Shadow Practice Table Tennis (Part 1)

welcome to the channel coach and briefly this is the super shadow play perform a chan waiter within his club this is the part one focus on the fundamental movement and transition volcanic there are seven exercises that every young player must learn first small change it’s not a reason a rather center bravely second 400-point attack well it could work to use the 400 the middle to table and my forehand position you can use these shuttle flights we learn the basic pattern inside a famous it is very important to the new player repetition is the team you will improve and correct your bad habit by doing this job every day [Music] within only four minutes you will learn the basic foot pattern intermetallic onwards incorporates the body is of the chalk make a small step between a big movement to gain the consistency [Music] and between forehand to point attack with the transition from the backhand drive miss parson are based on the real situation in match by training this situation we can improve quickly or play in the real match quick by hand right and then keyboard to attack on a stroll [Music] number four I can attach our two points with a bike an attack consistently in Turkey because it is harder to make a pallet in shops in the back hand than with a forehand so we’ll focus on the consistency of the shock [Music] [Music] number five to an attack at the keyboard and then at the black pro-am position this exercise you have you learn to expect in total pennies how to move the white range and then quickly recap to attack continuously it’s into the power infinite infinite toggle incident it’s infinite power [Music] number six relax learn the backhand do for EM division at the basic plan you can notice that even when you don’t meet rule that you should rotate your body and do a lot of your weight generate the power of this chop this principle apply for both forehand and potential look at how display a rotate there [Music] and finally number seven for hand to point attack with the transition of the back end this is the most common situation in table tennis so you need to repeat this exercise [Music]

12 thoughts on “Shadow Practice Table Tennis (Part 1)

  1. Dear EmRat, I used to be a national player in Libya, and now I coach young players, and I have learned a lot from your videos
    , the kids are improving fast, we use the power from the ground and It works perfectly, thank you so much, and keep them coming

  2. Hello, Sir! my question is how much repetition should be done, in these shadow drill? or how much time should be given everyday to shadow drills?
    thanks in advance!

  3. Looks like an army preparing to storm a fortress or something XD. Thanks! I will use this to practice my footwork and techniques.

  4. Read full analysis here: 07 table tennis training drills for beginners


  5. Good to see ping pong dance with music! Best to have a mirror or some reflective surface in front of the practicioner, so that he / she can see his / her motions , and compare them with the videos of fameous players ( like Yangyang). Shadow play is good in the sense that one can swing his bat many times in a period, much more than with a player. Normally when one swing 10 thousands time or more, the body will develop an optimise routine for the swing, which look beautiful and actually efficient! Of course there is no senation of a ball, which has to be obtained by other practices, like from the coach, practising partners, Ping Pong Machine or reflective plates. Best Regards from Piggy

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