Self Defense Using a Baton or Baseball Bat : Defending Against a Front Choke with a Bat

Tres Tew here. I’m an instructor at Yeshua’s
Ryu Martial Arts and on behalf of Expert Village, I’m going to be talking to you about the expandable
baton. Okay, now your attacker in this situation is attacking you from the front. Now, what
we want to do once we’ve got our baton out is throw a loosening up type technique to
the ribs or either to the face, one. This is going to get his attention away from his
hands. Once his attention is away from his hands, we are going to cross our hands just
like this and hook our baton in right here and push down. From here, we are going to
reap this hand this way, grab his head from here and roll him out this way. As you can
see, I’ve got a pretty painful technique here. I can either switch my baton in my hand. I
can go ahead and extend it all the way and strike to the side of the head, or I can use
it to sort of choke. As you can see, I’ve got this technique, but I can also slide it
through right here and choke into the neck right here. Now, this is a very complex technique,
so I’m going to go over it one more time. He’s choking, so I’m crossing over, pressing
down, rolling it out this way. I’ve got this technique right here. From here, I’m going
to switch hands, snake this through here and push. I’m using his shoulder and his arm against
him and just applying pressure on the neck and the arteries that run through right here.
Also, I can just kind of apply a little bit of pressure to keep him from doing anything
right here. Come on up. That”s how to defend yourself when someone is choking you from
the front, crossing on and bringing him into a submissive technique. I can take him into
cuffs from here, or wait until the authorities are here. This is a very tying up technique
for him. He feels like very helpless in this technique. So, that’s how to defend yourself
against a choke.

9 thoughts on “Self Defense Using a Baton or Baseball Bat : Defending Against a Front Choke with a Bat

  1. See how much time is wasted here? Confrontations start with body language, meaning, you should already have your baton out by the time your opponent tries to choke you. Chances are that his body language is telling you he is going to try to attack you. If he does choke you like that all you have to do is punt his groin while extending the baton…then go to town on him. Break the forearms; his weapons are now useless. Keep combat brutal and practical and you should win.

  2. Always choke an opponent? Yeah, maybe one-on-one, and only if the guy is completely unarmed. If you are choking a guy who has friends present you won't be able to stop them from ending you. Also, if the guy you are choking has a knife you didn't know about, maybe in a pocket or tucked into a belt, you're getting stabbed. He'll have a few seconds to do it once in the choke and that is more than enough time. I have seen it happen. So you see…you shouldn't always get that close to an enemy.

  3. Ah, i see your logic. Survival. Well, from a medical stand point during choking, just one wrong move, like holding it in too long can result in serious brain and nerve damage. You must be extremely careful and read B.L. Usually they defend the neck, you are correct. But, there are those of us who train survival and have already made the decision to stab at first signs of threat. It's a great thing to know these days with MMA being so popular. 🙂 You make good points. I'm glad.

  4. Now… if your focusing on just pure self defence why don't you just bash the attacker in the balls if male? as a guy i can say its pretty effective. I mean, who cares if its cheap, its "him or me" right? Your biggest Priority should be putting distance between you and you assailant, not trying to choke him out…

  5. Complex YES. . Effective NO. it is wonderful when your attacker is co-operating so much.
    i give that one a 3 out of 10

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