100 thoughts on “Shit Baseball Players Say

  1. headache it's always some kind of an excuse baseball players you hate your job all of your rich friends you hate everyone to the bigger end nothing turns out right there's no in sight baseball players you hate your life so much in stake can't take a break you hate your life yeah

  2. 1:52 Whenever I have softball practice the boys practice on the field next to ours and I would always hear them say that

  3. Let's see who can figure this out:

    I go to Louisiana I stay for 2 nights, then I go to Boston. From there I go to Rochester, I say there for 4 nights then I go to New Hampshire.

    Where am I?

  4. The 2 that will always me me laugh : "baseball gods don't want us to play today" and "yeah I got seeds"

  5. I've heard the Sheffield one before. But what about just picking up a bat, doing a random stance, and saying to your teammate "dude, who am I?" Then you try to guess which stance it is.

  6. does anyone know what kind of lenses those are on the m2 oakley that the guy in the cubs Jersey is wearing

  7. To anyone that doesn't play baseball and is wondering, this video is 100% accurate. Especially the ass slapping ??

  8. I hate hitting doubles, relatable cause singles Are average , doubles aren't worth it but triples are cause u get hella cheer ?? doubles is canceros

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