SECC Volleyball Tournament

the reason I did through the SECC
because it’s very easy it literally took me maybe five minutes the most to do it
through there plus they give a variety of options of what kind of trip
charities to contribute to you can contribute to as many as you want
so it is a lot easier at a food bank one dollar can equal up to seven meals
and so in the past when money is contributed to the food bank through
this we’re able to use that money to go a long ways it had a really great impact
on those that we serve including women children elders senior citizens any
basically vulnerable food insecure individuals in El Paso we would be able
to help the community pay for health care services preventive health care UTEP is such a big school that we could really help a lot, if you just
everyone just doing a little bit $5.00 something like we can fit ourselves a
Starbucks and go and donate and so being able to give back directly to your
community and through this campaign all the money does stay here locally in El

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