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Hello viewers ! welcome to NBC In this video am gonna talk about the trigger movement which helps the batsmen to face pacers efficiently Most of them does’nt know what is meant by trigger movement and also it’s purposes This trigger movement can also used to face spinners but it is more beneficial while playing pacers You can easily avoid the panic moment using trigger movements which helps you escape getting LBW so before going into the video please do subscribe and press the bell symbol for instant updates let’s get into the video Actually trigger movement is the initial movement that a batsmen do before getting into a shot It’ll be difficult to play shots without having this initial trigger movement so we can simply use this movement as a trigger to footwork It’ll be the starting point of all the cricketing shots Let me show you how you should do trigger movement start withe the usual stance first step is to move the back leg BACK n ACROSS (SLIGHTLY) second step is to open the front leg (SLIGHTLY) stance…. backfoot back n across… open front leg backlift will be from Third man after coming into this position you can play what ever shots you are inteded to very swiftly You can watch Kevin Pieterson’s Trigger movement for reference He’ll be having a wide base in stance from that base he’ll be doing the trigger movement beautifully so you can refer his trigger movement in youtube you can refer AB Devillers. he is a player with complex techniques and you can’t refer all his techniques. but no issue in referring his trigger movement He used to move a lot in his crease so he’ll have a fast trigger movement he’ll have a bigger trigger movement and also a faster movement It helps him to move across the crease quickly These two players are the best to refer trigger movement first benefit : it avoids you to getting into panic position you cannot move your feet quickly from your stance position coz there won’t be enough time so there is a chance for getting LBW.. but trigger movement avoids such trigger movement at the time of bowler releasing the ball you’ll do the trigger movement so you’ll know where your foot has to go during the arrival of ball so you’ll avoid the panic position second benefit : You’ll know which ball to leave and which ball to play Best example for this is KP.. he’ll do this trigger movement and watch the ball like a hawk if the ball is not in his range he’ll be able to leave the ball very easily what if a ball comes steeply after getting pitched in good length If we play that ball surely there will be a leading edge at that time trigger movement helps us to watch the ball clearly and helps us to leave the ball that’s why KP will leave the ball which even goes above the stumps pretty confidently even minor deviations from the regular deliveries can be spotted using trigger movement Third Benefit : it helps in efficient use of foot work foot work is important to play any kind of shot in cricket standing static and moving the foot during the delivery time is difficult comparing foot work post trigger movement It helps with quick judging and movement of foot RECAP…. stance.. back foot back n across.. open front foot… don’t loose your Side-on position this simple movement will provide the clear sight over the ball and helps the foot work accordingly. This also minimizes the possibility of getting LBW and bowled to a significant rate I’ve defined trigger movement now let me show it practically Throw quicker !! (Otherwise there will be mean comments LOL) I’ve both explain as well as demonstrated It also helps to lean forward into shot so trigger movement comes with this big package of benefits Drink more water fellas keep all the steps in mind and practice this in nets.. it’ll be very useful please don’t forget to smash the like button and also please do subscribe and press the bell symbol feel free to share the video Thanks for watching !! Keep Supporting !! **Epic Outro**

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  1. Ji na under 19 play pananum my age 16 na play panuva academy sera alavuku pana vasathi ila vera epdi serathu

  2. super bro it is very useful for me because next moth i am having cricket tournament on next month

  3. Bro solli mudichitu sample shots aadambodhu pad up panni netsla adra Mariye adunga bro inno konjom effective aa irukum..

  4. bro i ve doubt
    appo indha trigger movement proper a irrukanu na ie for a fast bowler
    gaurd vandhu leg stemp liya eduthukanum ma illa can i it be on middle and off

  5. Tell in English nothing understands many of my friends watch u but we don’t understand Tamil tell in English bro

  6. Amazing TIP brother !! ??

    Can you do a video on batsmen who lack in footwork and still manage big runs .. Like for egs: Dhawan ..

  7. Bro please make a video on how to increase the focus on ball while batting ?
    i can't focus everytime and missing the ball or getting out ?
    Help me bro ???
    Make a video ??

  8. Bro drigger ku neega sona theory OK but ball release pannubothu tha move pananu neenga advance ah pandringa then innu down pananu

  9. Bro firstlam 4th or 5th batting aruguvan six, four lam nalla dhan adipan. Apparam team members yenna open panna sonnaga nalla dhan poittu irundhudhu hana ipollam six, four adikka mudiyala. Bro yannaku adhachum sollunga please

  10. அன்னா உங்களால் தான் நான் கிரிக்கெட் கற்றுக் கொண்டேன்

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