he’s gonna bounce it right there buddy yeah come on love that so much bouncing
it is that inside the attack line not quite that’s my goal it’s a balanced one
inside the attack line how short can I hit a short serve over there that was
not that short there’s a dig going for the bounce again always let’s go this
guy’s on fire just keep setting that guy rip it deep corner buddy hard as you can
yes come on I love seeing them just not even moved for it I wouldn’t mind having
the guy just shank one one time though that would be pretty cool can we see
that probably not yes I’ll take that though nice way to finish the first set
yes size matter or AT&T all right second set here we go why do I always start
serving at that cross court maybe a net flipper not quite but it’s damned
terrible pass get up there’s a dig set this guy can you bounce it on that set
see this right side guy is my new favorite player if I get a better cut
know how well if I got a better guy you’ll be gone sorry bud
all right net flipper again full power net flipper come on yes the net flipper
yes come on I’m gonna use all the service let’s see if I’m gonna ace with
this float see if I can do that with that
that flipper yeah just making the same location different sir another ace all
right third three in a row for the hat trick the same location new serve net
flipper all that one didn’t hit the nest dang it
digging the middle and you know what’s coming guys the mouse oh he ducked me yeah geez said this guy bouncing over
there buddy oh good hit yeah my right size oh yeah let’s let this guy rotate
on it yeah yeah so that guy can’t do that that’s lesson learned man my right
side guys out pretty high it’s good to know your team have the middle guy
bounce it that way oops yeah get to know your team guys like
this team the right side guy is the guy to go to bounce that rights I got you’re
up that high legs come on is it his face yeah maybe
alright rip that spin over there this guy yeah that’s a tough one pound it yes
come on that’s gonna make up for all those hits into the net whoa please go
in yeah that’s not the way you want to come out of a timeout missing your serve
like that shoot pass up G set this guy on the net he’s gonna bounce it that’s oh my gosh it looked like I got
slammed oh yeah snuck it through nice alright what
what’s the play from over here maybe a short aggressive spin right
there maybe check it out oh the net flipper you guys I have no
successful blocks this game it’s my favorite thing to do – we’re gonna get a
successful block I know I wasn’t blocking the first set that’s maybe why
we don’t even jump it the dung worked so easily all right it’s only gonna be
right side and dump that’s it from now on they are so effective the seeker
always on okay let’s get a successful law get out there there’s a dig dump it
I got a bit eager to dump it there he was bump setting it that was probably
not a great time to dump it my bad pass up yet we’re still up to in this game
after all my dumb mistakes big dump we dug it this time ouch what short land
please that looked way out show land show land thanks replay gosh here we go
pass up they’re catching up cool yeah dump it again oops oh yes I miss serve so lucky all
right hard sir down the line here short let’s
see if we got a net flipper no net flipper but we’re definitely keying on
the right side oh they set middle that’s great because I’m gonna dig it easy
let’s kind of see ball deep buddy nobody’s there somebody’s there go yeah
push it push it whoa I didn’t mean push it over and out
the back I was pressing the guy shit now we’re in a game oh yeah God was like
getting to a spot I dumped it there perfect spin it back corner spinning it
lots of trouble what’s coming up hype that was weak dude set the C ball bounce
it off the tape night I don’t know why I’m setting the C ball nobody in the
back row can score there’s a dig set this guy what’s the play bounce
sure yes come on most often shorter freezes in a row same sir
that was a spin you’re suppose yes this is an RO same serve now it’s
the static oh you got the static leave that pipe two pipes sucks set the C ball
why because I’m an idiot stupid don’t ever set the C ball what are you
thinking whoa what’s going on you guys like the hell’s
going on okay now do we have another chance at the CQ well let’s see can we
go three out of four now I pass it that the static I love the secret but they
pass it yeah come on go guys on the bench like when the balls come in your
way clear Oh give your guy a chance to save it
jeez pass up yep oh here comes the dump oh he’s all over
that he rushed into place there’s a dig I said this guy rotate on
it back this way gosh she’s dug in it get out there golf so lucky
oh no sharp sorry so I just pounded it in the net that was definitely me middle
guy this way oh oh man that shot is there though from the middle guy boom
balance I’m looking for it yeah yeah middle guy right there right there geez
maybe it’s not there maybe it’s out of bounds okay 13 12 yep
set the middle guy do it again just kidding guys I’ll go reliably like that
scores every time like I guess everything works every time and I’m just
discovering everything net flipper definitely going for the net flipper for
the wind come on oh he got it go down on that there’s a
dig yeah old reliable 200 winners baby III oh I forgot that
we’re playing the world tournament still just the men from the Canadian team why
was I fooling around it’s not what the finals in the world tournament was I
thinking you want anyway those nice well guys that’s gonna do it for this episode
of spike volleyball we won the world termer that’s our second tournament win
feeling good we’re number one ranked in the world who played Cameroon in the
final interesting that’s that’s an interesting matchup in the final big win
I’ve gotten a ton of comments and tips and things you guys want me to try so
got the jump in this game so glad I was able to try that out if it works okay
it’s a decent one to go to there’s a few of the things that I’d like to try so
we’ll try to really just find and get the most out of this career mode well as
we work our way through there’s a lot of matches but I’m interested to see what
happens when I actually put together a good team like do I just dominate even
more or do the other teams get harder as you get better I hope that’s the case
because right now it’s pretty easy anyways thank you guys so much for
watching if you haven’t already hit that subscribe button and if you enjoyed the
video maybe leave a like or comment with some of your thoughts I really really
appreciate that but thank you again so much for watching hope to see you next
time on yes guy gaming Spike Volleyball Gameplay PS4 Xbox one PC Steam Career Mode Yes Guy Gaming

8 thoughts on “SIZE MATTERS!!! | Spike Volleyball Career Mode Episode 9

  1. You can win points from your opposite when he is in the back row if you aim for the deep corner (position 1). It works for me most of the times, especially if he has a nice approach. If you are off system and he doesn't have a nice approach try to take advantage of the block to score a block out. The pipe however never works for me either. Anyway, love your videos!

  2. I dont know if you noticed, but when you learn how to play, the game starts to become boring and easy to play. The computer give too much error points

  3. Im just curios why you always say ‘size matters’? ? HAHAHAHA is it all about the game orrr dick or somethin???? ??

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