Self Defense Using a Baton or Baseball Bat : Draw The Bat Quickly & Strike

Tres Tew here. I’m an instructor at Yeshua’s
Ryu Martial Arts and on behalf of Expert Village, I’m going to be talking to you about the expandable
baton. Okay, now we are going to be going over how to strike and extend the baton at
the same time. Maybe your attacker is coming in with an across slash, and you don’t have
enough time to pull your baton out, so you have to use your open hand to block his strike.
What you want to do is you want to block and grab it or just trap it. Get the knife away
from your body. Give yourself plenty of time to come out, extend the baton and strike in
the same movement. So, again it’s kind of like the Western quick draw, but you don’t
have enough time to block the knife with it. So, you are catching the knife and grabbing
and in the same movement you are extending and striking with the baton. Again, the strike
can go to any vital part of the body. It can even go to the knife hand to make him drop
it. You can follow through with some sort of controlling technique to keep him from
coming after you. All of these techniques, you don’t want to use your baton until someone
pulls a weapon on you. Again, this is a weapon and can be used against you in a court of
law. That is how to simultaneously strike while blocking with an open hand and extending
the baton.

12 thoughts on “Self Defense Using a Baton or Baseball Bat : Draw The Bat Quickly & Strike

  1. I have now watched all of "Self Defense Using a Baton or Baseball Bat" videos. While I will admit that these techniques may be useful, I am not sure how they would work if you were using a baseball bat.

  2. I don't know if what youre saying is true, But that's BS. if someone is coming at me with a knife, you best believe I'm gonna send em to the hospital. I have a right to defend myself and those around me, and I'll be damned if some jackass is gonna assault me witha deadly weapon and get away with it.

    That is ofcourse if you have the proper training. I don't advocate anyone doing this, but lets say for those of us privaleged enough to know what to do, I'll utilize my training.


  3. Being a security guard and getting the training that way, the only thing I wonder on that video is that he shows the baton hit on neck area which can easily be fatal. At least we've guided to try to hit only arms or legs but not body/neck/head. Hitting a limb might even break a bone and definatly should make enough pain for the attacker to stop.

  4. If he is coming at me with a knife, he has the potential to slash, gash, and mutilate me. Whether he slashes me in the neck or not doesnt seem that relavent here. He can cut me in any other vital artery. The point here is, he has made a commitment to potentially kill me. I will not gamble with his "potential", I shall impose enough force to not just deter him, but to make sure he can't do it again. Escalation of force still applies. If he was throwing punches, i wouldn't. If he can kill,I shall.

  5. Well part of what I said was based on the laws in where I live which states that self defense goes as far as making the attacker stop attacking. Might be another thing in US but here you'd get sued for it. Just breaking the attacker's arm should be enough to stop him unless he's on drugs and can't feel a thing or something.

  6. proper baton strikes target only major muscle groups no joints, vital areas and especially nowhere above the neck. This is garbage and a nice way to end up on the wrong side of the law.

  7. As delmar said it. Also came to mind that blocking a knife without anykind of practice in self defense will most propably end in you bleeding to death.

  8. dude get your baton out immidiately extend it and when he strike hit his hand with the baton… cuz a knife is deadly when it comes to close combat..distance yourself…

  9. Always assume your opponent is a master who has both the knowledge and experience.NEVER try to block the knife hand without a weapon unless you have no other choice,then the knife hand will be your main object.Evade by leaning back,draw and go for the knife hand.One hit and he WILL NOT hold the knife any longer.The baton is an extension of your arm.Keep him at bay untill you disarm him with a strike.When you attack him then,the law may see you as the offender. Police Officer (19yr vet)

  10. I'm really curious how he would have time to reach for his baton when he is already blocking a knife attack with a bare hand.
    ExpertVillage still sucks, as it did many years ago.

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