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To put some sidespin on your topspin the
main thing is to use your wrist. If you have your wrist nice and straight you will get
straight topspin on the ball, if however you drop your wrist you are going to start to
curve around the outside of the ball. If you lift your wrist up you’re going to curve on
the inside of the ball and get the ball to fade away. The crucial thing to getting some side spin
on the ball is to control the end of your racket. If you drop the end of your racket
the ball is going to curve one way. If you lift the end of your racket it will curve
the other way. So that position there is the crucial factor in the amount of side spin you are going to get on the ball. So when would you use the sidespin topspin.
The main idea is to try and drag your opponent away from the center of the table. If you’re
trying to drag them away across there you would use the hook to curve the ball out wide
that way. If you are trying drag your opponent out that way you would use the slide or the
fade stroke. You are just trying to make sure you are trying to get your opponent out of
position. Another advantage of using some side spin
with your topspin is that it makes it difficult for the blocker, because it’s something different.
they are very used to the straight topspin coming at them but when the ball is curving
the ball becomes a little bit harder to block. Of course there is the disadvantage of trying
to use the sidespin with your topspin. It becomes a little less consistent because you are not getting the pure topspin to dip the ball onto the table. The sidespin tends to make
the shot a little bit less accurate.

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  1. @europeanbamf This is going to be very hard to practice by yourself. You could try some shadow play which is where you practice the stroke without a ball and just swing as you would if you were actually hitting a ball. Because of the sidespin you can't really play this shot up against a wall.

  2. pingskills,

    Also by using side spin you actually change (decrease) the mount of topspin on the ball. If you can vary the axis of the spin then your opponent will have a difficult time returning the ball because he has to guess how much topspin is or is not on the ball. Works very well on choppers and blockers -if they read a ball that has more sidespin as a ball having mostly top spin it goes into the net. On the other hand, if they read your shot as having more sidespin the ball goes long!

  3. @gulligagardinen The principles are the same. The main thing you need to do is contact the ball on the side, this is what generates the sidespin.

  4. @yobmas722 Yeah, so like ping skills said angle the bat more at an angle, so the tip of the bat is facing more towards yourself.

  5. @gulligagardinen You do the same, except I think the penhold grip would be more effective because it allows more wrist movement, so more spin. I would do that grip except it hurts my hand, and its not very good at backhand – and I need all the help with my backhand.

  6. I need help, to hook loop it I need to hit the ball on the side, but if I try it doesn't go forward? How can I get it to go forward with that motion? Am I hitting it all on the side, or partly on the front as well, I need some good detail about the angle of the shot and to understand it?
    Thanks 😀

  7. @pingskills,everyone will like this kind of useful videos.
    And can u plzz give me some idea for a side-top spin(wat should be the bat angle)

  8. I wish to divide the instructions into 2 parts. First part is how to hold under varying situations and you have done fine and I regained what I learnt long long ago, but the 2nd part that is missing in the instructions is at what point of the ball's profile should we hammer. I had to stop and see at various points of the ball's path to locate it. Can you please help us with that 2nd part

  9. @pingskills hi, thanks a lot for this video! Its really helpful 🙂
    Could you please tell me whether the position (horizontal or perpendicular) of the index finger on the bat affects the game??

  10. @pingskills hey, thanks for the video! It is really helpful 🙂
    Could you please tell me whether the position of the index finger on the bat really matters for the power or spin generated??

  11. someone at my club can do this straight behind the net after hitting a backhand its like impossible to play against him.

  12. @byronsrock4 The basic principles are the same. If you hit the ball on the side you will generate some sidespin and get the ball to curve.

  13. @iandemagi It sure is a great shot. Basically he is just taking the principles mentioned here and executing them extremely well!

  14. Great post pingskills! I've been trying to work on my "hook" loop for a while now and this video makes it really easy to understand where I was going wrong.

  15. @tekil4ence Checkout the PingSkills website. In particular look at our Ask the Coach questions under Match Strategy. You'll find heaps of great information there to help you out. Good luck!

  16. @wefly2high Great! Make sure you take a look at our website too. We've got heaps more advice and tips to help you improve even more.

  17. @narutosaenz Thanks. Yes most of our lessons are for the shakehand grip. However most of the principles are the same for both grips so you should still be able to take a lot out of each lesson.

  18. I have been playing table tennis for like 10 year, training and competitons, but never heard anyone say this and explaning it to me, Thanks!

  19. I need help, i can do the topspin fine and they are really spinny, but people keep returning them back for some reason, i will hit the ball my hardest and it will still come back, is my rubber too slow? i will do my fastest loop and it comesback. how do i prevent this?

  20. @Sk8ingGuitarplayer Try thinking about your placement. If you play the ball out wide or into their middle you may get a different result. If you can play the topspin very consistently then you could consider getting a faster rubber. If you want a more detailed answer try using the ask the coach section of our website. There's more room there to answer your questions.

  21. @pingskills ill try placement more often. and i use geospin tackyu and gambler reflectoid. and do u think they are too slow?

  22. @Sk8ingGuitarplayer I haven't used those myself. If you want to ask a question about this on our website we can open it up to our readers and they can give you their thoughts. Just go to the ask the coach section and you can submit a question.

  23. @kevinqew We don't have a video on this yet but the principle is the same. If you brush the ball on the side you will generate the sidespin.

  24. can someone please make a video on easy ways to recognize and counter side spin quickly please PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSEEEEEEE

  25. @jeffcalloway90 We sell a DVD called Receiving Secrets Revealed on our website that goes into this in detail. Take a look on our website for more information.

  26. @CMD9889 That's a great story. I'm glad we could help you. Keep working hard and I'm sure you'll get even better!

  27. Ty for your videos i got alot more use from my new awesome paddle because of your guys lessons keep making more 🙂

  28. Firstly it's great you've got the fade working well. To get the hook it really is a matter of hitting the ball at the right spot. Concentrate on hitting the ball on the side. As we mention in the video, this is easier if you drop your wrist.

    If your still having trouble, try asking a question on our website as there is more room to answer you in detail.

  29. Forehand is my problem spot, I'm not bad at backhand, but forehand doesn't seem to work too well for me.

  30. Start with the basics and try to progress from there. Take a look on our website as we have different lessons there that will help you.

  31. I gotta nice spin tomahawk serve.but my opponent always put the ball to my side in a short way.and when i played topsin for that the ball is going out of the table without even toching it.what can i do for that

  32. Interesting question. It sounds like we might need more room to answer this one. Try asking the question on our website under the ask the coach section and we'll see if we can help you out.

  33. So I've got a basic relatively slow topspin shot and I use my wrist to angle it and get the ball out wide however I don't have nearly as much of the spin as you do do I need to change my wrist in the middle of the stroke ?

  34. man, i just started learning this technique a little while ago. It is incredibly fun to do =)
    Since all my partners (myself included) are self-taught, this type of topspin-sidespin completely baffles them ))

  35. I am facing difficulty in getting backhand hook and fadeshots. Especially backhand hook at backhand edge is very difficult for me.

    Please, provide some video lessons for it. I appreciate that.

  36. To generate sidespin you need to change the angle of your bat as you contact the ball. This is usually done using your wrist.

  37. Please help! I cannot spin the ball. I dont understand this this dropping wrist and stuff. the ball just has topspin. no curve, nothin. please reply

  38. Hi, I just watched a Champions League match where Ovtcharov served his usually strange sidespin serve.. Could you do a video on that.  It looks like a lot of players have difficulty in returning this serve

  39. Is it okay to generate the sidespin while using the penhold grip? I find it easier to use the penhold rather than dropping my wrist. @PingSkills

  40. Hi Leoben Navarro,

    I'd recommend learning the straight topspin stroke first as it's more consistent. Then you can look at learning the sidespin topspin stroke.

  41. This is an awesome video! I have a hard time against sidespin forehand. I hate it, but I have to learn how to counter it. Either slow, or fast, it is quite intimidating seeing the ball curve. I try not to panic and wait the ball out as long as I can.

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