Shenandoah University Head Baseball Coach Kevin Anderson

Growing up I knew I wanted to try to
play as long as I could and every kid that probably ever put on a little
league uniform you know aspired to play professional baseball. I knew I wanted to
go into coaching immediately after my playing career was over and had the
opportunity and I’m entering my 17th year at Shenandoah University and baseball
and assistant AD. The personal pride factor and the relationships that you
build with young men, it’s really twofold. One, we’re trying to win games on the
baseball field and we’ve done a pretty good job of that. In 2003 August when I
took over, there were 11 kids on the team and won 11 games, and to build the
program now – I’m just talking about on the field – to the to the wins where we’re
the most successful program in the state of Virginia over the last five and last
ten years, and we carry the most student-athletes.
Combine that with graduating our players. Our team GPA has gone from a 2.2 to a 3.18; the relationships that you form, going back
to former players’ weddings, seeing our guys in professional baseball or
whatever avenue that they’ve gone into and the success that they’ve had; it’s
very gratifying to hopefully think that you’ve played a small role in the
success of our players – not only on the field but you know they’re growing up to
be great people in the community. We do a lot of community service work they take
that back, but it’s pretty proud of what we’ve built.

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