SEC Shorts – Arkansas’s mom won’t let him play football this year

Mom! Mom hurry up it’s football sign ups and we’re gonna be late. Uh no sir! You are not playing football this year. But mom! Everyone’s playing this year! Even Ole Miss! I am not sitting in gameday traffic to watch Missouri score 38 on you again! But mom they had Drew Lock! Absolutely not! And that is final! I hate you! But mom! We already tore up the artificial turf and you know how natural grass brings out my fast twitch muscles! I’m running away! I’m moving to a conference that actually appreciates me! That’s nice. And you’ll be so sorry when you try to call the hogs and they don’t come because we’ll be in the Pac 12! Goodbye! Pac 12? Have fun not making the playoff. Stupid SEC playoff odds. Stupid East coast bias. Ok ok! What if.. we go back to the vintage Darren McFadden era jerseys and I promise not play any Power 5 teams out of conference. I just don’t know. Do you remember how sad you were about losing to North Texas last year? *uncontrollable sobbing* Do you want a jello cup? Ye… Yes thank you Why don’t you just focus on those other sports? Track and field? Golf? Baseball! Remember how much fun you had in Omaha? Yeah…but it’s just not the same. You just had your first 10 loss season in school history I just don’t think football is the right sport for you anymore. I mean… Ok. If quitting when you’re down is the lesson you want me to take from all this. But remember the John L. Smith season? I wanted to quit after that and you said no. Things will get better. And then we hired Belima and things didn’t get super better. But we’re a revenue generating sport so… I kinda gotta play. Fine. I think they’re hugging. Does that mean he’s playing? I think he’s in. Automatic conference win, boys. Bump it.

91 thoughts on “SEC Shorts – Arkansas’s mom won’t let him play football this year

  1. Hey y'all still got the Waltons and John Daly, cause it ain't getting easier not a Mizzou fan but Kelly Bryant prob won't make it a cake walk

  2. Arkansas fan here. It ain't fun for football right now, but I found this hilarious. SEC Shorts rocks!

    However, you did miss a chance for a good joke. In the flashback to last season, after losing to UNT, when Mom handed the jello to Arkansas, he should have recoiled & shouted with a whine, "Mom! It's Green!!!!"

    (I'm always available for consultation. πŸ˜†)

  3. If there is an Emmy Award equivalent for YouTube then SEC Shorts should win. Everything they put out is solid gold. So funny.

  4. I never thought as an Arkansas fan. That Arkansas football would get be this low. That just not getting embarrassed would be enough of a win these days….

  5. I just want to say as a FMB Sousaphone player that I am so happy that football season is here. Let's go State! Fuck you Ole Miss!

  6. Ha ha ha……
    Go ahead and have your laughs, but remember this video on the rare times when the Hogs sneak up on you and embarrass you on your own turf. A one point win in Tuscaloosa is like a national championship to us, but it's like an earth shattering disaster to others. It's fun to watch…..

  7. You know how you can spot an SEC fan in any room? He's the one patting himself on the back and sucking his own dick at the same time.

  8. Talia Lin gets more and more attractive every video she's in. Also she's freaking hilarious on top of that. The Auburn Alabama dating game is still my favorite episode.

  9. …I kinda gotta play.


    I think their hugging?

    Does that mean he’s in?

    I think he’s in.

    Automatic conference win, boys.

    Pound it.

  10. As an educated Arkansas fan it's kind of cringy to see the comments saying "But we dominate track". The truth is our mens team hasn't won a national title since 2011 indoors, and they seem to be getting worse. We only place so high at the conference meet bc our distance runners score a lot of points. Unfortunately that is only because the sec is weak in those events. So realistically, at the national level, half of the teams in the sec are just as good if not better than arkansas at track. Sorry hog nation, but it's not the 90s anymore.

  11. Undefeated Arkansas @ Ole Miss this week end baby!

    And Arkansas beat Portland State by a whole touchdown so you know they're back!

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