SCTCC Cyclones Baseball

I’m sophomore Zach Fuecker
and I play left field. Alex Jenkins, I play catcher. Well, you might have heard,
we won our regional tournament beat Century and we’re heading to the
World Series in Greenville Tennessee. Last week’s been a lot of baseball. Not really used to it with all the weather and haven’t got a lot of games
in so this this past week really, really been playing a lot of ball and winning a
lot of ball. I feel good, I think ending on a note like we did we know
we’re capable of competing with top tier teams especially in
the nation even because a lot of those teams in our tournament even were ranked
nationally and with the weather we wouldn’t or we didn’t really can see as
many games but we know we can compete so that’s a good feeling. I’m comfortable there. The key for us just not getting down on ourselves and making making routine plays I think really is a really is a big part of our game and throwing strikes and
timely hitting. I think one of the biggest things that I’ve noticed too is last year we had a lot of like big bulky guys, strong guys and this year
we don’t really have like the biggest guys or strongest guys but they all have
a lot of heart and they’ll play with it, you know, so that’s good. That’s cool to
see. We’re all rooting for each other no one’s really selfish. We
all want everyone to do well and we always just want to win

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