Secret of Table Tennis in China and Tacky Rubber

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Chinese Philosophy of table tennis Equipment (Rubber + Blade)
Chinese philosophy of table tennis blade: The blade should be an extend of your hand. You must feel the ball from the blade. It shouldn’t be too hard, too stiff nor
too soft. Blade is where you make the ball spin. That’s
why Chinese player love Stiga blade! Because Stiga blade has: Good quality of wood. Clear vibration provides good feeling Western table tennis philosophy is different:
They prefer harder blade, carbon blade. They want to increase the speed of
the ball, however, the feeling, consistency, and confidence decrease. Chinese philosophy: Blade should give you
control, you should consider a blade as your hand, many feeling, soft, delicate, … you
can drop shot, play with the ball, or can strike very hard. It’s like a short hammer is more consistent
than a long one. The blade is an extension of your hand. So why the ball of Chinese players has much
power and speed? Their ball is very fast, spin and power than
the Western (European player) because there are 2 things:
– do you dare to hit harder and harder if the ball always goes outside the table? No ! It’s the confidence! If you use a good feeling, not too fast blade,
you have confidence ! Western player compensate the speed by the carbon blade ! But it’s a
wrong way! Use a slower blade, but increase the confidence
is the best way! “Chinese player using good feeling blade has
confidence”. because there are 2 things: and the secret
of Chinese National Team is hard, very hard rubber, tacky rubber, why? Chinese players like good control, slow blade,
and hard rubber. European players like hard, fast blade and
soft rubber. Because the philosophies are different. – For Chinese, blade is for feeling and spin,
rubber is for speed and power – For Western, blade is for speed, and rubber
is for spin. They use soft rubber to generate spin, and
fast blade to increase the speed. However, it’s wrong! In fact, the power and the spin come from
your technique. The blade is an extend of
your hand. The power comes from the ground (by rotation
of hip, legs), the spin comes from elbow, wrist, rotation of waist. That’s the Chinese philosophy. Remember my video about Zhang Jike; I’ve said
that “Power comes from the ground”. That’s why Zhang Jike’s legs are so powerful
! You are confused by many chinese rubber: Hurricane,
Skyline, Tinarc, H3, H2, TG3, TG2, H8, National, Provincial, Commercial,
Blue Sponge, Orange Sponge. – It’s not important! – Remember “Equiment is an adaptation to your
technique, technique first, and equipment after. Technique is 90% of your table tennis. 10% is the equipment.” – Change the equipment based on your technique. Don’t buy an equipment and learn
the technique ! If you are on the wrong way=Use a very fast
blade, and soft rubber to generate spin! Listen to me! – Feel the ball with the blade. Find a good blade. – Use a medium-hard rubber first
– If you are strong enough, and want faster ball, then use hard rubber That’s why Chinese players love Stiga blade
for good clear feeling. The power comes from the technique, and more
consistent. You train the physical strength and power
comes with. – Again, remember:
– Power from the ground – Spin from the hip This is the secret of Chinese table tennis. For the soft rubber, you can’t hit harder. it has a limit. If you hit harder, the ball will go outside
the table. It’s easy to topspin, but topspin with power
is not as comfortable. For medium/harder rubber, this limit is much
higher, your ball is spinner and faster! But you must use my philosophy “Power from
the ground, spin from the hip” EmRatThich Gaming CREDITS EmRatThich Gaming Channel
“Chinese philosophy about table tennis equipment”

11 thoughts on “Secret of Table Tennis in China and Tacky Rubber

  1. Anyone can arrange me one DHS Catalogue? i never saw the DHS Catalogue. Please help me find a magazine or a Catalogue oficial from DHS

  2. Half of the best 12 players in China use an arylat carbon blade the others use a stiga fast carbon blade I haven't seen anyone playng with simple wood blades so your theory is totally wrong, many of the best chinese players used a Butterfly rubber on the backhand or a Tenergy like rubber

  3. I've currently experimenting with H2. And curl p1r as a modern def. I use to play with H2 speed glued it was great. I love the hard direct sponge although it don't play that good away from table, where my other rubber and blade (juic spin spiel) is much better away from table. I did try skyline 3 but not so impressed.. for sure the faster rubbers like tenergy are a handful in the right hands. But it's great to beat someone playing a cheaper rubber over a pricey one. Hense confirming that technique wins the day….?

  4. I have found only some of your point of views are correct . Agreement is a good technique, Stay close to the table with fast reaction time. Hitting the ball off the bounce for a fast return. This is one of the winning style. This is a third ball attacker, blocker, and counter attacker style. Very very few people will be able to do this.
    As for the equipment, agreement with you, the blade and rubber are an extension of hand for feeling the ball.

    Therefore, blade should be a firm and hardness but not stiff as with some carbon OFF++. Because of the larger ball, blade needs some carbon in order to reduce the weight of the blade.
    For most player it is hard to increase blade head speed with a heavy blade. Finding the right weight setup to match the body and arm swing speed with the wrist snap is important.

    Many Chinese player are turning the 39 or 40 degree Chinese rubber for speed, control, and feeling. Turned rubbers speed will not last long, and must be turned again and again.
    Consistency of play will not be there from day to day. Water basis glue is the way to go with small loses of ball speed.
    My equipment and technique make the ball is going over too slow. Other players have too much time to attack the ball. I am handing over the attacking to the other side and forced into defense. Working on new path, serve to setup an 3th ball attack style with a firmer blade.

  5. You claimed that Chinese players don’t play with carbon blades, but
    Ma Long plays with inner layer ALC carbon on his Ma Long blade
    Xu Xin uses the Stiga Dynasty Carbon (Xu Xin edition)
    Fan Zhendong uses Viscaria but with a Infinity VPS handle (Viscaria uses ALC carbon)
    Zhang Jike uses Viscaria
    Lin Gaoyuan uses Viscaria as well
    Countless Chinese Women’s team members use Stiga carbonado.

  6. Nice video. Q1: What most tackier rubber compensate on characteristics
    of rubber ? Probably just spin goes up, speed down… Q2:For off- blade and
    medium rubber does it essential to have higher tacky rubber?

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