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Hi, I’m Alois Rosario And I’m Jeff Plumb from PingSkills and we’re
here to teach you the secrets of the serve. In this series we’re going to show you how
to generate spin on the ball then we’re going to think about how to generate different types
of spin, sidespin, topspin, backspin, and then we’re going to show you a whole range
of different serves that you can use to really stump your opponents. We’ll take you through the pendulum serve,
one of the most popular serves in table tennis. We’ll also show you the reverse pendulum serve
which is gaining a lot of popularity and used in conjunction with the pendulum can really
confuse your opponents. The tomahawk serve was popular decades ago
but it’s making a comeback. Some people are starting to use it with great effect and because
people aren’t used to returning it, it can be very effective. The backhand serve is a must learn serve for
your arsenal. It’s good to have a variety of serves and this will really add to your
repertoire. We’ll also show you the high toss serve which
allows you to generate a lot of spin and can confuse your opponent because of the toss. We’ll show you how to vary the spin, speed,
and placement of your serve, three things that are critical to helping you to get an
effective serve. We’ll also show you how to introduce a little bit of deception into your
serving which will really make it difficult for your opponent to return.

66 thoughts on “Serving Secrets Introduction | PingSkills | Table Tennis

  1. Hello im new to the table tennis game and i really like it. Im not as good as a pro but i seem to win against my friends and strangers. My favorite shot is the backspin shot it really plays around with my opponents. I've learned alot from PingSkills thanks 😀

  2. Sorry for some reason I can't reply to your comment directly but will the serves itself like the pendulum serve tomahawk and reverse pendulum for premium members

  3. What´s the difference between the reverse pendulum serve and the tomahawk serve? I mean they´re generating the same type of sidespin right?
    Also I find it really hard to make a short serve when I do a high toss serve. Any tips on how I can improve that?

  4. Hi, i'm really starting to like ping pong and have only been using the sportstore racket with sponge (not the only wooden one with pips) i'm no pro, but i'm able to beat all my friends and family. i have great top spin, and like to play with an aggressive play style. I think i'm gonna start off with just a premade racket before I get a customized one. Can you tell me a good premade racket that is beneficial for topspin and good for an aggressive intermediate player?

  5. Hi Andy Faith, we sell the PingSkills Rook on our website which a great bat for learning the correct strokes and learning all kinds of spin. Other good brands are Donic, Butterfly, Stiga, just to mention a few.

  6. +pingskills i know u cant reply but i cant do it right my hand handling is good and if i hit the ball it doesnt spin that much idk whats the problem but im spinning my risk right??

  7. Coach, its me again. I want to ask if there are any steps to help my serving becomes better? like first step of training. then, after that, go to second step of training?

  8. heelo sir actually i bought a new table tennis bat and seal was not removed properly so what shall i do now???
    and it has a glossy texture on it due to which it is not spinng pl help??

  9. One thing I'm trying is putting your ball behind your bat for a forehand serve, helps me focus where i want it to land, but is does that break the rules? I do chuck it up in the air on and it rests on my palm and i think my bat isn't blocking the view of the ball as well

  10. Great video btw I talked to you on Instagram. I love how you cover all parts
    Of table tennis which is good for a beginner like me keep going

  11. this is just what i was looking for,the perfect guide to my training ,i had no clue as to where to start training wise ,thanks guys ,you have a store?

  12. Been inproving ,ive even beat one of my buddies at the club ,but dont have many variations of serves,this is just awesome

  13. What ball do you use? And can u help me because when i always go to a tournament i always loose i want to beat him i cant …..what should i do?

  14. I have a problem when doing the pendulum serve, I think I do everything right, I do just as you say but the ball comes bouncing quite high over the net with little to no spin.. It's annoying me, I wan't to get a lower, spinnier ball but I don't know how..

  15. hello alios sir and jeff sir……i want to tell my story to u

    "4 yeras back i took admission in an engineering college
    at the end of first year i found myself in depression because i had no talent such as sports , singing or dancing. I saw many girls praising boys and encouraging them during basketball game. I wished the same for me. But anyhow i started table tennis. when i saw players playing tt in tt hall , i thought i could never compete them. So i encountered you channel on youtube, and started learning through your videos. I practiced hard and by the support of your videos this year , which was my final year , i became captain of my college team. i earned respect and also won 2 college tournaments. 2 days before we had our college farewell and i was asked to say few words. I mentioned you both in my speech .
    You both are the reason for whatever i am today. You helped me fight depression and my feeling when i underestimated myself. respect for you both, may you both live long


  16. hello…. actually i m a student nd i ve to win the finals of table tennis so plese help me in any possible way….reply fast plesssss

  17. So happy to be a Premium member now! The content and coaching that is available is top notch. Alois and Jeff seem to really care about the individual. You aren't just a number to them. I cannot say enough good things about their program, coaching, and the personal touch that each of them bring to the table via Premium Membership. Take the leap! You will not regret it. -Van

  18. You should know this your YT channel is nice because you actually take notice of your viewers Its nice u give personal attention to everyone and really help them out. Thanks!

  19. Thanks for watching! Make sure to checkout where you can watch all the lessons in an organised fashion.

  20. Hey pingskills I am from India and I love your channel and I want to become LIKE you in table tennis. I am 11 years old and I also take coaching . Keep coming! BEST OF LUCK

  21. this is the best tutorials I ever seen in anywhere we can master tt by seeing ping skills… hats offf to this I salute you thank you for ur tutorials ????

  22. this is the best tutorials I ever seen in anywhere we can master tt by seeing ping skills… hats offf to this I salute you thank you for ur tutorials ????

  23. this is the best tutorials I ever seen in anywhere we can master tt by seeing ping skills… hats offf to this I salute you thank you for ur tutorials

  24. this is the best tutorials I ever seen in anywhere we can master tt by seeing ping skills… hats offf to this I salute you

  25. Ever considered putting some markings on the ball so you can see what’s going on with the spin during slo mo shots? Just a though.

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