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Hi, I’m Alois Rosario from PingSkills. Parth
has asked us a question about using shadow drills. Shadow drills are where you don’t use a ball.
So what you are doing is you’re using your strokes and practicing your strokes without
the use of the ball. You can also use footwork drills the same way. A great way to get a good idea in your head
about what the stroke feels like is to do the stroke without the ball. You might even
close your eyes for a while and start to feel where that bat is at the start position and
where the bat is at the finish position. You could do the same thing with the backhand
so this is my start position, this is my finish position and just do it repetitively so that
you’re feeling exactly where that bat is at the start and finish and through the stroke. The other really good thing with shadow play
and shadow drills is that you can start to really relax your strokes. Often when the
ball is coming towards you we tighten up with the shoulder and the arm and the wrist and
our stroke starts to look like that. By doing some shadow drills we’re starting to really
feel how easy and smooth that stroke can be when you’re playing. So utilise shadow play
and utilise shadow drills as a really good practice tool to teach yourself the strokes
and to just feel what those strokes should feel like. You can do whatever you want with your shadow
play or shadow drills so you can start with the very simple of just practicing a stroke
with the forehand or the backhand or you could start to think about some two ball drills,
forehand, move across, backhand, forehand, move across, backhand. Or you could make it
complex, you could do things like the PingSkills drill so you do a backhand, do a forehand,
do a backhand, move across and play, and play, and play, and play, and play. So you can practice
the movement, you can practice your strokes, and all without a ball and without
a partner.

37 thoughts on “Shadow Drills | Table Tennis | PingSkills

  1. hi im ali, an intermediate player, can you do a video explaining on how to return spins and the study of the spins?all of your videos helps me alot!! thanks u guys are the best!

  2. hi, I'm Martin. I'm very happy that you make this video, it helps me in practcing a lot. Thank you and I hope you will make another amazing videos like this. I learnd a lot. You are amazing people! Thanks☺

  3. hello pingskills
    my name is fuad can you tell me how to improve my leg movement across the table
    I'm having trouble in moving

  4. hi I wanted to ask what exercise should I follow to improve my forehand swing

    I also wanted to know that I get pains in my shoulder after practice , why
    what should I do toavoid that

  5. plz help me
    i want to buy akkadi l2 so i dont have an idea about thickness ox,0.6 etc….so can u tell me what size of thicknes rubber i should buy tell me as i want a thickness of unpimpled rubber like simple we use

  6. Hi I can do the shadow drill just fine, but when in training and I try to hit the ball, my stroke became broken, the follow through always wrong (backhand and forehand drive), and the ball not really go into the correct direction. What do I need to do to correct it?

  7. pingskills l normally give more force in my arms in the forehand topspin is it correct or l have to give more force in my hands.plz tell me ???

  8. I know the correct technique for chopping, but whenever I'm training I automatically chop more forwards. It isn't really chopping. Do you know why?

  9. Sir,

    This is really effective for beginners. Can we have the ideal pattern shadows to superimpose them with our action/drill.

    Thank you.

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