Should I copy pro’s playing style in table tennis? Nguyễn Anh Tú (Tú Mẩu)

Welcome to the channel of coach EmRatThich. Is Zhang Jike your
favorite player? And you want to copy his playing style? If Yes, today, I want to show you a pro
player who has the same playing style of Zhang Jike. He is Nguyen Anh Tu or
“Tu Mau” , named as “Zhang Jike Vietnam”. He is the Southeast Asian Games
2017 Champion. I regret to loose the match in the previous
round. But I’ve learned my mistake
and did my best to win the final. I feel wonderful after this Championship. He has won Chew Zhe Yu Clarence of Singapore
3-0, and won another second team Singapore player to win the Champion. This is also for the first
time, Vietnam has won Singapore to win the Gold medal in SEA Games. He was born in 1993, height 1m70, weight 60kg. He has copied the playing
style, the techniques, and the style from Zhang Jike. Now, let’s enjoy some of
his best points. If you want to copy the playing style of your
favorite player. Just do it. Having a
model playing style in table tennis is a good point. You can see that Nguyen
Anh Tu has some success with his serve and Backhand attack like Zhang Jike. If you want to see another good matchs from
top Vietnamese players. I
recommend you to check the best YouTube channel for that: Lam Lang Set. The link is in the description below.

29 thoughts on “Should I copy pro’s playing style in table tennis? Nguyễn Anh Tú (Tú Mẩu)

  1. Nguyen Anh Tu, one of the best Vietnamese player. The hope of Vietnam table tennis. In the East Asian Games. He has won the Singapore players: Poh Shao Feng Ethan (WR 474) 4 – 0 (11 – 6, 11 – 7, 11 – 5, 11 – 9). He also won Chew Zhe Yu Clarence (the candidate for the Champion) 3 – 0 in the previous round.

  2. If you want to use a lot of backhand attack, and backhand flick, use more "Reverse Pendulum Serve" like Zhang Jike! Nguyen Anh Tu did exactly the same! He flips the ball a lot, and Backhand attack the next ball!

  3. I think it's more than just copying "your favorite player". Sometimes we see a lot of ourselves in our favorite player (physique, mentality, style and much more) and we see our potential in them. He shares many physical and psychological traits with ZJK so it would make sense for him to emulate that.

    When I first started playing I was emulating Michael maze, because of his spastic/overly energetic style of playing. I later switched to XX after I decided to switch to penhold (even though I studied Ma Lin and Wang Hao who were better than XX in different regards at the time at least), I couldn't see myself doing what they did, and my playing style did not align with theirs even though they were among my favorite players.

  4. Sick Intro, I like how things start looking more professional on this channel. Content has always been good, the presentation was questionable in the first videos though. Keep it up

  5. perhaps when you are a middle level to good player it is advisable to imitate or copy a player (that according to you, his gamestyle suits to yours. However, when you turn to pro you have to keep moving in your own style and find your own personality on the table. Listen to Bruce lee's video on 'be water', that applies to every sport and life.

  6. I use Japanese penholder but the playing styles of TOP players (Ryu seung min, Kim taek soo, Chiang peng lung…etc.) are so difficult to copy..

  7. Hi Coach, I started to play table tennis 6 months ago. I have watched all your videos and i found it really helpful. I have improved a lot since i watched your videos. Now i am using a 729 pre-made blade and i want to make an upgrade. Could you help me to choose the blade and rubbers ? My favourite player is ZJK too and i really want to play like him. Thanks

  8. a chinese being copied, what a weird sentence. anyway the biggest case imo is wong chun ting trying to copy wang hao

  9. hi.
    i have a problem with forehand stroke.
    when I wanna do forehand stroke my hand shiver.
    i cant control it.
    it has been shivering for almost 2 year.
    I dont know what should i do
    i have done anything to solve this.
    but just a little change and getting better then after that still shiver.
    can u help me?

  10. my favorite player is ma long and I want to follow his playing style but my foot work is a bit slow should I follow his playing style?

  11. I m from India and copied the style of Zhang jike I m state level player I have butterfly power 7 fl off+ ply and rasanter v47 black rubber I m searching for good red rubber please tell me which should I take

  12. Bro they do realize that there is a tennis court for. A reason they moving around the table like damn I’m vietimeise

  13. That is a huge upset, singapore has been dominating SEA since i was a kid with the dominance of Gao ning. So happy for Vietnam

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