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Oh Scott Sterling Woo! Hey guys so we finally found the place. What’s up
It’s at the Smith field house. They are doing volleyball instead of soccer. So that made it confusing for me. I was out there looking around for the place
for probably about an hour or so. Yeah. We got lost. But it’s a good thing we came early. We found Jeremy and he led us here. Jeremy Warner helped us out a lot. He was lost too until he found the place. Here is a little behind the scenes. Jason is getting some make-up done. Matts getting a small haircut for the new
Scott Sterling video. It’s gonna be volleyball. It should be really funny. So, You should watch it when it comes out. Look who’s here! Jared from Ellie and Jared is here. He’s walking over there to get ready. Hey, So I’m here with Jared from Ellie and
Jared That’s me. How is it going man? It’s going amazing! Good! How have you been since CVX? Oh man. Crazy busy, but it has been so awesome! Does my tie look okay? Does my tie look alright? Yeah. It looks good. I’m like using the viewfinder here. Nose hairs okay? Check! Good! What is your part of this? Well. I think I’m gonna be coaching some people. I’m gonna be coaching some people. I just need my clipboard. Throw it down! What! What! So we gotta make sure that these people are
playing up to par. Do really good. So that is what I’m here for. Making sure the athletes are performing to
the best of their abilities. How excited are you Rich? Huh? How excited are you to be here? Oh! Super excited! It’s like VIP area! VIP It’s amazing! YouTubers! It’s Ryan! It’s Ryan’s Channel! What’s up Ryan? About 900 or so people are suppose to show
up to this. Scott Sterling number 2. And it’s gonna be volleyball and it should
be amazing. It’s Yale verse North Carolina! I’m vlogging as they are come over. So I’m here with some of my YouTube friends. We’re in the VIP section. And Rich shout out your channel. Richclashchair Vlogs
and we have Claytron Roy. So you can go check them out. I will leave a link the
the description box. Wooooooo! We want people to enjoy this sketch when it
airs early next year. So we will give you the whole You will see
how everything unravels. And all behind the movie magic of using the
ball and taking the ball out and how we actually do that. So that will be kind of our inside secret
for a little bit. But once the sketch airs feel free to tell
everyone, but for the time being let it be ours. Special. We’ll all share this together. Okay. So the way this whole day is kinda gonna work. We have three different plays we’re gonna
run. Each play we will do a rehearsal and we will
do that with volleyball. So we rehearsed that already. Then we’ll take the volleyball out and pretend
that the volleyball is actually there. So you guys just play along with us. So the first thing we need to do is we need
to divide everyone up into teams. The team that you are rooting for. So the easiest way to do this is to go last
name alphabet. How about that? So from A to lets do M. Is that a good number? Letter? A to M you are rooting for Yale. And N to the end Z is rooting for North Carolina. Okay. Easy enough. So Sterling is on Yale going against North
Carolina. So that means when this team you are happy. When North Carolina loses you are not happy. That type of idea. Easy enough you guys have been to enough games
to know how that works. *”You’re my brother?” in the background*
So Yeah. We’ll do three different set ups how this
is gonna work. We’ll start with one and then we’ll do
a rehearsal. We’ll have some downtime in between. We gotta go put some make-up on Matt in between. And that’s pretty much it. Alright. Laptop bag. It’s pretty cool! Who wants it? Lets hear it! Lets hear it! *Crowd Screams*
I got one. The winner of the satchel, signed picture. Is 749409
Who got it? Yeah! We’re gonna call you satchel girl from now
on. For the next five hours that we’re here. Hey guys so far it’s going amazing. The shoots going smooth. A bunch of really good takes. How are you going it Rich? Dude. It is crazy over here. The ball keeps coming our way. And keep dodging. Yeah. We’re like right in front. So the ball could just head right towards
us and hit us right in the face. I saved your life once. Yeah. Stuart saved my life once. It was like so close. It was great. I was like no! I caught the ball. Right in front of my face. Thanks Stuart! No problem. How are you enjoying it so far? I’m liking it. It’s pretty cool. I’m just excited to see the final thing. Yeah. You have to wait till April. So we’re on lunch break right now and we
had some pizza. Really good. Yeah, It was really good. They probably have around. How many pizzas do you think? Probably close to six hundred. Yeah. Around six hundred pizzas. Two pieces each. We are watching the football game right now. BYU is playing
and it’s going good so far. Long long day. Are you surviving? Barely. Alright guys! So we have been, as you’ve seen we’ve
been sitting on the sidelines. Right? The cast. We’ve been watching these guys play volleyball. And we are feeling like maybe they’re not
that good. Do you know what I mean? We’ve played a bunch of real games. We kinda know what we’re doing. So do you guys want to see us challenge them
to a volleyball match? *Crowd says “Yes!”*
And we have to have something on the line. So if you lose, what do you have to do? What should you have to do? Dance? If you lose you have to dance. If you lose you have it easy. Well, We’ll think about it. We’ll think about it. And when we lose you can tell us what you
want a… I mean not when we lose! When they lose! Alright! Lets split up the teams! Six Studio C guys on four good volleyball
players. Alright split it up. Lets go guys! Okay guys. We don’t play much volleyball, but we are
very confident in our skills right now. Hahaha! Oh man! Should I just announce it from the side? I don’t need to get involved. *Stuart Edge* No Stacy get involved! *Stuart Edge* Someone is gonna get hurt. It’s gonna be the first to eleven. Right? Alright! *Stuart Edge* Lets go Stacy! Lets go Jason! Jason! You gotta really get into this! *Hit with ball to the face* Oh! Scott Sterling! Hahaha! *Crowd cheers*
*Stuart Edge* SCOTT STERLING! *Random person* Haha! That was awesome! *Stuart Edge* Lets go guys! Lets go Studio C! Yeah Jason! *Random person* Kill him! *Crowd* Oh! *Stuart Edge* Nice Try
*Crowd chants Studio C* *Stuart Edge* What’s the score? Believe! Kill it! You can do it! *Crowd chants Studio C again*
*Crowd* Go Stacy! Stacy! Stacy! Stacy! Stacy! Yeah! *Stuart Edge* It’s three nine. *Stuart Edge* You got this! Aren’t these guys amazing? Lets hear it for them! They can even beat Studio C in volleyball. Now that’s amazing! That just incredible! Not everyone can do that. Not everyone under five can do that. *Random person* Scott Sterling! Most of people can’t, but that’s not relevant. Alright. Stacy. So we want to play a little game with you
guys. A guy that we like to play called, The good
the bad and the ugly advice. Have you guys heard about it? Yeah! I think I’m gonna have Jeremy help me. *Stuart Edge* Jason! Alright! Jeremy and James are gonna help me. Lets hear it for Jeremy and James! So this is how it’s gonna work. This is our chance to give you guys some advice. You’re gonna ask us a question about your
life or about what you should do. I don’t know. I’m gonna give you good advice, James is
gonna give you bad, and Jeremy is gonna give you some ugly advice. Alright. So do not take our advice. We are not licensed. Lets move to this side! Hahaha! Who got a question that we can give you advice
about? Lets go for the mom! Oh hold on. Thanks dude he just brought that down. This little princess, as cute as she is doesn’t
sleep through the night. What do I do? What can you do to help your baby sleep at
night? I know that liquid amplified sounds while
child are in the womb. Sounds are louder. So sometimes loud sounds and rhythmic motions
will help sooth your child. So like putting her on the dryer as it is
working or even like driving around in a loud car. Something like that might help a little bit. Do it safely though. *Stuart Edge* Is that good, bad or ugly? Hahaha. Well.. Child are just small adults. I would say if, when you figure out what kind
of music she’s into. You say listen. I will let you go to a concert this one time
if you fall asleep right when you get home. And just call me when the concerts over. I’ll come pick you up. The best thing is to put your child in their
crib. And turn the lights off and go hide in the
closet. And make very frightening sounds. And then they will be so scared they will
just fall asleep. We have to pay for losing the game don’t
we. *Stuart Edge* Push ups! Should we let the other team that won choose
what we do? *Crowd* Yeah! Do you guys want to take a minute and decide
what we do? In the appropriate bounds of and not to embarrassing. Keep it brief and polite. What do you think about all of them doing
worms on the court? *Crowd* Yeah! Worms! Worms! Worms! Worms! Lets go one at a time! Steven! Lets see your worm Steven! Uh show us that worm uh uh do that worm du
oh that’s earth worm What! Lets hear it for Steven! Who’s up next? Who’s up next? Jeremy want to show us your worm? You don’t know how to do it, but go for
it Jeremy. Hahahaha! Go for it Jeremy! Hahaha! Oh! That’s an inch worm! Get it! Hahahaha! Looks like you have to pee really bad. I love it! Alright Who’s next? James. Lets see your worm James. Alright get it James. Get it get it James! It’s your Birthday! Oh! Okay! Fancy pants James over here! Oh! *Crowd Goes wild*
James has been waiting for this moment his whole life! Should I go before you? Lets see your worm Jason! Do your worm! Don’t hurt yourself. *Stuart Edge* Side worm! Hahaha! Those are push up Jason! Hahaha! Get it! Get it! *Stuart Edge* Lets go Stacy! Wooo! Oh Woo!! Jeremy won. Jeremy won apparently. Yeah. It was fun. So I’m here with Scott Sterling, the one
and only! The Legend! Haha! Hello! And have a goodnight everybody! Thanks for watching!

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