Seniors Brett Jones and Andrew Berry Preview the 2019 Baseball Season

I think one of the biggest team goals this year is just improving from where we have been the past few years I think we’ve made good steps going from I mean we were last place in the conference that we made to conference tournament last year and this year I think it’s a goal to continue moving up in the standings because bridgewater College is always been the face of the ODAC and we were trying to get back to that standard and get back to compete with everybody in the conference and then we have a more balanced lineup this year than we ever had before we got a bunch of guys that have had a lot of experience to a little bit of experience but are still able to contribute we have a bunch of guys here that have been working hard this off season that are really dedicated their skills on top of the weight room to the hitting facility and I just try to be a contributor to the lotto because it’s gonna take all nine guys to be able to make something happen to make us compete day in and day out to make sure that we reach a conference tournament chase another Championship I think our first goal this year is we need to really try to compete every game we need to try to stay with our competition don’t let the big names you know the number one picks the nationally ranked teams you know overwhelm us I think we can be with anybody being preseason pick ninth I think our first goal should be making the ODAC tournament which is the top eight teams and I think once we get in You know anything can happen so looking back we had a really good offseason this year we had a lot of guys dedicate their time to the weight room throwing programs I mean the backbone of our pitching staff this year is gonna be the seniors chad lenz tristan daywalt and myself we got a lot of up and coming young guys that have a good chance to playing so as the season goes on this year I think we’re going to rely more on the freshman that have already taken great strides since the fall we’re gonna need them to continue to improve throughout the season and I think a lot of them we’re gonna step up and be big force when it comes down to ODAC time

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