Shot Clock: ASU Coach Todd Graham not recieving contract extention.

Hi everybody. This is the Shot Clock. I’m Mark, this is Greg. Let’s start the clock. So Todd Graham is in the news. Did not get an automatic one-year contract
extension, which has been the norm at ASU since he’s been here. Greg, good move, wake-up call? What’s your take? Yeah, it’s a good move right? Win some games, you get the extension. It’s just that easy. Todd Graham has a reputation of winning a
bunch of games early in the season. Falling apart later in the season. Or, having a couple of good seasons and once
everybody starts to pay attention to the guy, he’s like that old Michigan J. Frog cartoon. It’s like as soon as you’re looking at him,
he’s not doing anything. As soon as you look away he’s signing and
dancing and he’s got a top hat. Maybe that’s a little harsh, right? He’s done some great things. Two 10-win seasons back to back, right? He’s created some positive momentum. And he’s still got four years, so this can
happen. I’m just saying, right? You want more than what you’ve had. Two losing seasons in a row, falling apart
late. You gotta do better. You gotta do better. Switching gears real quick to the Diamondbacks. Chemistry is sometimes an overused word in
sports. But I think there’s something going on with
that clubhouse with the Diamondbacks. You’ve been around them a little bit. What are we seeing in their clubhouse? So I’ve been fortunate enough to hang around
the clubhouse the last couple of weeks. I’ve seen little things, right? By and large they come across as quiet guys. But then Zack Godley goes and takes batting
practice. He pops two up into the net, and he has to
finish off BP with his shirt off. Everybody’s laughing and having a good time. I saw guys gather around to watch a ballgame. And they were watching the Cubs and the Rockies. They were hoping that the Cubs would come
back and win, you know, so they could improve their standings. They were having a good time together. They’re little things, they’re small moments. But you can tell that these guys like each
other. And I think that’s helpful. That’s all the time we have for today. Have a good day, everybody.

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