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Adding side spin to your forehand topspin can be effective, but it can also be a lot of fun There are two types of forehand sides ben topspin that you can do. There’s the hook and the fade so the hook is where you’re dropping the end of your racket and the fade is where you’re Lifting the end of your racket The critical part of adding side Spin is the angle of your racket and your wrist if you have your racket straight You’re going to come straight over the top of the ball and add pure topspin on the ball But now let’s look if we drop the end of our racket down using our wrist I’m going to brush on the side of the ball and add some sides ben curving the ball from my left to right Similarly if I now lift the end of my racket up and my wrist up I’m going to brush on This side of the ball, and so I’m going to curve the ball from my right to left When you’re playing the sides been topspin It’s important that your arm action is still very similar to your normal topspin so if your normal topspin This is what your arm looks like now all we’re going to do is we’re going to change the angle of our wrist and racket to add the side spin this way or that way I Often see players instead of doing this doing this so right across their body which tends to lead to a lot of errors, so Make sure that you’re finishing with your arm in a good high position So technically when should you use the side spin topspin It’s a good idea if your opponent is central to the table to be able to use the side spin to drag them out wide Across the table if you use the hook then The ball is gonna drag out wide there or if you use the fade you’re gonna drag your opponent Way out to the other side of the table? Adding side Spin to your top Spin also makes it a little bit harder for the blocker blockers are used to the ball coming with pure topspin and For pure topspin they just keep their bat straight Now by adding side Spin the ball is curving so they need to be able to react to that curve But once they contact the ball they also then need to be able to cope with the side spin That’s on the ball So the side Spin is going to drag the ball out one way Or the other and they need to angle their racket to be able to counter the sides been on the topspin It’s important before Attempting the side Spin topspin that you’re really confident with your straight topspin It’s important to get the action of your straight topspin correct And then you can start to change the angle of your wrist either down or up When you’re playing with pure topspin the ball has a better margin for error because the pure topspin will drag the ball straight down However with the side Spin the ball isn’t dropping as quickly because it’s curving So it’s a little bit less accurate and you will find that you’ll make some more errors. It’s a more difficult stroke So make sure first up you have your pure topspin correct and then you can start to experiment with the Hook and the fade

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  1. Its actually 6 in the morning for me. I didnt sleep. I was about to but than a new video came out. I actually started practicing 🙂 love you so much

  2. Very helpful. But I must say that it looks easier than it is during a match. I´ve already tried it but the error rate was quite high. So I find it better to concentrate on placement and topspin variations.

  3. I discovered this shot a few years ago and this has become my favorite offensive shot. I love to get the opportunity to hit this one because I can get so much spin on the ball that it can go almost 70 degrees on a slower shot. No doubt that this is my go to fun shot!

  4. Sir can you show us how to receive or to counter the side topspin as shown in this video effectively reducing the error and the bat position and all that????

  5. Alois and Jeff, thank you for your videos! I started playing this sport 5 years ago! You area my inspiration to keep playing table tennis! Your videos taught me how to be a good player! Keep up the good work!

  6. idk if this was anwsered but how do you counter that spin where it bounces really high and right/left if not countered properly and also how to do it? thanks.

  7. idk if this was anwsered but how do you counter that spin where it bounces really high and right/left if not countered properly and also how to do it? thanks.

  8. Guys plz
    Tell me a website that you can buy and they will make the racket for you
    I want a DHS hurricane 8 full spin mid hard
    Japanese style penhold blade (good quality. Not too expensive)
    And edge tape
    Anyone has any good websites? That I can use?
    Plz I can't find any good websites
    Thank you

  9. Hey Jeff and Alois, it's been a while :p. I just want to say that your videos are very helpful, and that you guys are very nice! I'm training 3 times a week now, playing competition with seniors and juniors, while I'm 17. I just want to reach that top level so badly. I want to be standing there, and I'm very grateful for any training. That's why I'm very thankful that your videos are out there! Thanks so much guys, I can't show my appreciation enough with just a comment..

  10. Can u tell me some tips for table tennis. I am a player I have nation compition in my state at India plz tell some tips and tricks

  11. So I have an odd question about a special case for a serve. I understand that for a serve to be a let, the serve hits the net but must otherwise be a legal serve. Normally this is when you serve, the ball hits your table, the net, then the opponent's table. However, what if the order is changed? I got a really lucky (or unlucky) serve where the ball hit the net, my table, then the opponent's table.

    In short, a normal let serve has the order table-net-table, but what if the order is net-table-table? Thanks!

  12. I am a big fan of urs.I have a question that can I smash against topspin and can I smash in returning of servise

  13. do you have any tips for dealing with nerves? I always forget everything I practiced in an actual match because for some reason I get incredibly nervous … its always more of a psychological than physical match for me

  14. Hey PingSkills. I have watched you for quite some time now, and never took Table Tennis seriously but recently we started the sport in my gym class. We were taught the shake hand and pen hold grip. After beating everyone in my class with a penhold grip in a tournament, i'm inspired to take this sport competitively now. Any tips before I really get into it? Thank you!

  15. Jeff or alois could you answer this question in a video

    Are you allowed to make relieved noises and talk in a match?

  16. Hi pingskills, I know this is random but I used to be good at forehand but a day ago I noticed that I got worse, can you please give me tips because I am really angry at myself for being bad. Do I have the wrong stroke or something? Because I'm the type of guy to get mad at fails easily. Thanks!

  17. Alois, I use a topspin shot againt an incoming topspin, where I spin over th e top of the ball in a very flat arc, it creates a lot of spin, have you ever used this shot?

  18. No my follow through is about shoulder high, and the ball is kept on the rubber a n d sponge, very little wood of the blade. There is an extreme amount of top spin, its more of a spin shot than a power shot. The ball jumps into the floor. The b all probably only clears the net by 6 inches. I use Hadegawa's grip , index finger straight up the bat. I have been tolf this is a semi penholder grip.

  19. Additional – I start about thigh high and end about shoulder high, I use a lot of wrist. And a lot of leg/ thigh drive.

  20. Hello sir. Can you please tell me which rubbers will help me increase dwell time on donic black devil cb. Really need help fast. I’ve got my nationals next week and I’m still stuck. Hope you reply fast.

  21. My coach advices me to with slow topspin action but to return opponent's topspin I need fast topspin.
    At the same time I block the topspin at backhand and can't return it with a great speed.What should I do?

  22. as a blocker, this is very hard to block cause the blocker have to side spin / chop block or a chop. This stroke is VERY effective in beginner / amuter leagues!

  23. Great vid. For some reasons i followed everything and nothing happened. Is it that I'm special? Every time I try doing something, it doesn't work or something or someone messes it up.

  24. Man, I never realized it but I have been using the hook for all my table tennis life and have been calling it a straight topspin. Thanks, you guys helped me a lot!!

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