Sisi puts herself into volleyball to divert her attention | Maalaala Mo Kaya (With Eng Subs)

I soon became part of
our school’s volleyball team. I spent my time playing while still focusing
on my studies. It may somehow ease
the pain of not having Mama with me, but I’d still pray
for her to come home. Sisi! Mama! You’re so great! Your father told me your shoes
are giving up. That’s why I bought this
for you. Open it. But even if you don’t
buy me this, I’m still so happy that
you’re finally home. I’m so proud of you, dear. But you know,
I’ve always known that you can do it. Especially now, Ma. I’ll work harder so you can be
more proud of me. Wait, you won’t leave us
anymore, right Ma? Dear, I still need to work
for our family. Ma… Can you just stay with us? We’re doing fine here. If I could just
do that, dear… Papa said I should
study hard so you could come home. But you’re leaving us again. Sisi, just continue
to study hard. Your father and I want you
to finish your studies. So that you’ll have
a bright future, unlike us. Mama returned to Brunei. As years passed by, so many things have
changed in our family. But even though Mama and Papa
continued to work hard, we still struggled
to make ends meet. Ate’s so great, Mama. They always win their games. I think it’s because of
the shoes you gave her. It’s like her lucky charm. Like magical shoes! Don’t worry.
Once I earn extra money here, I’ll buy you new pairs
of shoes. Alright, Ma. Ma, just come back home. That’s all we want. Just be more patient, dear. You’re always saying that… Sisi! Don’t talk to Mama
like that. You just make things
harder for her. Don’t you know
how hard it is to live there by herself? I’ll go now. Have you prepared
for the exam tomorrow? Maybe later.
We still have to practice for our competition
next week. Will you just focus
on playing volleyball, Sisi? You’re just wasting
your time and the money
your mother works hard for! Pa, that’s not it. I told your mother that
you’re studying hard. Don’t waste your time
doing that nonsense! But Pa, I’m happy
playing volleyball. Well, I hope you realize
while you’re happy playing, your mother’s having
a hard time abroad just to finance your studies! From now on, I want you to
quit playing volleyball! Finish that. Pa, I’m home. I’m sorry, Pa. When I was
watching you earlier, I noticed that you
really play well and that you’re happy
doing that. So I’m sorry for what
I said last time. I’m sorry too, Pa. I just miss Mama so much. I feel like… I can be with her
whenever I play volleyball. You know, Sisi… I feel the same. I miss your mother so much. Dear… I just have one favor to ask. Study hard. Yes, Pa. I’ll do it for you and Mama. No, dear… Do it for yourself. Thank you, Pa. I love you, dear.

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