Sesame Street: Ernie Plays Baseball

(rain) (sobbing) – Ernie, Ernie, what’sa matter? Ernie? – Oh, Bert, Bert, it’s terrible, Bert. – What’s terrible, Ernie, what? – Well, I wanted to play
baseball today, and look outside. It’s raining outside, Bert. (sobs) – Oh, that’s it, yeah. Well Ernie, it’s not so bad. – Not so bad? Bert, yes it is, Bert! – Hey, hey, hey, hey. – It’s very bad. – Okay, okay. Now calm down, Ernie.
– I’m so sad. – Calm down. Hey, hey I got an idea. Why don’t you just imagine
you’re outside playing baseball? – Imagine? (bell dings) – Sure, imagination is sometimes as good as the real thing, Ernie. – Oh, okay Bert, I’ll try it. – Good. – Gee, let’s see now. I’ll imagine that I’m
out at the old ballpark. (lullaby music) The fans are cheering. (applause and cheers) The umpire yells – [Umpire] Play ball! – And I step up to the plate. The pitcher winds up, and I swing (pop) Oh, it’s a fantastic hit. (slide whistle) Look at the baseball go. It’s going up, over the roof. It’s still going up, up, up, into the sky. Through the clouds. And now it’s coming down. Down, down, down it comes, and it lands (splash) in the ocean. Oh no. – Hey Ernie, Ernie, it’s
stopped raining now. You can go out and play baseball. – Oh, no I can’t Bert. – Why not? – The baseball’s at the
bottom of the ocean Bert. (funny music) (electronic music) – Hey you, scram! I’m serious. Go somewhere else. Like, the Sesame Studios YouTube channel. Yeah, go ahead. You wanna laugh and have fun, and all those other icky nice things? Go to the Sesame Studios YouTube channel, and leave me alone! Didn’t you hear what I just said? Scram! (groans) I’m outta here.

20 thoughts on “Sesame Street: Ernie Plays Baseball

  1. I will never scram from the Sesame Street YouTube channel, Oscar, and I don't want to go to the Sesame Studios station, it's a bad Idea and it always has been. So why don't you scram. No offense, Carroll.

  2. Is it me, or is the audio a bit rough at points ? Still, a nice classic skit with our old buddy Ernie (and the punchline is hilarious).

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