Sisi is detemined to reach the finals of UAAP Women’s Volleyball | Maalaala Mo Kaya (With Eng Subs)

Sisi. Can you come with me later? I’ll look for a job. I won’t leave anymore. I’ll stay here. We’ll be together again. Mama… I’m sorry if you felt that I just didn’t want
to go home. I understand
everything now, Mama. I’m sorry for what
I said before. I was so happy with
Mama’s decision. Soon after, I joined
the training for the next season
of the UAAP. This time, I was
more determined to win. Sisi Rondina is making
a name in volleyball. She’s now one of
the most entertaining and intense flyers we’ve seen
in Philippine volleyball. She never gets tired. Sisi Rondina! Rondina finds a crack
to that wall. A very important timeout called by Coach Kungfu Reyes. This is our last chance! I need you to focus! Yes, Coach. Guys, we need to
bounce back. We can still win this. Just keep fighting! Fight! – UST!
– It’s our time! La Salle trying to close
this one out. Rondina elevated higher! Sisi Rondina! It’s a free ball! They serve and set it… Then to Luna! For the win! UST gave them a hard time. But La Salle prevailed… So cocky. She’s getting too confident. Who does she think she is? They lost anyway. That’s why I won’t cheer
for them next season. – Come on, hurry!
– We’re late! Let’s go. Hello, Ma? Sisi! How are you? We lost, Ma. Just when you came home and I became
the team captain, I let my team lose. Sorry, Ma. What are you saying? All of us here are
so proud of you, Sisi. We know that you’re
doing your best in every game, right? Yes, Ma. I have one more season. We’ll bounce back. I promise, Ma. Go UST! Go, go, go! Let’s fight until
the end, okay? We will reach the finals! Yes! Alright! It’s our time! – UST!
– It’s our time! UST gets back at their
first-round tormentor. They do it in a sweep! Sisi Rondina is a player
to watch out for. …gets UST to the finals! In emphatic, explosive and
dramatic fashion! UST Golden Tigresses! For the first time
since Season 73, UST will be back
at the biggest stage in UAAP Women’s Volleyball.

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